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Germany Visa for UAE Residents: Apply for Germany Visit Visa

Apply for Germany visa from Dubai with Go Kite Tours. Located in the heart of Western Europe, Germany is a vibrant country with so much to offer for travellers. Germany is a destination that welcomes you with great outdoors and rich history. When you travel through modern Germany you will be taken back to the good old days of Medieval time. With our experienced help, you may easily secure your Germany visa from UAE or Germany visa from Abu Dhabi Simplify the application procedure to provide a stress-free experience.

Germany is one of the most popular and has been at the heart of Europe for centuries. The festivals, medieval towns, stunning scenery, amazing cuisines, sensational architecture, and much more to experience in Germany. The country is very easy to explore as the transport system is modern and most of the people do speak English, Which makes it an easy country to explore.

Tourist Visa to Germany

Most people do need a tourist visa to enter the country. The Germany tourist visa is a travel document that allows you to enter Germany and travel to other Schengen. The Tourist visa issued by Germany can also be referred to as the Schengen Short term tourist visa. 

The Germany Tourist visa is issued for those who want to visit the country for Leisure purposes. The travellers who entered Germany on a tourist visa must not take up gainful employment during their stay and they should exceed the visa validity.

All tourist visa holders are not allowed to work or study in Germany. Therefore, you must apply for a work permit or student visa or any other type of visa based on your intention of staying.

If you are holding a Tourist Visa (Scheangen Visa) issued by Germany you are also allowed to travel to the below-listed Schengen countries. Efficient Germany visa service from Dubai. Streamlined process, expert guidance, and quick turnaround. Your gateway to discovering Germany is here!

How to Apply for a Germany Tourist Visa from Dubai

If you live  in Dubai and want to visit Germany, you’ll  need to get a tourist visa  first. The application  procedure can be complicated and  time-consuming, but with proper assistance and  preparation, you can boost your chances of  success. This  tutorial contains step-by-step instructions as  well as useful hints to ensure that the procedure  goes as smoothly as  possible.

The steps involved in applying for a Germany visit visa from dubai Explore Germany today with Go Kite’s easy visit visa process
Step-1 Determine if you need a visa

The first step in  applying for a Germany tourist visa from Dubai is  determining if you truly require  one. Certain nations, like  the United States and Canada, do not require a visa  for visits of up to 90 days. Citizens of  other nations, including those in the  Middle East, must, nevertheless, get  a visa. To find out if you  need a visa for your trip, check the German  embassy website or speak with a travel  agency.

Step-2 Gather the necessary documents

Once you’ve  confirmed that you need a Germany tourist visa from Dubai, the following  step is to obtain all of the essential  paperwork. A valid passport, a completed visa application  form, evidence of travel plans and lodging, proof  of financial means to support your  stay, travel insurance, and a current passport-sized photograph  are usually required. Before submitting your  application, you should carefully study the embassy’s  criteria and confirm that all paperwork are in  order.

Step-3 Schedule an appointment at the German embassy or consulate

After you’ve  obtained all of the required documents, make an  appointment with the German embassy or consulate  in Dubai. You may  accomplish this by visiting the embassy’s website or phoning their visa application  department. Because the  embassy may get busy and appointment slots might  fill up rapidly, it’s crucial to arrange your appointment well in  advance. Arrive  on early for your appointment and bring all of your  documentation. The embassy  will assess your application and  may inquire about your trip intentions or financial  position. If your  application is accepted, you will obtain your visa in a matter of  days.

step-4 Attend your appointment and submit your application

You must  bring your completed visa application form, passport, passport photographs, and  any supporting documentation to your  appointment. This may contain travel  insurance documentation, aircraft tickets, hotel reservations, and financial  accounts. It is critical  that all of your documentation are full and exact, since any errors  or omissions may cause your visa to be  delayed. At the time of  your appointment, the embassy may additionally need  you to pay a visa  fee. After submitting  your application, you must wait for the embassy to process your  visa. Depending on the  amount of applications received, this might  take anything from a few days to several  weeks. If your visa  application is granted, you will be able  to travel to Germany and enjoy all that this beautiful country has to  offer.

Step-5 Wait for your visa to be processed and approved

After  completing your application and attending your  appointment, the next step is to await the processing  and approval of your visa. The length  of time it takes to complete your application  depends on the embassy’s workload and the intricacy of your  application. A tourist visa to Germany typically  takes 10-15 business days to process. However, during high  travel seasons or if extra evidence is necessary, processing times may be  longer. You will receive your passport  with the visa stamp attached after your visa is  issued. Check the visa carefully to confirm that  all of the information  is true and corresponds to your travel  plans.

Let’s Learn a Bit More About Germany

The European destination, Germany, is a dream come true for every traveller as it stands tall among all others with its picturesque beauty. There is so much to explore in Germany that you won’t feel like coming back. From mighty Alphs to Verdant valleys and fairytale-like castles to stunning rivers, Germany will make sure that you have an unforgettable vacation. Now you can make your expedition to this country much more relaxed by applying for a Germany tourist visa from Dubai. Do you want to know? By logging into our official website and following the simple steps mentioned in it, you can easily avail of your German visa and win some exciting offers. But before explaining the steps, let me give you a brief introduction to Germany so that it will be easier for newcomers. Here are some reasons which will make you want to visit this country at least once in your lifetime.

Historical attractions

The first thing that comes to mind when we hear about Germany is its rich history and World War II. Historians are never going to leave this place as there is so much in store for them. There are more than 42 UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Germany, making it one of the most famous tourist attractions in the world. Its German castles and other architecture dates back to the medieval era. Most of these structures will give you a glimpse of ancient Germany. Most of its old town halls were built in the 16th century. If it is your first time visiting Germany, make sure you cover all the historical attractions, as that is what this country is all about. 


If you want to be part of their traditional festivals, you will have to plan your journey very early and look in the calendar for annual celebrations. Germany’s one famous festival is Oktoberfest which happens in Munich. This two-week festival begins at the end of September and continues till the first week of October. This festival allows you to try their traditional food, have lots of beer and explore their amusement parks. International tourists usually plan their trip to Germany around this time of the year. Another famous festival of the country is the pumpkin festival held at Schloss Ludwigsburg in the Gardens. Germans celebrate this festival to welcome the falls in the country. It is colourful and fun to be part of this amazing festival. There will be pumpkins all around you at this time, and you won’t feel like leaving the place. 

Breathtaking scenery

Germany, the seventh largest country, lies in the heart of Europe. Since Germany shares its borders with nine nations, you can ideally start your European tour from here and then choose your next destination. It is the perfect place for hiking and nature expedition. It offers a variety of landscapes to explore, including sheer mountains, rolling plains and thick forests. From North to East, every region is worth visiting. 

Friendly natives

Some wise person had once commented that a country is made not by its land but by its people. It is absolutely true in the case of Germany. The natives are so friendly and welcoming that you won’t feel left out among the vast crowd. While interacting with them, you will learn about the social life of Germans and also about the country’s culture and traditions. Germans are honest and genuine and expect the same from you. They are highly disciplined, efficient and organised, which gives you another reason to visit this country. 

Chic cities

If you are fed up with big cities like New York and London and want to try something new, Belin is the right choice. It is one of the top cities in Germany and is home to the trendiest inhabitants in the world. And if you want to experience a calm atmosphere, you have options like Munich, Hamburg and Stuttgart. Every city is different from the others in terms of food and culture. So it will be fun exploring them one by one. So many events are happening in these cities that will keep you entertained throughout your journey. 

Apply for a Germany tourist visa from Dubai

Now that we have given you enough reasons to visit Germany, let’s now discuss its visa processing, especially for UAE residents. Germany comes under the Schengen area, which has 27 countries, including 23 EU countries and four EFTA member states. So if you are planning to apply for a German visa, you have to apply for a Schengen visa. It may seem to be a complicated process for you, but it is not, as you have our back. You only have to tell us your purpose of visit and our expert team will take care of the rest. So these are the steps in applying for a Germany tourist visa from Dubai.

  • Choose the proper Schengen visa. The visa should suit your purpose and duration of stay in Germany.
  • Collect all the necessary documents mentioned below for visa processing.
  • Duly signed and adequately completed Schengen visa application form.
  • Original passport with a validity of at least three months from your return journey from Germany.
  • Two latest passport-size photos taken within the last three months with a neutral grey background.
  • Invitation letter from your host and his accommodation details. 
  • Copies of your confirmed return flight ticket.
  • International insurance
  • Bank statements for the last three months
  • In the case of an employee, NOC from the employer is required.
  • Business people will have to submit a copy of their trade license.
  • Pay the visa fees. You can pay by credit card, debit card or other preferred modes.
  • Submitting your application and attending the interview. Once we receive all your documents, our expert team will review them once more to ensure that you haven’t made any mistakes, and then we will submit them to the embassy. Afterwards, they will schedule an interview for you, which you should not miss at any cost. 
  • Visa approval. It usually takes three to four working days to process your visa. Once approved, you will receive the confirmation through your registered email address.

Applying for Germany Tourist Visa from the UAE

The German tourist visa is applied with the nearest German embassy in your place of residence. The first step is to make an appointment for the immigration interview. All required documents should be submitted in person following an appointment. Residents of Dubai can submit the documents at the German embassy in Dubai and Abu Dhabi residents can apply at the German Embassy office in Abu Dhabi. Residents of all other emirates can submit either in Dubai or in Abu Dhabi.

Documents Required for Germany Tourist Visa

Passport: Home country passport with a minimum of six months validity. The new passport should have a minimum of 3 blank pages and also should submit the old passport if any. 

Application Form: Duly filled application form issued by the Embassy of Germany. Fully concluded in English or German and signed and dated by the applicant himself ( signed by both parents in case of minors, below the age of 18)

Valid UAE Residency: Emirates ID and Copy of the stamped residency visa (valid at least three months from the date of expiry of the requested visa / intended end of the journey)


  • 1 passport copy of pages containing personal data 
  • 1 copy of the signature page (signed by the passport holder 
  • 1 copy of UAE residence permit/visa 
  • Copies of previous Schengen visa 

For GCC Nationals- Copy of valid Emirates ID card

Personal Photograph: 2 recent colour photographs 

  • Two identical photos. Not older than six months.
  • Photo size: 35x45mm.
  • In colourNo black and white
  • The Head should take 70-80% of the photo.
  • Brightly coloured background. Light grey is suggested.No patterns.
  • Facing the camera
  • Neutral face expression
  • Avoid uniforms or colours matching the background.

Personal Covering letter: Stating the intention of the travel and details of family members travelling.

Proof of sufficient financial means:

  • Original stamped and signed personal bank statement for the last three months showing regular income, no deposits  If the applicant is an owner of a company or a partner, he can submit the bank statement of the company with a letter from the bank proving he is a signatory on this bank account.
  • Bank statements should not be “credit card statements”. If not enough balance on the current account, the applicant should additionally provide bank statements of the “saving accounts” for the last 3 months.
    The bank statement must show the applicant’s name, and be stamped and signed by the bank’s representative (cash is not accepted as proof of funds).
  • For retired persons: proof of pension or other regular income.
  • Please highlight your regular income (salary, pension, etc…) on the bank statement.

Medical insurance- Overseas Travel Insurance

Requirements: Valid for the entire period of the requested visa and for all Schengen countries. Minimum coverage 30,000 € and repatriation. (Medical insurances of credit cards are not accepted). Conditions must be stated either on an insurance document or on a separate verification letter

Letter from local employer/sponsor (NOL): Including name, postal address and telephone number of sponsor/company, with details about applicant’s working position, starting date of employment and salary and expected date to resume duties and intention of travel. Also valid trade license copy for investor/partner of the company.

In case of dependents- Sponsors valid passport copy and UAE residence visa to be attached with the cover letter.

Additional documents for minors below the age of 18 (if applicable) – proving legal parenthood: Copy of either birth certificate/proof of adoption/custody decree, if parents are divorced / death certificate of parent (Consulate reserves the right to request the original document at a later stage). Documents, need to be translated into either German or English. “Letter of consent” (Authorization of Minors) from parents, including passport copies and valid UAE residence visa copies of both parents/ legal guardian.

Travel Documents: 

  • Confirmed return flight tickets
  • Hotel Reservation
  • Day wise travel plan (Itinerary)

Supporting Documents Needed for Germany Tourist Visa
german tourist visa requirements are:

  • If a company owner; Company Trade License Copy and if it is a partnership, NOC from the partner is also needed.
  • If Student: School / College / Institute ID Card
  • If Retired: Proof of retirement like pension book, statement etc.
  • If Minor: Birth Certificate; No Objection Certificate from the parent’s non-accompanying parent 
  • If Visiting friend or relative: Invitation letter; Inviter’s ID proof like Passport or Resident Permit, Address proof like any Electricity bill, any Utility bill etc.
  • If Sponsored: Sponsorship letter; Sponsor’s national ID proof or Resident permit, Updated bank statement of last 6 months, 
  • For Business Visa: Invitation letter from host Company stating the purpose of the trip, business details etc

Additional information for the applicant on terms and conditions of the German Tourist Visa Process

  • All German tourist visa applications can be filled using the online VIDEX application you are requested to thoroughly check all entries in their written application (paper and/or the electronic “VIDEX”) prior to submission. 
  • Responsibility for all given information lies within the applicant himself. Any typo error or any misinformation will result in the rejection of the application. 
  • All German Tourist visa fees must be paid in advance while submitting the application and paid in cash or card (AED). 
  • The minimum processing time for a German Tourist visa is 15 working days. 
  • Applicants are requested to apply for the tourist visa in advance but note more than 180 days prior to their travel. 
  • During the visa processing, the original passport will remain with the German consulate. Passports can only be withdrawn if a written request by the applicant himself is presented to the Consulate
  • The German consulate reserve the right to ask for additional supporting documents if needed or they may call for a personal interview
  • Any fake information, fake booking or fake statement will result in rejection of the application.

Germany visa from Dubai cost in UAE

Visa Fee Adult : AED 340
Visa Fee Child : AED 170
Application Center Fee Dubai : AED 89
Application Center Fee Abu Dhabi :AED 116
Go Kite Fee : AED 300

Germany Visa Types for UAE Citizens and Residents

  • Airport Transit Visa. This visa for those travellers who wish to travel to non-schengen destination via Germany
  • Tourist/Visitor Visa. Apply for this visa if you wish visit Germany for leisure purposes.
  • Business Visa. If you wish to participate in business related activities in Germany
  • Trade Fair & Exhibitions Visa. This is the visa you need if you wish to participate at a trade fair or exhibition.
  • Student Visa (Visum Zu Studienzwecken). If you are a student and you have already been admitted at a university in Germany.
  • Student Applicant Visa (Visum Zur Studienbewerbung). If you plan to travel to Germany to apply at a university, to sit for an acceptance exam or interview.
  • Language Course Visa (Visa for Language Learning).If you intention is to learn German language course.
  • Training/Internship Visa. Apply for this visa if you are planning to participate in training or internship. 
  • Job Seeker Visa. Apply for this visa if you wish to travel to Germany to seek a job.
  • German Freelance “Freiberufler” Visa. If you plan to work in Germany as a freelancer this is the visa you need. 
  • Working Visa. If you already found a job in Germany you can apply for this visa.
  • Germany Visa for Cultural, Film Crew, Sports, and Religious Event Purpose. You will need to apply for this visa if you are touring to Germany under the intent of participating at a Cultural, Sports, or Religious event or as part of a Film Crew.
  • Guest Scientist Visa. If you are a scientist and you have been requested by an institution or company in Germany to invent a research there, apply for a Guest Scientist Visa.
  • Medical Treatment Visa. If you are planning to seek medical treatment at one of the German hospitals or clinics.

German Missions in UAE

Below are the two German missions in the United Arab Emirates:

  • the German Embassy in Abu Dhabi and
  • the Consulate General in Dubai.

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