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Croatia visa for UAE Residents - Now Apply for a Croatia Tourist visa from Dubai

Planning a trip to Croatia from Dubai? Now you can apply for a tourist visa from Dubai with Go Kite Travel and Tours. With our expert guidance, you can apply for a tourist visa to Croatia with a higher chance of getting the visa. If you wish to travel to Croatia from the UAE, then you should submit a tourist visa application at a mission of Croatia or a visa centre at least 15 days before travel. The processing time for a Croatian visit visa from Dubai is three to four working days and it may change based on nationality. Approved visas will be sent in the email within four working days. Most travellers need a Croatia Visa from Dubai.

Whether it’s for business or leisure, we’re here to assist you in obtaining your Croatia visa from Abu Dhabi or Croatia visa from UAE. We have experts that specialize in the processing of visas to Croatia and they do it to make the procedure easier for our clients. Residents of Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, or any other Emirates can apply for a Croatia tourist visa with us. Trust our Croatia visa consultants in Dubai to streamline your application process and ensure a hassle-free journey to Croatia.

Looking for a seamless Croatia visa service from Dubai? Look no further! Our expert consultants ensure a stress-free application process for your Croatia visit visa from Dubai. Localized Dubai visa service to Croatia guarantees smooth and stress-free experience for UAE residents, including Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, and other Emirates, and gives a possibility to obtain tourist visas for Croatia with the help of experts in order to plan travel for both business and leisure purposes.

Croatia’s rich history is immediately apparent upon arrival. You find yourself among old ruins, structures, and castles. Trsat Castle is a 550-step ascent from Rijeka. In Split, you may also see the best preserved Roman palace in the world. The old city centers of Zadar and Dubrovnik are well-known. Dubrovnik’s historic center is even a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Croatia is famous for its picturesque pebbled beaches that are kissed by crystal-clear waves. Brac’s Zlatni Rat, commonly known as the Golden Cape, is one of the most well-known. The beach’s tip changes form with the wind, so you never know what curve it’ll take when you arrive. This place is both a protected area and a tourist hotspot, drawing visitors from all over the globe. The Ancient Greeks were the first ones to cultivate grapes and create wine on the Dalmatian islands, and it has since become one of Croatia’s most popular exports. Even though a large percentage of the wine is white, there are some other amazingly good reds to endeavor. With the rapid success of Game of Thrones, Croatia has begun to offer Game of Thrones walking tours around the country to the crazy fans of this show. This is an excellent approach to visiting King’s Landing in Dubrovnik, Split, and Trsteno. The seafood offered across Croatia will be some of the freshest you’ve ever tasted, caught straight from the Adriatic Sea. The flavors of oysters and octopus will simply not be matched, whether served as part of a stew or risotto.


Below is the list of Croatia Tourist Visa requirements.

Passport: Home country passport with a minimum of six months validity. The new passport should have a minimum of 3 blank pages and also should submit the old passport if any. 

Application Form: Duly filled application form issued by the Embassy of Greenland. Fully concluded in English and signed and dated by the applicant himself (signed by both parents in case of minors, below the age of 18)

Valid UAE Residency: Emirates ID and Copy of the stamped residency visa (valid at least three months from the date of expiry of the requested visa / intended end of the journey)

Original Invitation declaration and photocopy, drawn up by a natural person declaring to provide accommodation and financial means for a period of stay of the applicant on the territory of the Republic of Greenland; The invitation has to be certified by a notary and the Migration Directorate of the Ministry of Interior in Croatia


Hotel Reservation(s) covering the duration of trip


  • 1 passport copy of pages containing personal data 
  • 1 copy of the signature page (signed by the passport holder 
  • 1 copy of UAE residence permit/visa 
  • Copies of previous Schengen visa if any

For GCC Nationals- Copy of valid Emirates ID card

Personal Photograph: 2 recent colour photographs 

  • Two identical photos. Not older than six months.
  • Photo size: 35x45mm.
  • In colourNo black and white
  • The Head should take 70-80% of the photo.
  • Brightly coloured background. Light grey is suggested. No patterns.
  • Facing the camera
  • Neutral face expression
  • Avoid uniforms or colours matching the background.

Personal Covering letter: Stating the intention of the travel and details of family members travelling are also recommended when applying for the Croatia Tourist visa. 

Proof of sufficient financial means:

  • Six months original stamped and signed personal bank statement showing regular income, no deposits. Company owners can submit the bank statement of the company with a letter from the bank proving he is a signatory on this bank account.
  • Bank statements should not be “credit card statements”. If not enough balance on the current account, The applicant can also submit the personal saving account (cash is not accepted as proof of funds).
  • For retired persons: proof of pension or other regular income.
  • Please highlight your regular income (salary, pension, etc…) on the bank statement.

Medical Insurance- Overseas Travel Insurance

Requirements: Your insurance should be valid for the entire period of the requested visa.

Letter from local employer/sponsor (NOL)-NOC Letter from the Employer:  The NOC should include name, postal address and telephone number of sponsor/company, with details about applicant’s working position, starting date of employment and salary and expected date to resume duties and purpose of travel. In the case of a partner, NOC should be obtained from other partners and Also valid trade license copy for the investor/partner of the company should be attached with the NOC.

In case of dependents- Sponsors valid passport copy and UAE residence visa to be attached with the cover letter.

If minors below the age of 18 (if applicable) – establishing legal parenthood: Copy of either birth certificate/proof of adoption/custody decree, if parents are divorced / death certificate of parent (The Slovenia Consulate may request to submit the original document at a later stage). 

Documents, need to be translated into English. “Letter of consent” (Authorization of Minors) from parents, including passport copies and valid UAE residence visa copies of both parents/ legal guardians in case the children are travelling with others.

Travel Documents: 

  • Confirmed return flight tickets
  • Hotel Reservation
  • Day wise travel plan (Itinerary)
  • If a company owner; Company Trade License Copy and if it is a partnership, NOC from the partner is also needed.
  • If Student: School / College / Institute ID Card
  • If Retired: Proof of retirement like pension book, statement etc.
  • If Minor: Birth Certificate; No Objection Certificate from the parent’s non-accompanying parent 
  • If Visiting friend or relative: Invitation letter; Inviter’s ID proof like Passport or Resident Permit, Address proof like any Electricity bill, any Utility bill etc.
  • If Sponsored: Sponsorship letter; Sponsor’s national ID proof or Resident permit, Updated bank statement of last 6 months, 
  • For Business Visa: Invitation letter from host Company stating the purpose of the trip, business details etc.

In general, for countries that do require a visa to Croatia Visa From Dubai Cost might range depending on factors such as the duration of stay and so on.

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