Syria Visit Visa From Dubai

Dubai to Syria Tourist Visa-Syria Visit Visa for UAE Residents

Syria is rich  in history, culture, and natural  beauty. Visitors may  experience the country’s rich legacy, from the  ancient city of Damascus to the breathtaking  ruins of Palmyra. There are also stunning  natural settings to explore, such as the Syrian  Desert, the Euphrates River, and the Mediterranean  shoreline.

Visitors from Dubai must get a Syrian visit visa in order to enter Syria. This usually entails filing an application to the Syrian embassy in Dubai, along with supporting papers such as a passport, trip itinerary, and evidence of lodging. A visa application fee is also required.

Visitors visiting Syria  can visit a range of cultural and historical  landmarks, such as the Umayyad Mosque, the  Krak des Chevaliers citadel, and the old  city of Aleppo. They may also sample traditional Syrian  food, shop for souvenirs in local markets, and  experience the Syrian people’s warmth and  kindness. Travelers are recommended, however, to examine  the most recent safety and security information  before visiting Syria, since the nation has been  plagued by violence in recent years.

How to Apply for a Syria Visit Visa from Dubai

If you are  a Dubai resident considering a trip to Syria, you  will need to get a visit visa before entering the  country. This article will lead you  through the application process and provide you  advice on how to make your vacation plans go as smoothly as  possible.

The steps involved in applying for a Syria visa from Dubai Explore Syria today with Go Kite’s easy visit visa process

Step-1 Check the visa requirements and eligibility

It is important  to review the visa requirements and eligibility  criteria before applying for  a Syria visit visa from Dubai. A valid passport  with at least six months validity left, a current  passport-sized photograph, and proof of lodging  and return airline tickets are  required. You must  also be free of any travel restrictions or  bans imposed by the Syrian government. For the  most recent information on visa requirements  and eligibility, contact the Syrian embassy or consulate  in Dubai.

Step-2 Gather all necessary documents

To apply for a Syria tourist visa from Dubai, gather all required papers. A valid passport with at least six months validity left, a current passport-sized photograph, and proof of lodging and return airline tickets are required. It is critical to ensure that all papers are up to date and fulfill the Syrian government’s criteria. If you do not supply the required documentation, your visa application may be denied. A comprehensive list of needed papers should be obtained from the Syrian embassy or consulate in Dubai.

Step-3 Submit your application online or in person

After gathering all  essential papers, you may apply for  a Syria visit visa either online or in  person. To apply online, go to the Syrian embassy  or consulate’s website and follow the online  application procedures. You must provide  scanned copies of all essential papers as well  as pay the visa cost online. If you want to apply  in person, go to the Syrian embassy or consulate  in Dubai during business hours and submit your  application with all necessary papers. It’s  crucial to note that visa processing timelines  might vary, so apply well in advance of your  intended travel dates.

Step-4 Pay the visa fee

You must  pay the syria tourist visa price once you have finished your  application and submitted all relevant  papers. The charge will vary based on the type  of visa you apply for and the length of your  stay. The charge can be  paid online with a credit or debit  card, or in person at the Syrian embassy or consulate in Dubai. As  evidence of payment, save a copy of your payment  receipt. You will be  notified of the status of your visa application  after your application and payment  have been completed.

Step-5 Wait for the visa processing and receive your visa

After submitting your  application and paying the visa cost, you will  have to wait for the visa procedure to be  finished. The processing time will vary based  on the type of visa you apply for and the  number of applications being  processed. You may check the  progress of your application online using  the reference number issued to you throughout the application  process. Once your visa  application is granted, you will get your  visa by email or in person at the Syrian embassy or  consulate in Dubai. Check the data  on your visa carefully and notify the embassy  or consulate if you find any problems or  anomalies.

Let's Learn a Bit More About Syria

Yes, you have heard it right. Syria is still technically at war and is facing its aftereffects. But at the beginning of 2023, they are almost at peace and are very much open to tourism. Syria is a must-visit country mainly because of its rich cultural heritage. There is a lot to see and explore in this middle-east country. A Syrian tourist visa from Dubai will help you unleash the hidden beauty of Syria. If you are still reluctant to pack your bags, this article will help you get rid of your confusion. We will give you enough reasons to make you fall in love with this beautiful land. So without wasting any time, let’s begin.

Reasons to Visit Syria

The Syrian war has come to an end

Yes, Islamist has captured Ibid, and Turkish also has some Syrian parts. But the reality is that 70% of the Syrian land is still under government control. Hence, visiting places like Aleppo, Damascus and Homs in Syria is entirely safe. And trust me, there are one-of-a-kind places you must not miss in your lifetime. Of course, people may have differences of opinion. You may hear different stories from everywhere. But in the end, it is you who have to take the decision. 

Damascus is a great place to party

Did you know when ISIS where planning its attack on Syria, Damascus was still in the party mood? Partying when death hanging over your head is something only brave hearts can do, right? That is how Syrians are; nothing can break them. They are known for their great food, drinks and warm people. The bars over there will justify this statement. 

Delicious Syrian food

Syrian food is rich in flavours. Unlike Iraq and Iran, they try to bring something different and unique to their dining table every other day. Kebabs are a typical dish there. But other delicacies include meats, salads and veggies, which are enough to make a vegan happy. In addition, their street foods are a must-try. 

Cradle of civilisation

Being an ancient country, Syria has been involved in almost everything. They have seen all the ups and downs of the world and have faced many brutal civil wars. No one can explain to you about the civilisation of the world better than them. Their churches, citadels, and mosques colosseums have rich stories to tell from the past.


One of the significant reasons to visit Syria is Palmyra. Of course, a major of it has been destroyed by ISIS. But still, it hasn’t lost its glory and charm. A drive to this beautiful place is indeed worth it. You will be spellbound by its beauty as well as saddened by seeing its current state. 


If you travel to Syria, you cannot miss Aleppo. It is one of its wealthiest regions that is also the host to the most precious souk. Democracy has also shown its actual colour here, as most parts have been ruined. Nevertheless, it still is known for its great food and pretty citadel. 

Syrian drinks

By drinks, we just don’t alcohol. Of course, that is also a part of it, but in Syria, drinks mean tea, local beers, juices and araks. It must be your first time hearing about the word arak. But it is so tempting that it is worth trying. Syrians will invite you to their houses to have their special tea and araks. It is an excellent opportunity to make good friends in an unknown country. 


This term is mainly related to its people and their culture. It is similar to other countries. But the other difference is that the people here have the right to follow their culture without any hassles. Seeing how people from different cultures and faith live harmoniously under one big umbrella is impressive.  

Help people

The Assad regime sanctions have affected its people more than the government. Syria is much different from North Korea. Here the money you spend goes directly to the people, not the government. People here make an average of $45 per day. By visiting Syria, you are actually helping Syrians survive and overcome the struggles of the war.

Kim-il Sung Park

It is, of course, a place to relax and have fun with your friends and family. Kids will love this place, and you will fall in love with its beauty. Do check it out if you have fallen out by visiting historical monuments.

Great Shawarma

You must have had Shawarma a lot, many times. But nothing can match the ones you will have in Syria. They probably use burger sauce in Shawarma. Maybe because of that, they have this unique taste. You can also try out their falafel. They are also heavenly.

Visit to Bosra

There is a common belief that rebels have captured Bosra. But in reality, it is still under government control. The oldest coliseum is still lying intact there is proof for this statement. If you have the chance to visit Bosra, do visit. I am sure you won’t regret your decision once you are there. 

Lord’s Prayer in Aramaic

Whether you are a Christain or not? There is no point in asking this question once you hear the Jesus language, the lord’s prayer in Aramaic in Syria. It is the mother tongue of its natives. There is something so fascinating about this language that you will seem to be carried away by it. There is a church built on a cave there which adds more beauty to the place. 


While travelling to Syria, you have to pass through Beirut. It is another must-visit place to add to your travel itinerary. Make sure you have enough holidays to explore all of them; a powerful twin explosion years before has torn this place apart. Yet, you can still find its traces there. By visiting this place, you are actually witnessing history. 

Best bar in Damascus

Syria has the credit of having some of the best bars in the world. Once you are there, you will understand that it was not an exaggeration. The Barbershop in Damascus will stand up to your expectation and, at most times, surpass them. 

No to terrorism

ISIS has almost nearly destroyed Syria and Iraq. It’s your chance to stop Islamic fundamentalism and welcome secularism. Be part of that change by visiting Syria. There is no place for terrorism in this world. We have to prove them wrong by taking these baby steps. 

Aleppo Soap

The one thing that has been sustained in Syria from its very beginning is its own soap brand. Aleppo soap brand has been running continuously in Syria for 800 years. Of course, bars are also part of Syrian culture. But most of them have been destroyed by ISIS. So you can head straight to Aleppo to collect a few souvenirs for your loved ones back home.

Baron Hotel

It is one of the famous landmarks of Syria. Lawrence of Arabia, Kings, Queens and Princes have been their guests. Agatha Christie penned her novel Murder on the Orient Express from here, and it is believed that the hotel manager was one of the characters. 

Visit Syria to buy a football T-shirt

And if you are a football maniac, it gives you another reason to visit Syria. They have some of the best football T-shirts in the world with an alluring red number. Some may find it a silly reason, but only a true football lover will understand the emotion behind it. And if you carry a YPT, you can watch a live match. 

Visit Syria to hear their story

Every country wants to put their story in front of the world. Syria is no different. They will have stories of being tortured by ISIS or AI Nusra, losing their loved ones, as well as being part of the liberation fight. Here you can find people who hate Assad as well as the ones who consider him their saviour. You can hear the truth only when you visit them in person.

Places to visit in Syria

This war-torn country has so much to offer to its visitors. Some may be pleasing to the eyes, while some may leave a deep hole in our hearts. Here are a few places you must not miss at any cost.

Al Azem Palace

This 17th-century palace was the residence of the governor of Damascus, As’ad Pasha al-Azm. It was the French Institute’s headquarters during France’s invasion of Syria and Lebanon. Now it serves as a Syrian Museum of Arts and Traditions. It is a perfect place to get away from the hustle and bustle of the cities and immerse in history. 

Krak des Chevaliers

It is a former crusader castle situated very near the city of Homs. The castle was built in the 11th century and is considered one of the most preserved medieval castles in the world. It was constructed along a valley, the only route from Antioch city to Beirut and the Mediterranean. It is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Umayyad Mosque

The Umayyad Mosque, also known as the Great Mosque of Damascus, is one of the oldest mosques in the world. It was constructed in the 7th century when Muslims conquered Damascus. Today, it stands as a masterpiece of early Islamic architecture. It is an integral part of Damascus town.

Al-Hamidiyah Souq

This largest souq is in central Syria, precisely in the heart of Old Damascus. You can explore them during your visit to Umayyad Mosque and Citadel. In addition, it can be your ultimate shopping destination. 

The Aleppo citadel

It is a giant fortified palace in the centre of the Old town. It has been used as a fortification hill since the 3rd millennium BC. It has undergone several renovations and occupations over the years. After the Aleppo Batte, it was opened to visitors only in 2017, i.e., after the civil war. Sadly, Aleppo is the only tourist attraction in Syria that has survived the war. The invaders had utterly destroyed the souq and the Grand Mosque of Aleppo. Aleppo Citadel and Old Town have been listed as UNESCO World Heritage sites. 


Palmyra is one of the most ancient cities in the world and is a significant tourist attraction in Syria. Its origin dates back to the millennium and was the trading destination of the silk industry. It was defined as a Roman city during the 3rd century. Today it is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Renovation works are going on after the withdrawal of ISIS from Palmyra. 

Syria tourist visa from Dubai

Dubai residents need to get a visa to enter Syria. You will have to submit an application at the Syrian embassy, along with supporting documents like a passport, proof of accommodation, travel itinerary etc. Here are the steps you must follow while applying for a Syrian visa from Dubai.

Documents Required

  • Check all the Syria tourist visa requirements and your eligibility. You will require a:
  • Valid passport with at least six months validity.
  • Recent passport-size photograph.
  • Proof of your accommodation in Syria.
  • Confirmed return flight tickets.
  • You should not have any travel restrictions imposed on you. 
  • Collect all the necessary documents mentioned by the Syrian embassy. Please note all the documents are up to date. Discrepancies will lead to the immediate rejection of the visa. 
  • You can submit the visa application either online or in person. For online submission, you will have to visit the official website of the Syrian embassy and follow their online procedures. You can scan all the essential documents and upload them on their site. You also have the provision to submit the application in person by directly visiting the embassy during office hours. Please note that the visa processing timeline may vary depending on the circumstances. So it would be better to apply well in advance. 
  • Pay the visa fee. Once you have submitted all the necessary documents, you will have to proceed towards the visa fee payment. The charges may vary depending on the time and length of your stay in Syria. You can pay online through debit or credit cards or offline by directly visiting the embassy office. Also, remember to keep a copy of the receipt. The embassy will notify you once your visa is processed. 
  • Waiting for your visa to be approved. It is the final stage of your visa application procedure. Again it depends on the time and length of your stay in Syria. You can track your visa status through the reference number given to you. Once your visa is processed, you will get it through email or collect it in person from the embassy. You can contact the embassy directly if you find any errors or anomalies.