Canada Tourist Visa from Dubai

Canada visa for UAE Residents - Now Apply for a Canada Tourist visa from Dubai

Canada tourist visa requirements – Now Apply for a Canada tourist visa from Dubai

Apply Canada Visa from Dubai with Go Kite Tours for a quick and with great chances of approval (provided that the applicant meet the Canada Tourist visa requirements). Dubai is the most popular tourist destination and trade hub in the middle east. Dubai welcomes people from around the world and people comes here to find a better life. Popularity Dubai has in tourism and trade makes it easy to apply for visit visas for countries across the world. Explore seamless Canada visa service from Dubai with our expert assistance. The residents of UAE and Dubai can apply for a tourist or business visa to Canada.

Who can apply for a Canadian tourist visa from Dubai (or any other part of the UAE)

Similar to Schengen, most of the residents of the UAE need a visa to enter Canada from Dubai. UAE residents or Nationals with valid passports and who met the requirements can apply for a Tourist visa to Canada. The Canada visa requirements is depending on your nationality.

UAE residents from the following countries can apply for a Canada visit visa from Dubai or any other part of the UAE

How to apply Canada Visa From Dubai

If you live in Dubai, UAE and  want to visit Canada, you’ll need to get  a tourist visa. The  procedure may appear intimidating, but with the correct  knowledge and assistance, it can be  simple. This tutorial will  help you through the procedures of applying for  a  Visa to visit Canada, so you can start planning your ideal  vacation.

The steps involved in applying for a Canada tourist visa from Dubai Explore Canada today with Go Kite’s easy visit visa process

Step-1 Determine if you need a visa

The first step in  applying for a Canada tourist visa from Dubai is  determining whether you require  one. Certain nations’ citizens  are excused from requiring a visa for short-term  visits to Canada, however Dubai residents are not among  them. As a result, if  you are a Dubai resident, you will need to  apply for a tourist visa before traveling  to Canada. You may  check the Canadian government’s website to discover  if you need a visa and what sort of visa you require based on your visit’s  purpose.

Step-2 Gather the required documents

Once you’ve concluded  that you need a tourist visa to Canada, the  following step is to obtain all of the necessary  paperwork. These  documents include a valid passport, proof of financial  support, a trip itinerary, and a letter of  invitation (if appropriate). It is critical to  ensure that all papers are current and fulfil  the Canadian government’s  criteria. Failure to  deliver the required documentation may  result in delays or even rejection of your visa  application.

Step-3 Complete the online application form

The first step in  applying for a Canada visa from UAE is to fill out the online application  form. This form is available  on the Canadian government website and requires  personal information such as your name, date of birth, and passport  data. It is critical  that the information submitted is correct and  corresponds to the information in your  passport. After completing the  form, you must pay the application cost and submit  it. Following submission, you  will receive a confirmation email with a unique  tracking number that you may use to follow the status of your  application.

Step-4 Pay the Canada tourist visa cost

The next step is to  pay the visa cost after completing the online  application form for a Canada tourist visa from Dubai. The Canada tourist visa cost  is payable online using a credit  or debit card. It is crucial to  know that the Canada visa cost is non-refundable, even  if your application is  rejected. When you pay  the charge, you will be given a receipt, which you  should save as confirmation of  payment. Once the  money is received, the Canada visa processing time for your application will  begin.

Step-5 Submit your application and wait for a decision

You can  submit your visa application online after paying the visa  cost. Before submitting, double-check  all of the information you’ve  supplied. After you  submit your application, you will receive a confirmation email with a tracking  number. This number can be  used to track the status of your  application. The processing  period for a tourist visa to Canada from Dubai  varies, however it normally takes approximately 15-20 business  days. The Canadian  embassy may contact you during this period  for more information or to organize an  interview. You will be contacted  via email once a decision is made on your  application. If your  application is granted, your visa will be sent to you  through email or  courier.

Let’s Learn a Bit More About Canada

Finally, the world is out of the clutches of the pandemic, and people are slowly returning to their normal lives. It seems that they want to explore the world like never before, thanks to the two years of lockdown. While searching for the countries ideal for spending their holidays, Canada tops the list with the longest ski seasons, incredible natural wonders and numerous UNESCO world heritage sites. But, of course, they are just a few numbers. We will give you more reasons to visit Canada through this article. And we will also help you understand the steps involved in getting a tourist visa for Canada from Dubai. So without wasting any time, let’s start.

Great outdoors

Canada boasts scenic beauty with splendid coastlines, magnificent mountains and picture-perfect forests. Each of its regions is different from the others and has a unique nature. It is home to icefields, mountains, beaches and coastlines. You will have plenty of outdoor things to explore in Canada and can indulge in many adventurous activities. Once there, try to explore villages more than the cities as you will find more things laid for you there compared to the cities. You are surely going to turn off your phone and immerse in its natural beauty abundantly.

Mouth watering food 

Since Canada is a diverse nation, you can also see its cuisines’ diversity. It will also allow you to explore various innovative dishes you might not have seen in your life before. You must also visit places like Ontario and Nova Scotia, where you can taste the local beer prepared by the natives. Restaurants in Canada specifically use ingredients cultivated in their farmlands, along with some fantastic seafood dishes. You must try out their dining options because they are as picturesque as they can ever be. Finally, don’t forget to taste their national dish, poutine, during your Canada tour. This thick hot gravy has chips smothered over it and is served with cheese curds or cheese sauce. 

Yukon’s northern light

If you ever want to witness northern light, head straight to Yukon in Canada, as it has the most extended season that exhibits spectacular light shows in the sky. Since most of its territory is beyond the Arctic Circle, you can see northern lights on most clear nights. The city has short winter days similar to the UK mainly due to its location, and hence you will have more opportunity to see lights here. But apart from northern lights, there are many other things to experience in Yukon, like national parks, scenic towns, mountain ranges and abundant wildlife. It is ideal for visiting the city during July and August as you can enjoy their annual Dawson City music festival during that time. 


One of the main reasons people prefer visiting Canada is its rich wildlife. Its tiny village, Churchill, may seem like a remote town, but it is the favourite place of animal lovers, as they come in large numbers to see polar bears. Apart from them, you can also spot wolves, cougars and many other animals all over the country. Its marine life is also worth praising as its oceans are home to Minke Whales, Oscars, Harbour Porpoises, Humpback Whales, Harp Seals, Harbour Seals and many others. 

Friendly natives

Canada has the credit of being one of the friendliest countries in the world. Canadians are proud to show off their country as they are so much in love with it. So in case you get lost or something, you must directly ask the locals over there as they are always ready to help under all circumstances. Even in places like Quebec, which comes under the French province, you will be welcomed with open arms. 

Steps to apply for a tourist visa for Canada from Dubai

Since Dubai is well-known for its trade and tourism, it will be easier to apply for a tourist visa for Canada from Dubai. Almost all the tourists entering the country of Canada will require a tourist visa, which is applicable for UAE nationals also. However, its criteria depend mainly on your nationality. So even if you reside in Canada, you will require a Canadian visa if you are a native of another country. And if you are travelling there to see your friends or family or for sightseeing purposes, you will have to apply for a tourist visa to Canada. If your travel motive is related to business, you will need a business visa. Here are the things you need to remember while applying for a Canada visa from Abu Dhabi.

Documents required

  • A valid UAE residence visa with a three months validity.
  • Your original passport with a minimum validity of six months till the time of your return journey. There should be two blank pages in your passport for visa stamping.
  • A NOC letter of your employer addressed to the Canadian embassy. Details like your designation, salary, joining date and travelling purpose should be mentioned on it. 
  • If you are travelling for business purposes, you should submit your trade license, a self-introduction letter citing your monthly income and the passport details of your investors and partners. 
  • Sometimes the Canadian embassy might also ask for an invitation letter from your friends and family residing in Canada. It is mandatory for a business visa. 
  • Three latest passport-size photos in white background.
  • Last three months’ bank statements.
  • In case you are married, you will also have to produce your marriage certificate.
  • Copy of the confirmation letter of your hotel booking.
  • Copy of your confirmed return flight ticket.
  • Copy of your financial status which is proof that you are capable of taking care of yourself during your stay in Canada. 

Your Canadian visa will be stamped on your passport once it is processed.

Documents Required for a Canadian Tourist Visa

Are you a citizen of the countries mentioned above? Then you can apply for a Canada Tourist visa from Dubai (Provided you are a resident of UAE with minimum validity)

What is a Canadian Tourist visa or Visit Visa?

The tourist visa issued by Canada is for travellers who are planning a vacation in Canada or those who want to visit family and friends living in Canada. The documents may vary based on your intention of visiting Canada. If you are planning to visit Canada for business or any other official purposes, You can apply for a Canada Business visa. 

Documents Required for a Canadian Tourist Visa

Below given the most common or basic documents you needed to apply for a Tourist Visa to Canada from Dubai.

  • Original Home Country Passport: A passport with six months validity and issued within 10 years. Should have a minimum of two blank pages (New and old passports must be submitted during the process)
  • Valid UAE Residency– you need to have a residency visa with a minimum of three months validity to be eligible for a visit visa to Canada from Dubai. 
  • Original United Arab Emirates Resident Identity Card
  • If a company owner; Company Trade License Copy and if it is a partnership, NOC from the partner is also needed. (The NOC should be addressed to the Canadian Embassy)
  • If an employee; no objection letter from the company stating the designation, employment starting date. (The NOC should be addressed to the Canadian Embassy)
  • Latest Monthly Bank Statement; Six-month bank statement (Original statement with bank seal and sign)
  • If travelling with family; a Marriage certificate, Childbirth certificate, evidence of family members are also required. 
  • Invitation Letter: The embassy may also ask you to submit an invitation letter from friends or relatives from Canada. The invitation letter is mandatory for a Business visa. 

Travel Documents: 

  • Confirmed hotel booking
  • Travel Insurance covering the dates of travel
  • Confirmed return flight ticket

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