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India Visa from Dubai: Easy India e-Visa Application

Planning a trip from Dubai to India? Getting an India visa from the Indian government is easy. Our guide covers everything you need to apply for an India Visa from Dubai, UAE including who can apply and what documents are needed.

Having all the necessary travel documents ensures a smooth journey from Dubai to India. As you explore, you’ll get to see cool traditions, try lots of yummy Indian food, and find out about old places!

It’s easy to obtain an India Visa from Abu Dhabi / India Visa from UAE. Just be sure you meet the requirements, gather the necessary documentation, and completely fill the online form. Follow our guide, and soon you’ll have your India e-Visa ready for your trip to this amazing country! If you live in Dubai, there are special India visa services from Dubai that can help make getting your visa easy and stress-free.

Necessary Documents and Requirements for Obtaining an India Visit Visa from Dubai, UAE

  • It should be at least six months until your passport expires.
  • You need at least Two blank visa pages in your passport
  • Your UAE residence visa must be valid when you apply.
  • If you have two passports, use the one with your UAE residence Visa and travel stamps when you apply for an Indian Visa.
  • The Consulate General of India, Dubai, may request interviews for reference cases.
  • The Embassy/Consulate may ask for more documents.
  • Paying the application fee doesn’t guarantee a visa.
  • Wait for your application to be accepted before finalising travel plans.
  • Indian visas start from the date of issue, not arrival.
  • Visa validity and entries depend on various factors, decided by the Indian Mission.
  • Non-residents from certain countries can’t apply for visas.
  • Pakistani nationals have specific visa eligibility.
  • Pakistan origins need a surrender certificate for certain visas.
  • Visas over 1 year may need approval from the Consulate General of India, Dubai.
  • Media professionals going for tourism need to submit a media card and sponsor’s NOC.

Obtaining an India Visa for UAE Residents

If you’re living in the UAE and want to go to India, getting an India visa for UAE residents is easy! You just need to go online to the Indian government’s e-visa website. There, you’ll fill in some simple details, upload your papers, and pay the visa fee. Don’t forget to check the visa requirements and ensure your passport is valid for at least six months before you enter India.

How much does an India visa from Dubai cost?

Getting an India visa from Dubai costs different amounts depending on how long you plan to stay and what you’ll be doing there. It’s like paying for a ticket to a fun place! You can check our website to see the prices and choose the one that fits your trip best.

  • Check If You Qualify: Make sure you’re eligible for an India tourist visa. This is usually for people going for fun, tourism, visiting friends or family, medical reasons, or short yoga programmes.
  • Fill Out the form Online: Go to the Indian Visa Online Application System website and create an account. Please fill out the form with your details.
  • Upload Your documents: Take pictures of your passport, a small photo of yourself, a paper that shows you live in Dubai, your travel plans like flight tickets and hotel bookings in India, and proof that you have enough money for your trip. Also, submit any other papers the Indian consulate asks for.
  • Pay the Fee: Pay the visa fee online. The cost can change depending on how long you’re staying and what type of visa you need.
  • Book a Biometrics Appointment (if needed): If they ask, set up a time to go to the Indian consulate in Dubai. There, they will take your fingerprints and maybe ask you some questions.
  • Go to Your Appointment: On the day of your appointment, bring all your original papers with you for checking.
  • Wait for Your Visa: After your appointment, wait a few days for them to process your visa.
  • Check Your Visa Status: You can check online to see if your visa is ready using the reference number they gave you.
  • Get Your Visa: Once it’s approved, pick up your visa from the Indian consulate or have it delivered if they offer that.
  • Double-Check Your Visa: Before leaving, look at your visa to make sure everything is right. Check how long you can stay and how many times you can go to India.

So, if you’re excited about visiting India and flying high with adventure, Go Kite Travel is here to help make your dreams take flight! With our friendly team and easy-to-follow guidance, getting your Indian visa will be a breeze. Get ready to pack your bags, spread your wings, and embark on an unforgettable journey to the colourful land of India!

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