South Korea Tourist Visa from Dubai

Dubai to South Korea Tourist Visa - South Korea Visit Visa for UAE Residents

Planning a trip to South Korea from Dubai? Now apply for a South Korea visa from Dubai with Go Kite Tours. Fast and reliable tourist visa service provider to Belarus for the UAE residents. Most of the UAE Residents do need a tourist visa to enter South Korea(except those passport holders who get visa on arrival) and UAE nationals.

What is a South Korea Tourist Visa?

The Tourist Visa is permission to enter, stay and transit through the territory of South Korea for leisure or travel purposes. Just having a Tourist visa does not grant entry to South Korea, all travellers are subject to verification and should meet all other legal requirements for granting a traveller the entry.

Who needs a visa to enter South Korea?

Citizens of the below-listed countries need to obtain a Tourist visa before travelling to South Korea, If you are a UAE resident you can apply for a South Korea Tourist visa from Dubai (Stamped visa).

How to Apply for a South Korea Tourist Visa from Dubai

If you are  a Dubai resident considering a vacation  to South Korea, you will need to get a tourist visa  before entering the nation. While the  procedure may appear daunting, this guide  will give you with all of the information you  need to make the application  process as simple and stress-free as  possible.

The steps involved in applying for a South Korea tourist visa from Dubai Explore South Korea today with Go Kite’s easy visit visa process

Step-1 Determine your eligibility for a South Korea tourist visa

Before applying for a South Korean tourist visa from Dubai, be sure you match the qualifying conditions. A valid passport, proof of financial stability, and a return ticket are usually required. You may also be required to produce evidence of lodging and a trip schedule. Before beginning the application process, make sure you understand the precise criteria for your nationality and travel intentions.

Step-2 Gather all necessary documents and information

Gathering the  relevant papers and information is the first  step in applying for a South Korea tourist visa from Dubai. A valid passport  valid for at least six months, a completed visa  application form, a current passport-sized  photograph, proof of financial  stability such as bank statements or salary  certifications, a return ticket or itinerary, and proof  of accommodation such as hotel bookings  are all required. Check the exact criteria for  your nationality and travel intentions, as extra documentation may be  necessary. You can  start the application process after you  have all of the required documents and  information.

Step-3 Fill out the visa application form accurately and completely

It is critical to  fill out the visa application form carefully and completely when  applying for a South Korea tourist visa from Dubai. Any  errors or omissions may cause your application to be delayed or even  rejected. Before submitting the form, double-check  all information, including your personal information, travel  arrangements, and contact information. If you have  any issues concerning the form, contact the  embassy or a visa application office. Before submitting  the form with the other needed papers, remember to sign  and date it.

Step-4 Schedule an appointment at the South Korean embassy or consulate in Dubai

After gathering all  of the necessary papers for your South Korea visit visa application, the following step is to make an  appointment with the South Korean embassy or consulate  in Dubai. Depending on the embassy’s  regulations, you can do this online or by  phone. Make sure you select  a convenient date and time for your appointment  and come on time. You will submit  your application and accompanying papers, pay  the visa fee, and have your biometric  data (fingerprints and picture) taken at your  appointment. You can check  the status of your application online  or by contacting the embassy after your  appointment.

Step-5 Attend your appointment and submit your application, along with any required fees

After you have  acquired all of the required papers for  your South Korea tourist visa application, you  must attend your appointment at the South Korean embassy  or consulate in Dubai. You will submit your  application and accompanying papers, pay the visa  cost, and have your biometric data collected  at your appointment. It is critical that you come  on time for your appointment and that you  select a day and time that works for  you. You can check the status of  your application online or by contacting  the embassy after your appointment. Be patient  throughout the processing  time, which might last up to 10 business  days.

Let's Learn a Bit More About South Korea

The country occupying the southern region of the Korean peninsula has many stories to portray. It is entirely different from its neighbour North Korea in many ways. It is engaging, modern and thrilling compared to its counterpart. The cities like Seoul will give you an urban lifestyle, along with fascinating nightlife and technological adversity. Despite all these factors, the country has not yet been mentioned among the world’s top travel destinations. But slowly, things are changing, and we can see an upsurge in tourists in the coming years. So this is the best time to apply for a visit visa to South Korea from Dubai and explore the country before the crowd starts pulling in. I am sure along with its modernisation, you will be fascinated by the country’s nature and serenity. Here in the article, we will outline South Korea and its visa process, making it easier for you while planning your trip. Now let’s get into more of its details.

Reasons to Visit South Korea

If you start counting the reasons to visit South Korea, I am pretty sure that this article won’t be enough. From religion to food, history and culture, the list goes on. However, we have tried to showcase the important ones below to help your decision-making. 

Vibrant culture

South Korea has a long history. They have been practising different cultures and traditions, which you can see still in their day-to-day lives. Here you can still see people wearing traditional attires, performing different Korean music and dances. You can get these clothes for rent in Seoul and Jeonju. And when you move among the modern streets of Seoul, you will be taken aback by the traditional hanok houses among them, which serve teas in their lovely teahouses. These teahouses have been part of the Korean culture for centuries. The very thought of this unique combination is alluring enough to pack your bags to South Korea.   

Rich history

South Korea’s history dates back a thousand years. There has been a natural isolation between the two countries on the Korean peninsula. Hence there haven’t been any significant changes in its culture in most regions. The country’s cultural heritage sites justify this statement as they have been preserved well to date. The main palace of Seoul, Gyeongbokgung Palace, is a feast. It holds a special place in the history of South Korea and is often seen as a museum without walls. Gyeongju served Korea’s capital during the Silla Dynasty from 57 BC to 935 AD. Several UNESCO-acclaimed heritage sites are here, like royal tombs, palaces, and temples.

Year-round festivities

There is no end to festivals in South Korea. Every time they will have something or the other to celebrate. And there are also some festivals where everyone takes part. For example, when winter in South Korea gives way to Spring, pink and white cherry blossoms start blooming everywhere in the country, making it a real magical wonderland. Tourists from all over the world come to experience this never-seen-before beauty. Another festival that South Koreans celebrate in a grand manner is Buddha’s birthday. It probably comes in May, when they conduct special prayers in the local temples and organise lantern parades. The fall season is mainly for Thanksgiving, in which they honour their ancestors in proud ceremonies. In short, Koreans don’t stop celebrating. They like to live their lives to the fullest and enjoy every moment. 

A Modern Country

South Korea is a country which has learned to move with the tides. Even while holding back to its roots, the country has adopted modernisation and that in good means. Their new and innovative structures prove this statement. For example, in Seoul, you can find futuristic buildings everywhere. But there are also traditional buildings like hanok neighbourhoods, which add more charm to its beauty. They have recently inaugurated the world’s fifth-largest skyscraper beside the Han River. It is also home to a few of the world’s leading companies, like Kia, Samsung and Hyundai.

Delicious food

The Korean cuisine is unique and delicious at the same time. It is mainly because of its natural isolation and climate. The natives have a unique way of preparing their dishes. For example, Kimchi, the country’s staple food, is fermented salted vegetables preserved in jars for months before being served. They are doing it mainly to protect it from harsh winters. Their dinner tables are generally filled with soups, stews, seafood, noodles and vegetable side dishes. A day trip to their street markets is enough to learn about the different flavours of South Korea. 

Quiet countryside

Unlike neighbouring countries like Japan and China, South Korea has not yet become a popular tourist destination. Hence most of its places remain untouched and unexplored. Learning about the traditional Korean lifestyle in its quiet rural areas is your chance. South Koreans prefer to live in or near Seoul, mainly because of the amenities. So its villages are incredibly calm and peaceful. Their well-developed transportation facility will help you explore rural South Korea in a better way. The hidden temples and lush greenery will be a new experience in South Korea. 

Temple Stay

Another way to find inner peace is by volunteering for a two-day temple stay in South Korea. There you will have the chance to live the life of a Buddhist monk for the next two days. I know that you might not have heard about Korean temple stay before. But trust me, it is a well-organised program conducted under the guidance of English-speaking monks. Of course, rural temples are the best choice if you want to have this experience while enjoying nature. But if you’re going to stay somewhere near the cities, they have provisions for that also. 

Energetic cities

Of course, the most thrilling city in South Korea is Seoul. But other large cities in the country are worth visiting. From north to south, the country is beaming with exciting cities. For example, in its south, Busan is the second largest city in South Korea, ideally placed on a beautiful coastline with clean water and sandy beaches. In the west, Jeonju City features a traditional old town with hanok houses. The place is extremely beautiful during Spring and fall. In addition, the nine provinces of Korea have different cultures and cuisines that are worth exploring. 

K Pop Culture

The music culture of South Korea is famous all over the world. K Pop is not just a music genre in South Korea; it is a part of their culture and has fans all over the world. As you walk along the streets in South Korea, you are likely to hear the latest hits in the country. Tourists, especially K Pop fans, come here to visit their idols, get their autographs and have a Korean pop makeover. If you still haven’t heard of their music, I think you missed something important. Don’t worry; a trip to South Korea will make you fall in love with their music.  

Korean trendsetters

One thing that you cannot deny about South Korea is its pop culture and fashion sense. Over the past few years, Korean fashion has become a global trendsetter and the world’s fashion icon. For instance, international designers and fashion brands are becoming part of Seoul Fashion Week, which is conducted annually. They import these Korean fashions to their home countries, including America, Europe, Africa and Asia. When you are in Seoul, you will understand that South Koreans are generally very fashionable and love exhibiting their fashion even on its hot streets. A trip to Gangnam, Dongdaemun, and Mydongeong will help you shop for some of the best outfits for your loved ones. 

Make-up and skincare

While watching Korean dramas, you must have noticed one thing. Korean people, both men and women, have flawless skin. Have you ever wondered how and why? They believe in taking care of their skin as part of their daily life. Koreans spend more amount of money on beauty and skin care products than anyone else in the world. Their skincare routine includes ten steps which they follow both morning and night, religiously. Hence they are the most prominent skincare marketers in the world, who bring out innovative and futuristic products in the global markets. I think that can be a good reason for visiting South Korea.

Unlimited entertainment options

South Koreans keep a special place reserved for entertainment. Every month they come up with something or the other to keep themselves amused. In Seoul, they have these quirky-themed cafes where you can play with cats, dogs, racoons, meerkats, and other pet animals. There are cafes where you can dress up like a princess and eat poop-shaped foods. Koreans also have karaoke rooms where people of all ages come along to sing their hearts out. PC rooms are also gaining popularity, mainly among youngsters who compete in different online games. It has become so popular that South Korea is now a leading e-sports brand in the global market. 

Stunning coastline and beaches

Since South Korea is on a peninsula, the country is adorned with many beautiful coastlines and stunning beaches. It is also famous for many beautiful islands, Jeju Island being the largest among them. Because of its natural wonders and breathtaking views, it has become one of the most visited places in South Korea. In the western part of the country, there is the Jeollado region, which is also famous for its beautiful beaches and coastlines. However, the eastern side is better known for its stunning sunrise, the earliest in the country.

Picturesque mountain ranges

Yes, I agree that South Korea is a small country. But despite that, it has 22 national parks and numerous mountains. Its highest peak is on Jeju Island, which serves as a shield for the Hallasan volcano. Seoraksan, the third tallest mountain (1708 metres), is another famous hiking centre. They organise a 10-day cultural trip, where you can indulge in such adventurous activities. These mountains and coasts make South Korea a dream destination for every traveller.

Four amazing seasons

Since South Korea is placed in East Asia, it has four outstanding seasons to its credit, making it one of the best places to live and travel. Whenever you are in South Korea, the changing seasons are always going to amaze you. Springs are welcomed with cheering blossoms, summers with flower fields, falls with colourful foliage and winters with snow. The best part about this place is that they have different cuisines and festivities for each season. For example, in the snow festival during the winter, they will have Taebaeksan; in summer, they usually prefer to have cold noodles. 

Places to Visit in South Korea


Seoul is the largest city in South Korea and the most preferred tourist destination in East Asia. You cannot skip Seoul on your South Korean trip because somehow you will end up here. That is for sure. Seoul offers many things to its visitors. But people usually prefer to start with its beautiful palaces. The ancient temples and shrines, national parks, shopping malls, and mouthwatering cuisine add charm to this city.


Gyeongju used to be the capital of the Silla dynasty. It is one of the ancient places in South Korea, as old as 2000 years. There are numerous temples in Gyeongju which conduct different cultural festivals. Along with the temples is a Covered market where you can shop for souvenirs for your loved ones and try out their lip-smacking dishes. 


It is a demilitarized zone which serves as a boundary between North and South Korea. It is a cease-fire zone area with some parts like JSA open to the public. Its other sites are not safe to roam around. In JSA, you are standing in North Korea but in a South Korean building under the protection of their soldiers. There you can find North Korean shops that sell souvenirs from that country. Only an authorised guide will be able to take you to this place. 

Jeju Island

Jeju Island lies on the southern coast of South Korea and is the country’s only Special Autonomous Province. It is known as the island of Gods among the natives and is a perfect location for honeymoon and holidaying. From lava tubes to beautiful beaches, amusement parks, and lush greenery, Jeju Island’s attractions continue. 


At 2000 years old, Andong is ideally known as the spiritual capital of South Korea. The major attraction of this place is Andong Hahoe Folk Village, where they preserve the local cultural heritage. The area is also famous for its local cuisine, which attracts many tourists. Here you will get a unique alcohol called soju, a must-try in South Korea. 

Visit visa to South Korea from Dubai

Documents required

  • Copy of your passport
  • Copy of your UAE residence visa
  • A recent passport-size photo on white background
  • Copy of your Emirates ID
  • Bank statements for the last three months
  • NOC from your company
  • A letter from your sponsor

What is the cost of a visit visa to South Korea from Dubai?

A normal visit visa to South Korea from Dubai will cost might vary depending on factors such as the duration of the stay and so on. It includes document preparation, valid travel insurance, appointment, and processing fees.

How long will it take for visa processing?

After submitting all the necessary documents and paying the fee, your visa will take at least 15 working days to process. 

What are the payment options?

There are both online and offline visa fee payment methods. You can use credit and debit cards and bank transfers for online payments. Money exchange is also possible. For offline payment, you will have to come directly to the office. 

Our customer care executives are working 24 hours. So you can contact them for all your doubts and queries.

Below listed are the general South Korea tourist visa requirements. The below-listed ones are the most common documents to be submitted. These documents are subject to change based on your nationality. and the embassy may request additional documents.

Passport: Home country passport with a minimum of six months validity (or Three months). The new passport should have a minimum of 3 blank pages and also should submit the old passport if any.

Application Form: Duly filled application form issued by the Embassy of  South Korea. Fully concluded in English and signed and dated by the applicant himself ( signed by both parents in case of minors, below the age of 18)

Valid UAE Residency: Emirates ID and Copy of the stamped residency visa (valid at least three months from the date of expiry of the requested visa / intended end of the journey)

Proof of sufficient financial means: (Three months)

  • Three months original stamped and signed personal bank statement showing regular income, no deposits. Company owners can submit the bank statement of the company with a letter from the bank proving he is a signatory on this bank account.
  • Bank statements should not be “credit card statements”. If not enough balance on the current account, The applicant can also submit the personal saving account (cash is not accepted as proof of funds).
  • For retired persons: proof of pension or other regular income.
  • Highlight your regular income (salary, pension, etc…) on the bank statement.

Medical Insurance- Overseas Travel Insurance

Requirements: Your insurance should be valid for the entire period of the requested visa. Minimum coverage 30,000 € and repatriation. (Medical insurances of credit cards are not accepted). 

Letter from local employer/sponsor -NOC Letter from the Employer (Proof of Employment):  The NOC should include name, postal address and telephone number of sponsor/company, with details about applicant’s working position, starting date of employment and salary and expected date to resume duties and purpose of travel. In the case of a partner, NOC should be obtained from other partners and Also valid trade license copy for the investor/partner of the company should be attached with the NOC.In case of dependents- Sponsors valid passport copy and UAE residence visa to be attached with the cover letter.If minors below the age of 18 (if applicable) – establishing legal parenthood: Copy of either birth certificate/proof of adoption/custody decree, if parents are divorced / death certificate of parent (The South Korea Consulate may request to submit the original document at a later stage).Documents, need to be translated into English. “Letter of consent” (Authorization of Minors) from parents, including passport copies and valid UAE residence visa copies of both parents/ legal guardians in case the children are travelling with others.Travel Documents: (stamped and signed by travel agent)

  • Confirmed return flight tickets
  • Confirmed Hotel Reservation
  • Day wise travel plan (Itinerary)

Supporting Documents Needed for South Korea Tourist Visa Application from Dubai

  • If a company owner; Company Trade License Copy and if it is a partnership, NOC from the partner is also needed.
  • If Student: School / College / Institute ID Card.
  • If Retired: Proof of retirement like pension book, statement etc.
  • If Minor: Birth Certificate; No Objection Certificate from the parent’s non-accompanying parent.
  • If Visiting friend or relative: Invitation letter; Inviter’s ID proof like Passport or Resident Permit, Address proof like any Electricity bill, any Utility bill etc.
  • If Sponsored: Sponsorship letter; Sponsor’s national ID proof or Resident permit, Updated bank statement of last 6 months,
  • For Business Visa: Invitation letter from host Company stating the purpose of the trip, business details etc.
  • Personal Covering Letter explaining purpose of travel to the country.

In general, for countries that do require a visa to South Korea tourist visa cost might range depending on factors such as the duration of stay and so on.

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