Jordan Tourist Visa from Dubai

Dubai to Jordan Tourist Visa-Jordan Visit Visa for UAE Residents

Planning a trip to Jordan from Dubai? Now you can apply for a tourist visa from Dubai with Go Kite Travel and Tours. With our expert guidance, you can apply for a tourist visa to Jordan with a higher chance of getting the visa. If you wish to travel to Jordan from the UAE, then you should submit a tourist visa application at a mission of Jordan or a visa centre at least 15 days before travel. The processing time for a Jordan visit visa from Dubai is three to four working days and it may change based on nationality. Approved visas will be sent in the email within four working days. Most travellers need a Jordan Visa from Dubai.

Why Visit Jordan?

Jordan is one of the Middle East’s safest and most forward-thinking nations. Due to its ancient legacy, the nation has been nicknamed “an open-air museum.” It also features a gorgeous natural landscape and a coastline, as well as outstanding Middle Eastern food and kind welcoming inhabitants. Amman is Jordan’s capital and one of the world’s oldest surviving cities, dating back 7,000 years. Amman is a massive, busy, and intriguing city that was originally known as Philadelphia, after Ptolemy Philadelphus (Cleopatra’s son), who rebuilt the city before it was seized by Herod about 30 BC and handed to the Romans. Jordan has several unique natural beauties and pristine desert landscapes, in addition to its remarkable archaeological monuments. The most renowned is Wadi Rum, breathtaking marsh-like terrain and old haunt of Lawrence of Arabia. Its distinctive crimson sands have made it a favorite of sci-fi film directors. Sunsets in this area must be seen to be believed. Jordan has the benefit of having cuisine influences from all of the Middle Eastern nations because it is landlocked by several of them. So Jordanian food and its numerous varieties may be found across the Middle East and are likely to have originated in Lebanon, Syria, Egypt, or somewhere in the Mediterranean. Jordanian cuisine is mostly comparable to Lebanese, including classic Middle Eastern / Mediterranean components such as garlic, citrus, olive oil, and hummus. Jordan even has its section of the Dead Sea, a natural wonder that is one of the lowest points on the planet. Its famed high salt concentration water gives improved buoyancy and allows you to float about with ease; its mineral-rich black mud also provides natural skin treatment owing to its high concentration of beneficial, ancient minerals.

Below is the list of Jordan Tourist Visa requirements.

  • Visa application form duly filled**
  • Confirmed onward or return ticket copy of Emirates airline**.
  • 2 coloured passport size Photographs **
  • Coloured photocopy of the Passport (Valid for minimum period of 6 months at the time of travel)

**-Mandatory documents

In general, for countries that do require a visa to Jordan Tourist Visa Fees might range depending on factors such as the duration of stay and so on.

Visa Required