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Jordan Visa: With the knowledgeable help of Go Kite Travel, set out on an easy trip to obtain your Jordan visa from Dubai. We’ll streamline the application procedure to enable you to quickly and easily receive your Jordan visa. Go Kite Travel is like your friendly guide that helps you visit cool places in Jordan without any visa stress. They make it super easy for you to see all the awesome stuff there!

With Go Kite Travels’ easy online visa application service, you can easily explore Jordan’s beauties. Discover this alluring Middle Eastern destination’s rich fabric of cultural heritage and magnificent landscapes. Go Kite Travel makes traveling to Jordan easy by offering a convenient Jordan visa service from Dubai, streamlining your journey.

Jordan is full of cool stuff to see, like old buildings, busy markets, and beautiful nature spots! Feel confident as Go Kite Travel takes care of your visa application with utmost reliability, whether it’s for Jordan visa from Abu Dhabi or Jordan visa from UAE. Get ready for an amazing journey exploring the beauty and charm of Jordan, supported by Go Kite Travel’s trustworthy visa services.

If you’re in the UAE and want to visit Jordan, you’ll need to learn about getting a Jordan visa for UAE residents. People from the UAE don’t need a visa to enter and can stay for up to 30 days. To enter Jordan, though, you could require a visa if you live in the UAE but are not a citizen of that country. You must therefore be aware of every requirement and the process in order to request a document.

  • Verify that your passport has two blank pages and has validity for at least six more months.
  • Get a return ticket for your home.
  • Check what place you plan to stay in Jordan.
  • Bring enough money to cover your stay and the cost of your visa.
  • Prove that you have the means to support yourself while you are here.
  • When applying at an embassy, be sure to include each necessary document, including proof of your planned trip.
  • Bring an official letter along on travels.
  • Provide proof of your employment and academic experience while requesting a work visa.
  • Verify your enrollment at a Jordanian institution in order to obtain a student visa.

Types Of Jordan Tourist visa from Dubai, UAE

  • Tourist Visa
  • Business/ Investment Visa
  • Employment Visa:
  • Transit visa
  • Single Entry Visa
  • Multiple Entry Visa


  • Figure out which visit visa you need based on why you’re going, and make sure you qualify for that type of visa.
  • Get all the papers you need for your visa application.
  • Go to the Jordanian embassy or consulate’s website in the UAE. Download the visa application form and read the instructions carefully.
  • Complete the application form correctly and include all the needed documents. Then, either take your application to the embassy or consulate yourself or send it by mail.
  • Make sure to pay the visa fee using the payment methods allowed by the embassy or consulate. Don’t forget to include the payment receipt with your application.
  • Get ready for an interview at the embassy or consulate. Learn about why you’re visiting and think about what questions they might ask you.
  • Make sure you give enough time for your visa to get processed. The time it takes can change based on how many applications they have and other things.
  • Utilize any available tracking systems to monitor the progress of your visa application.
  • Upon approval, check the visa stamp in your passport to ensure all details are correct and align with your travel plans.

Embark on an unforgettable trip to Jordan with ease, thanks to Go Kite Tour’s streamlined visa process. Explore the amazing sights of Petra, the lively streets of Amman, and the peaceful beauty of Wadi Rum with Go Kite Travel. Our helpful visa support makes your journey smooth and easy, so you can enjoy every moment. We’re here to help you soar through your trip and take in all the breathtaking views along the way!


1) How can I apply for an e Visa for Jordan?

You can get a visa for Jordan by filling out a simple form. We’ll look at your application and start processing it once you finish and send us the required documents. Usually, it takes the Jordanian government about three to four business days to say yes to an eVisa. When they approve it, we’ll give you a PDF of your eVisa right away.

2) What is the Jordan visa from Dubai Cost?

The cost of a Jordan visa is determined by the type of visa, the applicant’s nationality, and other factors. Our service cost is in addition to the government visa fee. You have two options for applying for a visa: our website or the government portal.

3) How can I obtain a visa to Jordan upon arrival?

Unfortunately, visas are not issued in Jordan at the airport. US residents arriving in Jordan without a valid visa will not be permitted entry. Therefore, you must apply for and receive your visa prior to your travel. Getting a Jordan e Visa before visiting the country is always advised.

4) How do I apply for an e-Visa for an extended Jordan?

It is generally advised to apply for a Jordan e-Visa three days in advance. Once you have completed your online e-Visa application, our team can process it through the Jordanian government without delay.

5) Who can submit a visa application for Jordan?

It’s best to apply for a Jordan e-Visa about three days before your trip. After you finish applying for a Jordan visa online, we’ll quickly process your e-visa through the Jordanian government. Remember, no other website can change the government’s decision on your visa application.

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