Nigeria Tourist Visa From Dubai

Dubai to Nigeria Tourist Visa- Nigeria Visit Visa for UAE Residents

Nigeria is  a West African country recognized for its  diverse fauna, rich culture, and  history. Lagos, Nigeria’s  commercial hub, is a busy metropolis with a thriving  nightlife and a plethora of street markets offering  traditional items. The capital city, Abuja, is  noted for its spectacular architecture, with new  skyscrapers placed among old  sites. There are also  several national parks and wildlife reserves  in Nigeria, such as Yankari National Park, where  tourists may witness elephants, baboons, and  other species in its natural  environment.

To visit Nigeria, UAE citizens  must apply for a Nigeria tourist visa from Dubai. The  application process for a Nigeria tourist visa is simple, but  applicants must ensure that they have  all of the relevant documents and information  before completing their  application. The Nigeria tourist visa application  form is available online, and candidates must fill  it out and submit it together with  their passport, pictures, and other relevant  papers.

Applicants  must guarantee that their passport is valid for at  least six months from the date of entrance  into Nigeria in order to apply for a Nigeria visa from Dubai. They  must also show evidence of Nigerian accommodation  and a return ticket to Dubai. Applicants may  also be asked to show proof of adequate cash to cover  their stay in Nigeria. The length of time it takes  to obtain a visa varies, but applicants should allow at  least two weeks for their application to be  completed.

Nigeria, in  addition to its unique culture and fauna, is  home to several historic monuments and  landmarks, including the Sukur Cultural Landscape, which  is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Visitors may  also sample Nigeria’s rich cuisine, which includes foods  like jollof rice, suya, and pounded  yam. Nigeria, with its rich history, culture, and different  attractions, is an intriguing place for UAE citizens  to visit.

How to Apply For a Nigeria Tourist Visa From Dubai

Nigeria is a  popular tourist destination because of its  rich cultural legacy, natural beauty, and lively  cities. If you live in Dubai  and want to visit Nigeria, you must first  get a tourist visa. The application procedure  for a Nigeria tourist visa from Dubai may  appear difficult at first, but with the appropriate  advice, it can be a straightforward and trouble-free  journey. Before applying  for a visa, be sure you have all of the essential  paperwork and fulfill the qualifying  requirements. You may acquire  your Nigeria tourist visa from Dubai by following  the step-by-step process and providing the  appropriate paperwork. This will  allow you to begin on a memorable  adventure to this lively African nation.

The steps involved in applying for a Nigeria tourist visa from Dubai Explore Nigeria today with Go Kite’s easy visit visa process

Step-1 Check the eligibility criteria

Check the qualifying conditions before applying for a Nigerian tourist visa from Dubai. Residents of Dubai must have a valid passport with at least six months validity, a confirmed return ticket, and evidence of lodging while in Nigeria. They should also have enough money to maintain themselves throughout their stay and not be involved in any illegal activity.

Step-2 Gather the necessary documents

After  confirming your eligibility, the following step is  to obtain the necessary  documentation. A completed visa application  form, a valid passport with at least six  months of validity, passport pictures, a letter of  invitation from a Nigerian host, and a confirmed  return ticket are all required. It’s also a  good idea to bring proof of your  financial stability, such  as bank statements or a letter from your  boss.

Step-3 Submit your application

Following the  collection of all required papers, the next  step is to submit your  application. You may  apply for a Nigerian tourist visa in Dubai by visiting  the Nigerian embassy or consulate or applying  online. To prevent delays, the embassy recommends  that candidates submit their  application at least two weeks before their  anticipated trip date.

Step-4 Pay the visa fee

You must pay  the Nigeria tourist visa cost after submitting your  application. A Nigerian tourist visa costs  different amounts based on the kind of visa and  the duration of stay. The visa cost is  non-refundable, even if your application is  denied.

Step-5 Collect your visa

You may pick  up your visa from the Nigerian embassy or  consulate once your application has been  approved. To obtain your visa, you must  show your passport and a copy of your visa  application form. Check the visa details  carefully to confirm that all of the information  is valid and corresponds to your trip  plans.

Let's Learn a Bit More About Nigeria

Nigeria has been in the news for all the wrong things for quite a long time. And we all know what the media does when they target something or someone. They almost destroy them. The same thing happened to Nigeria also. When we think about the country, nothing good comes to our mind, thanks to the news headlines we have heard for the past few years. But if you are really going to believe all those fake news, you are actually missing something so beautiful and pure. It is your chance to explore Giant Africa in its most raw and authentic form. Don’tDon’t miss it, as these things won’twon’t happen again and again. Nigeria, known for its thriving nightlife, natural landmarks, boisterous entertainment and national and international restaurants, have everything that you are looking for in your holidays. A Nigeria tourist visa from Dubai is all you need to be in this beautiful land. Trust me; you won’t be bored even for a second in Nigeria. If you are still hesitant to make a decision, read on. By the end of it, you are surely going to fall in love with this country, just like me. So, let’s begin.

Why visit Nigeria?

Instead of asking this question, you should ask, why not visit Nigeria? As there isn’t any suitable answer to this question. A country which has beautifully preserved its culture and traditions, along with modernisation, has every reason to be on your travel bucket list. From places to visit authentic cuisines, there is so much to see and experience in Nigeria. Here are a few reasons which will make you rethink your decision not to visit Nigeria. 

Always have access for a quick getaway

Nigeria is blessed with natural beauty. Since it is placed ideally on the geographical map, a quick getaway from your busy life into nature’snature’s lap seems to be the easiest thing to do in Nigeria. The varied landscapes of Nigeria make it possible to carry this mission from anywhere inside the country. The Crossrivers, Plateau, Lagos and Ogun are surely going to impact you to a great extent. 

Arouse the polyglot in you

Nigeria comes third in position in terms of number of languages spoken- 527. In whichever Nigerian cities you go to, you will find the dulcet phonetics of Northeners, charming, aggressive tones of Southerners, musical accents of the Delta people and Middle Belt and many more. The slangs also vary from region to region. By the end of the tour, I am sure you will learn one or two Nigerian words that you can showcase before your friends and families back home. 

The flourishing music industry

Another exciting factor about Nigeria is its music and entertainment industry. Artists from both past and present have played their part in uplifting the image of the country on the global platform. Their Highlife, Afrobeat and Afropop tunes have gained worldwide fans. And if you are lucky enough, you can catch a glimpse of them in one of the clubs. Or else you can dance your heart to their grooving music in those clubs. So in both ways, you will be the beneficiary. 

Lagos or Lasgidi

Do I even have to elaborate? Ok, I will do it for the newcomers. Lagos is probably the only thing in the world which you love and hate at the same time. But that is what makes the country appealing more than anything in the world. Business, culture, innovation, fashion, entertainment, nature, art, nightlife, fun, the hustle and bustle, relaxation, you just name it. You will find everything here. 

Nigerians party hard

Nigerians like to live their life to the fullest and hence celebrate each moment in their life. Every celebration for them is like a mini festival, regardless of time and occasion. So you can imagine what will happen at a grand function like a wedding. They are elegant enough to attract the attention of tourists. Moreover, their parties are not restricted only to the weekends. They conduct them whenever they feel or want. And their parties have an unspoken policy that everyone is welcome. The nightlife in Nigeria is another thing to look forward to. In short, Nigeria has something or the other to offer to all its visitors. 

Delicious cuisines

The food combinations in Nigeria are healthy and unique at the same time. Their local cuisine includes a variety of dishes that are suitable for your tastebuds. You can start with the local delight called bukas and move on to continental and intercontinental dishes from some of their finest restaurants. However, if you are intolerant to spices, you must give a heads-up to the chef beforehand, as most of their dishes have ample pepper.

History, arts and Tradition

The art and culture of Nigeria revolve around Nok terracotta, the Eyo festival, Benin Iron and Bronze castings, wood carvings, soapstone figurines, the Argungu Fishing Festival, artworks, hyperrealistic paintings and the Calabar Carnival. But trust me; these are only half of the scene. There is much to explore in the background.

The local markets

Another thing that you can do in Nigeria is to visit its local markets. Places like Idumota/Balogun market in Lagos, New Market in Aba and Onitsha main market have much to offer, including fabrics, electronic gadgets, clothes, groceries, craftworks and many more. And if you are new to this place, it would be better to take the help of a native, as you are surely going to forget your way back hotel. 

Effortless fashion and style

The fashion sense of an average Nigerian can be compared to the prominent ones of the fashion world. You can witness it in their daily fashion statements. However, now they are making their virtue known in the global markets. Their innovative designs are making many heads turn. These African designs are surely going to uplift the foreign section of your wardrobe.

The People

There is something about the Nigerian people that will always warm our hearts. They are witty, generous, hilarious, creative, great talkers, superb hosts, and excellent sidekicks. You are going to be blown away by their hospitality. And in the end, if you succeed in making a Nigerian friend, you have achieved an enormous milestone.

Places to visit in Nigeria

If you are looking for an off-beat Lagos experience or roaming around the Yankari National Park, the below suggestions of the best places to visit in Nigeria are definitely going to help you out. 


It is one of Nigeria’sNigeria’s most prominent and busiest cities, which follows a get-rich culture. You can roam around its streets just to watch people hurrying among those busy streets. Ideally places along the Atlantic coast, this place is best for sightseeing and historic tours. It is, in fact, the commercial capital of Nigeria, where you will find all the modern amenities, including taverns, restaurants and luxurious stays.


Abuja was declared the capital of Nigeria in 1991, and from then on, it opened its doors to tourism. You can start your expedition from the Abuja Millenium Park and move towards the Currency Museum of the Central Bank of Nigeria, where you can learn about the economy of the country that worked for the previous generations. The city also has numerous tourist attractions for you to explore. You can check out the main market of the Wuse market for some lip-smacking delicacies and shop for some souvenirs for your return journey.

Port Harcourt

It is one of the largest and busiest ports in Nigeria. It is known for its melting pot of Ikwerre, Ijaw, and English-speaking people. In addition, you can take a tour of its natural sandy beaches and suburbs, home to most of its natives. Undoubtedly, Port Harcourt is one of the top tourist attractions of Nigeria.


The capital of Oyo state, Ibadan, is placed among the seven hills in northwestern Nigeria. People are not very well aware of its history as they have only heard the folklore of its past. Only the incidents after 1892 were recorded as part of their history and culture. Therefore, it is a perfect place for history buffs who like to search for hidden treasures.

Yankari Game Reserve

You will come across rare and unique species in this giant wildlife reserve. It occupies 2244 square kilometres of Yankari in the Bauchi state. The place is mainly known for its warm water springs, which are perfect for relaxation.


Popularly known as the Old Calabar, this place is the capital of the Cross River State, from where you will get a beautiful view of the Calabar River. You can begin your expedition at the National Museum to learn about its history and then move towards the Duke Town church and Cross River National Park. The scenic beauty of these places will explain why Calabar is among Nigeria’s top tourist attractions. 

Nigeria tourist visa from Dubai

Now that you have decided to travel to Nigeria, you will need a travel agent to help you throughout your journey. By holding the hands of professionals like us, you need not have to worry about your trip. Our experts will be there to guide you from morning to evening. Before packing your bags, you will need a visa to enter the country. Here are the few things which you will have to produce for your fast visa approval. 

Documents required

Below is the list of Nigeria tourist visa requirements.

  • Copy of your passport
  • Copy of your UAE residence visa
  • A recent passport-size photo on white background
  • Copy of your Emirates ID
  • Bank statements for the last three months
  • NOC from your company
  • Copy of your trade license if you are travelling for business purposes. 
  • First-timers will have to submit their biometrics for visa approval.

What is the cost of a Nigerian tourist visa from Dubai?

It includes document preparation, appointment fee, processing fee, biometric fee and valid travel insurance. The duration of the visa will be from 3 months to one year. After that, the Nigerian consulate will decide the time of your stay. This fee does not cover medical insurance. But it would be better to get one in case of emergencies. 

Also, your visa fee is not refundable under any circumstances. The embassy is in charge of accepting your visa. Therefore, you cannot hold us responsible for your visa rejection.

How long will it take to process a Nigerian tourist visa from Dubai?

After submitting all the documents and paying the fee, your visa will take at least seven working days to get approved.

What are the payment options?

We have both online and offline payment methods. You can pay online through credit and debit cards, bank transfers and Money Exchanges. For offline payment, you will have to come to our office directly.  

For further doubts and queries, you can contact our customer care executives, who are working 24/7, especially for you. All your doubts will be answered within an hour.

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