Guyana Tourist Visa from Dubai

Dubai to Guyana Tourist Visa-Guyana Visit Visa for UAE Residents

Planning a trip to Guyana from Dubai? Now you can apply for a tourist visa from Dubai with Go Kite Travel and Tours. With our expert guidance, you can apply for a tourist visa to Guyana with a higher chance of getting the visa. If you wish to travel to Guyana from the UAE, then you should submit a tourist visa application at a mission of Guyana or a visa centre at least 15 days before travel. The processing time for a Guyana visit visa from Dubai is three to four working days and it may change based on nationality. Approved visas will be sent in the email within four working days. Most travellers need a  Guyana Visa from Dubai.

Why visit Guyana?

Guyana is South America’s sole English-speaking country, the size of England, with a population of only 750,000 people, most of who reside in and around the capital Georgetown on the coast. Guyana is made up of 80 percent tropical virgin rainforest and is still incredibly rich in species, with surprises around every turn (tree). Unlike in other South American countries, mining, forestry, and the wildlife trade have had little impact on Guyana’s wildness. yet.. Guyana was colonized by the Dutch, then the British, then the French, and then the Dutch again, and is today populated by Amerindians, Africans, Indians, Europeans, and Chinese. All of this has resulted in Guyana being a fascinating blend of religion, culture, and food that is unique to South America. Because Guyana is largely made up of natural jungle, wildlife and wildlife watching are second to none. For nature fans, there are jaguars, gigantic anteaters, big river otters, black caiman, tapirs, eight types of monkeys, small frogs, turtles, snakes, and over 800 species of birds (including the harpy eagle, one of the world’s largest). Guyana serves as a gateway to Suriname, with its UNESCO World Heritage capital of Paramaribo and it’s fascinating culture, scenery, history, and wildlife, as well as French Guiana, an offshore department of France with the attractions of Cayenne, the European Space Agency, and Devil’s Island, which would have been the setting for the famous Papillon story. Moreover, a visit to Georgetown is a pleasure, with its spectacular church, colonial structures, bird-filled botanical gardens, museums, and Stabroek Market. It’s the ideal marriage of South American and Caribbean elements.

The following Guyana Tourist Visa requirements should be presented to Immigration at Port of Entry:

1. Two (2) completed application

2. Two (2) Passport-sized Photos;

3. Passport (at least 6 months of remaining validity);

4. Travel Itinerary;

5. Proof of accommodation in Guyana (e.g. confirmation of reservation from a hotel);

6. Proof of financial means of support during your stay in Guyana (e.g. Bank Statement);

7. Invitation letter from host person/company (if applicable);

In general, for countries that do require a visa to Guyana tourist visa fees might range depending on factors such as the duration of stay and so on.

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