UAE Visa Extension by Air from Sharjah

30/60 Days UAE Visa Extension- Visa Change from Sharjah

“UAE Visa Extension Package: Now you can extend your UAE tourist Visa issued from Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah with a Go Kite visa change package by Air. You can extend your visa for 30 days or 60 days. All our UAE Visit Visa extension package includes return air tickets with Air Arabia, Fly Dubai or with Jazeera air, And 30 or 60 days UAE visa (Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi) as per your booking “

UAE visa Extension

UAE visa Extension

Are you currently in Sharjah or any other part of the United Arab Emirates and planning to extend your stay in the country? Now you can extend your stay in the country with Go Kite Tours visa extend uae package. You can extend your visit visa or convert your residency visa by travelling to the nearest country by air. Your visa can be extended or changed for 30 days or 60 days. The UAE Visa Extension process is very simple and takes less than a day to extend or convert your visa. Go Kite Travels and Tours located in Dubai is a pioneer in visa change services for residence or tourist from all over the country.

Go Kite Travel and Tours offers two options based on the duration of your stay, you can either extend or convert your visa for 30 days or 60 based on your requirements. Our UAE visa extension Package is one of the cheapest and quickest ways to extend your visa to stay more days in the UAE. Even if you hold Dubai or Abu Dhabi visit visa/residency visa you can still use our UAE Visa extension service from Sharjah airport which is available at a very cheap rate. The processing is very easy and takes a maximum of one day. You can extend your visa for a maximum of 40 days or 60 days (as many times you want) within the same day with our express services.

The fine for overstay starts at 155 AED per day and the chance of getting absconded is very high. If Absconding happens you end up paying AED 3000 penalty and another AED 1000 for lifting the absconding. So, save your money and get your visa extended with our package starting at 1,100 AED.

Our Visa change services allow you to extend your visit visa extension dubai/ visit visa extension Sharjah/ visit visa extension Abu Dhabi or residency visa by exiting the country at very affordable rates. Extend your visa Extension UAE visit visa or change your residency visa status by air from Sharjah with Go Kite Tours.

Types of UAE Visa Extension available & UAE Visa Extension Cost

  • 30 Days UAE Visa Extension with Air Arabia- Price Starting at AED 1100
  • 30 Days UAE Visa Extension with Fly Dubai- Price Starting at AED 1150
  • 30 Days UAE Visa Extension with Al Jazeera Air- Price Starting at AED 1150
  • 60 Days UAE Visa Extension with Air Arabia- Price Starting at AED 1450
  • 60 Days UAE Visa Extension with Fly Dubai- Price Starting at AED 1500
  • 60 Days UAE Visa Extension with Al Jazeera Air- Price Starting at AED 1550
  • 60 Days UAE Visa Extension by Bus- Travelling to Oman- AED 950

  • Home country Passport copy (Scanned copy with six months validity*)
  • Passport-size photograph (Without glass or cat/hat)
  • Old Visa copy 

With the Go Kite Tours UAE visa extension air package, you will be exiting to the nearest GCC country and back in Dubai or Sharjah airport. With our Express UAE visa process, you will get your new UAE visa within a few hours of your arrival. The entire process will take less than a day, and your UAE visa status will be changed to a new one within the same day (the approval or rejection of your visa is subject to immigration).

  • The entire visa extension process takes less than a day.
  • The UAE visa extension process includes return air tickets UAE visa (30 or 60 days).
    There is no cash deposit required to pay at the airport by the passengers.
  • As a visa change passenger, when you travel by Air Arabia or Fly Dubai, you can wait in Sharjah or Dubai for 24 to max 48 hours in the airport.
    UAE Visa extension by bus is available only for certain nationalities as it requires an Oman visa to enter Oman.
  • The Bus visa change process takes 3 to 5 days compared to less than a day with our UAE visa extension by Air.
  • Go Kite Tours provides Return Air tickets; we have Fly Dubai, Air Arabia and Jazeera Airways packages. Your UAE tourist visa for 30 Days or 60 Days is included in the box, and your visa will be applied once the passenger exits the country. In standard cases, a new UAE visa will be approved within two to three hours. However, there may be some delays in visa approval if the visa application goes through the blacklist or security check by immigration (this is very rare and depends on the passenger profile).

Types of Tourist Visas that can be extended by Air with our UAE Visa Extension Package

  • 30 Days Dubai Tourist Visa
  • 30 Days Sharjah Tourist Visa
  • 30 Days Abu Dhabi Tourist visa
  • 60 Days Dubai Tourist Visa
  • 60 Days Sharjah Tourist Visa
  • 60 Days Abu Dhabi Tourist visa
  • Cancelled Residency Grace Period can be extended (converting the residency into a tourist visa)

Best offers on UAE Visa Extension Package

Contact us today and extend your current visa or convert your residency into a tourist visa by Air from Sharjah with our UAE visa Extension Package. We have special offers for UAE visa change by Air. Our team of experts will assist you in extending your visa at an affordable rate, We have special rates available for family applications and a child offer is available for child below 18 years (when extending the visa with parents-).