Bangladesh Tourist Visa From Dubai

Bangladesh Visa for UAE Residents: Apply for Bangladesh Visit Visa

Bangladesh is  a country in South Asia noted for its beautiful green  scenery, diversified culture, and rich  history. Bangladesh is  a prominent tourism destination that draws  travelers from all over the  world. If you  intend to visit Bangladesh as a tourist, you  will need a Bangladesh Visa from Dubai. Obtain a hassle-free Bangladesh visa service from Dubai. The Bangladesh visit Visa from Dubai is  a travel authorization document that  permits you to enter and remain in Bangladesh for a  set amount of time for tourism  purposes.

A passport with  a minimum validity of six months from the date of  arrival, a completed visa application form, two passport-sized  pictures, and evidence of travel plans are  required to get a Bangladesh Tourist Visa from Dubai. You  must also present a letter of invitation  or a confirmed hotel reservation  in Bangladesh, as well as confirmation of  financial resources to finance your  stay. Once you have all of the necessary  documents, you can submit them to the Bangladesh Embassy or  Consulate in Dubai, and your Bangladesh Tourist Visa will be issued upon  approval. We also provide Bangladesh Visa from Abu Dhabi and Bangladesh Visa from UAE.

Bangladesh Tourist Visa

Bangladesh, located  in South Asia, is a lovely country with lush  scenery, diverse fauna, and a rich cultural  legacy. It is a famous tourist  destination for visitors from all over the world  due to its intriguing culture and great  welcome. Tourists from Dubai must  get a Bangladesh tourist visa in order  to visit Bangladesh. The visa  application process is simple, and candidates with  the proper papers may quickly apply for  a tourist visa to Bangladesh.

Applicants can  apply for a tourist visa to Bangladesh by  submitting their visa application and all relevant  papers to the Bangladesh Embassy in Dubai. The  embassy accepts applications via their  website, and visa processing usually  takes 3-5 business days. In addition  to the completed application form, candidates must  present a valid passport with at  least six months remaining validity  and two passport-sized  pictures.

Applicants must  also show documentation of travel plans  in Bangladesh, such as their airline itinerary and  hotel reservations. They may also be  required to give proof of their financial situation to  guarantee that they can sustain themselves while  in Bangladesh. Applicants must also  supply a copy of their Emirates ID and a bank  statement detailing  their financial transactions over the last six  months.

After submitting  a visa application, applicants can check the  progress of their application on the embassy’s  website. Once the visa is  approved, applicants must collect their  passports with the visa stamp from the  embassy. With a valid Bangladesh tourist visa, visitors  may enjoy the country’s rich history and  culture, including its famed  historical ruins, temples, and mosques, as  well as its magnificent natural  beauty.

How to Apply For A Bangladesh Tourist Visa From Dubai

If you live in the UAE and want to visit Bangladesh for tourism, you must first get a Bangladesh tourist visa from Dubai. The visa application procedure is simple, but it is critical to have all of the necessary paperwork and to follow the processes exactly. With a Bangladesh tourist visa, you may discover the country’s diverse culture and natural beauty, including its lively cities, gorgeous landscapes, and delectable food. So, begin planning your trip and apply for your Bangladesh tourist visa from Dubai.

The steps involved in applying for a Bangladesh tourist visa from Dubai Explore Bangladesh today with Go Kite’s easy visit visa process

Step-1 Gather the required documents

You must acquire the  relevant papers before applying for a Bangladesh tourist visa. A valid  passport valid for at least six  months, two current passport-size  pictures, a completed visa application  form, and proof of travel  arrangements such as airline tickets and hotel bookings are  required. You may also  be asked to produce proof of financial  assistance as well as a letter of invitation from your Bangladeshi  host.

Step-2 Submit your application

Once you have  gathered all of the necessary documents, you can submit  your visa application to the Bangladesh Embassy or Consulate  in Dubai. You can do  this in person or through a visa processing  firm. Because visa  processing times can vary, make  sure to submit your application well  in advance of your intended travel  date.

Step-3 Pay the visa fee

When you submit  your application, you will be asked to pay a visa  fee. The cost amount varies  according on the kind of visa you  apply for and the length of your stay  in Bangladesh. The charge  can be paid at the Embassy or Consulate  in cash or by credit card.

Step-4 Wait for the processing

After submitting  your application and paying the cost, you  must wait for the visa to be  processed. Processing time varies, but  it normally takes 5 to 7 business  days. The Embassy or Consulate  may contact you during this period  for further information or  papers.

Step-5 Collect your visa

You may pick  up your visa from the Bangladesh Embassy  or Consulate in Dubai after it has been  finalized. Bring your passport  and any other necessary paperwork with you  when you go to pick up your  visa. Examine the visa  carefully to ensure that all of the  information is valid and corresponds to your trip  plans.

Let's Learn a Bit More About Bangladesh

If it is your first time visiting Bangladesh, trust me, you are going to make some of the most beautiful memories in life. It has something or the other reserved for foodies, nature enthusiasts and adventurous ones. Everything in Bangladesh is unique and will blow your mind away in one way or another. In this article, we will give an overview of the different tourist spots in Bangladesh and help you apply for a Bangladesh tourist visa from Dubai. First, look into the places you must include in your Bangladeshi trip.


Sylhet, which lies in the eastern region of Bangladesh, is the only lushest place in the country famous for precipitation. Its rivers and waterways are as popular as tea estates and tropical forests. Don’t miss out on the Ratargul Swamp forest on your next trip. Other swamp forests include Bisanakandi Swamp Forest and Jaflong Swamp Forest, where you can witness the marvel of nature in real. And if you want to try out the local cuisine of Bangladesh, you can stop at Paanch Bhai for a light snack or supper. Having food that convenient is indeed heavenly. 

Bus, train and flight are available to Sylhet from Dhaka. However, I think flying will be a better option if you are running out of time. By air, it will take you only 50 minutes, whereas the bus takes around ten hours and 30 minutes to cover the 235 km. 

Cox’s Bazaar

Cox’s Bazaar is the most frequented tourist destination in Bangladesh. It is an ideal place for beach lovers. They have unlimited options like Sugandha, Kalatoli, Laboni Point and Inani. In addition, there are several luxurious resorts in and around these regions. Apart from beaches, the next thing the tourist looks forward to in Cox Bazaar is shopping. Most of the stores in these areas resemble that of a Burmese market. Here you can find a wide variety of apparel, tableware, kitchenware, home decor and cosmetics. There are also many eateries and roadside stalls that will give you the best seafood meals. It also has the option of international cuisines in some fine-dining restaurants. 

Cox Bazaar is approximately 397 km away from Dhaka. The only disadvantage is that no direct train will take you to Cox Bazaar. Instead, you will have to get down at Chittagong and hire a taxi or bus to reach your destination. There are five different rail options available to reach Chittagong. 

Old Dhaka

Usually, the southernmost reaches of Bangladesh are known as Old Dhaka. Here you will get a glimpse of the history and culture of Bangladeshi people through the different architectural buildings and the lifestyle of the people living along the Buriganga River. Lalbagh Fort and Ahsan Manjil are Old Dhaka’s two most visited tourist places. And if you are a history buff, you must visit places like Rose Garden Palace, Bahadur Shah Park, and Tara Mosque. Also, drop at Dhaka University to admire its vast campus, over 600 acres of land. 

Once you land at the Dhaka International Airport, you can take a cab or a bus to reach Old Dhaka, which also has the name Purani Dhaka. Since it is located inside the capital city, it is much easier to travel to this place. But within Old Dhaka, rickshaws will be more handy, as they will easily take you through its narrow streets during heavy traffic. 


In the late 1800s, Sonargaon was a busy river port, as it was where the muslin merchants were stationed. Now, it has become a popular tourist destination, mainly because of its many galleries and classical sites. They have converted the former home of a wealthy Hindu businessman, Boro Sardar Bari, into a museum. It is also the perfect place to learn about the textile industry. If you have taste in this field, you can check out the Sonargaon Folk-Arts and Crafts Museum. 

Sonargaon lies 34 km away from Dhaka city. The bus from the Gulistan bus station will take you to your destination. By road, it will take around one hour to reach Sonargaon. From there, you can hire an e-rickshaw to visit the Museum and its surrounding areas. 


In Bangladesh, the city that has seen the highest development and growth other than Dhaka is Chittagong. Its magnificent hill stretches are a perfect example of natural beauty and will blow your mind at first sight. If you are looking for natural attractions, you can check out places like Guliakhali Sea Beach, Boga Lake, Naval Beach, Bhatiary Lakes, Patenga Beach and Karnaphuli River. And if you want your day to be more fun-filled, you can head straight to the city’s amusement park, safari park and family-friendly zoo. 

Another fascinating thing about Chittagong is its local cuisine. The taste and smell are so alluring that you can’t leave this place without tasting their dishes at least once. It is also a fact that once you have tasted them, you can’t stop at one bite. You will continue munching on them. After your traditional food tour, you will indeed crave some classic delicacies, which you can have at some high-end restaurants there. The distance between Dhaka and Chittagong is almost 248 km. Hence it will take nearly nine hours to get there. Taking a flight is a better option. However, if you have time and are running short of money, a bus ride will be more feasible and cost-effective. 

The Sunderbans

If you are fond of flora and fauna, Sunderban is the best choice. It has a wide variety of animal and plant life along with other vegetation. It is home to the world’s biggest mangrove forests. People from around the globe come here mainly to see its special Bengal Tiger. During sunset, you can witness many secluded seashores, which cannot be found anywhere else. You will also have the opportunity to wander among the dense forests and enjoy their beautiful vegetation and incredible fauna in person. And if you are adventurous, you can plan a trip to Hiron Point, also known as Nilkomol, to see a better variety of species living in the natural habitat. 

You will have to get down to Khulna City, the entry point of Sunderbans. The distance between Dhaka and Khulna is 220 km. You can either take a flight or travel by road to get there. From the Khulna port, you will have to travel by water to reach Sunderbans, as there are no roads connecting there. 

St. Martin’s Island

Just a few miles from Cox’s Bazaar lies Saint Martin’s Island, the favourite spot of worldwide tourists. You can cover the entire island in a single day. The island has pledged to remain pollution-free, and hence they won’t permit any car inside. You can also visit the nearby Chhera Dweep or Chhera Island by renting a motorboat. Before leaving, don’t forget to try out their mouthwatering snacks and local cuisines. 

No route will take you directly from Dhaka to Saint Martin’s Island. So the only option left is to get down at the Chittagong railway station, take a cab to Jetty 6 and travel to St. Martin’s Island in a boat.  


Srimangal is a must-visit place in Bangladesh. It is covered with countless acres of lush green tea estates and vast pastures that surround the tranquil lakes. Lakes and waterfalls add more beauty to Srimangal. It is impressive to see how the water body blends with the verdant landscape and is the most beautiful during the sunrise and sunset. One of its favourite tourist spots is Ham Ham Waterfall, which will be at its best during the monsoons. Srimangal also has stored something for adventure lovers. A hike to the top of the Laaltila temple, also known as the Red Hill, will satisfy the adventurist in you. Srimangal is also famous for its different tea varieties, which you must try before leaving. You can carry a few back home also to gift your loved ones. 

Srimangal City lies in the Sylhet division of Bangladesh. If you are coming from Dhaka, you can take a bus to Srimangal. 

Sajek Valley and Khagrachari

Khagrachari is the favourite spot for hikers and trekkers, as it is a hill region in Chittagong located conveniently. It is home to Teduchara Fountain, one of the most attractive fountains in Bangladesh. Some of the many tiny hills and lakes add charm to this place. The Atluva Cave and Sajek Valley are two of its most frequented tourist spots. It will take almost 20 minutes to reach the Atluva Cave. The uneven terracotta cliffs and cold waterways will give you goosebumps. Sajek Valley is somewhat similar to this cave but has its beauty and charm. There is only one lane in either direction, but it is filled with eateries and lodges on both sides. Since it has an extremely high elevation, you can even touch clouds from its top. 

It would be better to go from Dighinalala to the Khagrachari district. Sajek lies in the Rangmati district. You can first cover the Khagrachari and then head to Sajek. A bus from Dhaka will take you to Khagrachari. Sajek is 70 km away from Khagrachari. Jeep rides are available from Khagrachari, which will take you to Sajek. 


To the west of Chittagong lies the Bandarban. It is the favourite destination of backpackers and climbers as it is filled with waterways and hillsides. Sangu River, home to at least thirteen indigenous groups, flows through it. Of all the places in Bandarban, Nilachal Point viewpoint is the most frequented one. From this point, you can see the whole skyline of Bandaran, and the view is absolutely stunning. 

Bandarban is 274 km away from Dhaka, and there is no direct route to this place. However, you can get down at the Chittagong railway station and take a cab to Bandarban. That is the only way to reach here. I know the journey can be a little tedious, but it is worth it once you get there. 


A significant attraction of Kuakata is Patuakhali, famous for its long stretch of beachfront along the ocean. Kuakata is the only place in Bangladesh that offers a breathtaking view of the Bay of Bengal both at dawn and dusk. There is a small town inside this place that offers nothing but dried fish, a speciality of Kuakata. And if you like them, don’t forget to buy a few for your return journey. Kuakata is also famous as a pilgrimage spot; hence, you can find several temples here, which vary in architectural size and shape.

There is a direct BRTC bus service from Dhaka to Kuakata that departs from the Sayedabad bus station during the evening. It will take around twelve hours to reach your destination.


Bagerhat lies in the Southwestern portion of Bangladesh and is near Sunderban. It is famous for its mosques and exhibitions and is a perfect place for a day trip. Bagerhat is 133 km away from Dhaka. You can reach there by taking a flight from Dhaka and then a cab from the airport. You will get to your destination in approximately four hours and 28 minutes. 

Steps to apply for a Bangladesh tourist visa from Dubai

Now that you have an outline of Bangladesh and its various tourist destinations, let’s move on to the steps involved in applying for a Bangladesh tourist visa from Dubai.

Documents required

Below is the list of Bangladesh tourist visa requirements.

  • Copy of your passport.
  • Copy of your UAE residence visa.
  • Your recent passport-size photo in any background.
  • Copy of your Emirates ID.
  • NOC from your employer or company.

What is the cost of a Bangladesh tourist visa from Dubai?

The Bangladesh visa from Dubai will cost you around AED 1000. It will cover your documentation, submission, collection and drop off and the delivery charge of your original passport and other documents. Please note that this charge does not cover medical travel insurance. But I would suggest you take one in case of emergencies. 

What is the processing time for a Bangladesh visa from Dubai?

Usually, it will take seven to ten days to process your Bangladesh visa from Dubai. 

What are the available payment options for the bangladesh tourist visa cost ?

There are online and offline payment methods. Once we have received all your documents, we will notify you of the payment procedure. You can choose one according to your convenience. We accept credit/ debit cards and also bank transfers. You can also pay us through your nearby Money Exchange. 
Please note that the embassy is in charge of your visa approval. Therefore, your visa fee is not refundable under any circumstances, including the rejection of your visa. So strictly follow the guidelines issued by the embassy to avoid any delay in getting your visa approved.

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