Norway Tourist Visa

Dubai to Norway Tourist Visa- Norway Visit Visa for UAE Residents

Planning a trip to Norway from Dubai? Now you can apply for a Norway visa from Dubai with Go Kite Travel and Tours. With our expert guidance, you can apply for a tourist visa to Norway with a higher chance of getting the visa. If you wish to travel to Norway from the UAE, then you should submit a tourist visa application at a mission of Norway or a visa centre at least 15 days before travel. Simplify your trip to Norway! Apply for a Norway visa from Abu Dhabi or Norway visa from UAE with simplicity with our experienced services.

Dubai to Norway

Dubai is connected with Oslo the capital city of Norway, The fastest direct flight from Dubai to Oslo takes 7 hours and 15 minutes. Norway is a charming destination in Europe and a nature lover’s paradise with a perfect mix of multiple stylish cities to explore. Norway is famous for its beautiful fjords, you can find them almost everywhere. The northern light is another fantastic phenomenon that you can witness in Norway. If you love the outdoor, Norway is a haven for all kinds of outdoor activities. Norway is also famous for its exotic wildlife and It ranges from polar bears in Svalbard to moose, musk oxen, whales, wolves, bears, eagles and massive herds of reindeer can be seen in Norway. And the country is one of the best places in Europe for winter activities.

Who can apply for a Norway Tourist Visa in the UAE?

Any person who is residing in any of the seven emirates of the UAE and who has a valid UAE residency (a minimum of three months of validity), and does not belong to any of the Schengen visa-exempt categories, can apply for a tourist visa to Norway from Dubai or Abu Dhabi. If you belong to any of the below-listed countries, you can apply for a tourist visa to Norway from Dubai.

How to Apply for a Norway Tourist Visa

If you live  in Dubai and want to visit Norway, you must  first get a tourist visa. The procedure  may appear daunting, but with the correct  information and preparation, you can handle it with  ease. Here’s a guide  to assist you understand the criteria and processes  involved in acquiring a Norway tourist visa from Dubai. Experience efficient and reliable Norway visa services from Dubai with our streamlined process tailored to meet your travel needs seamlessly.

The steps involved in applying for a Norway visit visa from Dubai Explore Norway today with Go Kite’s easy visit visa process

Step-1 Determine if you need a visa

The first step in  obtaining a Norway visit visa from Dubai is  determining whether you require  one. Certain countries’ citizens  are exempt from obtaining a visa for short-term  stays in Norway, while others must apply for  one. Check the website of  the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration to  discover if you require a visa based on  your nationality and the purpose of  your visit. If you do  require a visa, you can begin the application  procedure.

Step-2 Gather the necessary documents

After determining that you require a Norway visa from Dubai, the following step is to obtain all of the required paperwork. A valid passport, a completed visa application form, a current passport-sized photograph, evidence of travel plans and lodging, proof of financial means to sustain your stay, and travel insurance are often required. Before submitting your application, thoroughly study the criteria and confirm that all documents are in order. Failure to provide all required papers may cause your visa application to be delayed or even rejected.

Step-3 Fill out the application form

The first step  in obtaining a tourist visa to Norway from Dubai is  to complete the visa application  form. This may be done  either online or at the Norwegian embassy or  consulate in Dubai. Personal  information such as your name, address, and  contact information, as well as information  about your travel plans and purpose of visit, will  be requested on the application  form. It’s critical to fill  out the form completely and precisely, since  any errors or omissions might result  in your visa application being delayed or  rejected. Once you’ve  completed the form, double-check it  before submitting it with the other required  documents.

Step-4 Schedule an appointment at the Norwegian embassy or consulate

After completing  the visa application form, the next step in  applying for a Norway visa is  to make an appointment at the Norwegian  embassy or consulate. This may  be done online or by phone, and it is critical  to make the appointment well in advance  of your scheduled trip dates. During the  appointment, you will be required to submit  your visa application form and other  required documents, as well as pay the visa  application fee. As part of the visa application  procedure, the embassy or consulate will  collect your biometric data, such as fingerprints  and a picture. To minimize  delays or issues in the visa application, arrive  on time and with all essential  papers.

Step-5 Attend the appointment and wait for the visa decision

The next step  is to wait for the visa decision after submitting  your visa application and biometric data to  the Norwegian embassy or consulate  in Dubai. The processing  period for a Norway visa varies based on  the embassy or consulate and the  time of year, so apply well ahead of your intended  travel dates. Using the reference number provided  to you during the application process, you can  track the status of your visa application  online. You will be  contacted via email or phone once  a decision has been  made. If your visa  application is approved, you can  go to the embassy  or consulate to pick up your passport  and visa. If your visa application  is declined, you will be provided with a  reason for the decision and your visa  application fee will not be  refunded.

Let's Learn a Bit More About Norway

People love Norway for many reasons. Fjords, mountains, Whale watching, Sami culture, Norwegian Lights and friendly natives are some of the few reasons that will make you fall in love with this country. I think this is the time to tick Norway in your travel checklist, as she is in her best mood now. So, get a Norway tourist visa from Dubai, be ready to play in the snow during Polar nights, and cycle through the mountains and fjords under the midnight sun. Before you pack your pack, here are certain things you should keep in mind about Norway and why it is necessary to visit this fantastic country at least once in your lifetime. 

Reasons to Visit Norway

If we start counting the reasons for visiting Norway, I am sure this article won’t be enough. So here we have tried to list a few which will give you an overview of this country and an idea of what to expect throughout your trip. So let’s begin.


Norway is home to many mountains within a three-hour radius of where you stay. In Northern Norway, you will mostly be walking up and down mountains beside the fjords, enjoying the spectacular views of white sand beaches and other mountain ranges within the vicinity. You will also have the opportunity to go hiking on the Tromso island in the mountains like Sommaroy and Kvaloya. Ski touring is also possible in the steep snowy peaks of the Lyngen Alps. It will be better to book a hiking package as they will be able to guide you properly on this trip.


It is a dream come true for most of us to visit the Norwegian fjords. We have been seeing them a lot on TV and Instagram recently. Fjords are a common sight in Norway, but the most popular ones you must miss at any cost are the Hardanger Fjord and the classic Geiranger Fjord, which are pretty different from what you see in Northern Norway. Its steep mountains arising from the water edges and wildlife are something you should experience at least once in your lifetime. Fjord excursions are possible in both summer and winter in north and Tromso. You can either go by bus, minibus or car. A boat ride is also an excellent option to explore the Fjords. I am sure the beauty of the Fjords will stay with you for quite a long time.

Northern Lights

How can you leave Norway without visiting the Northern Lights? First, you can see the Aurora Borealis in Northern Norway, ideally between late August to late April. Then, with the help of a guide, you can explore the Northern Lights, reindeer sledging, dog sledging, snowmobiling and Northern Light cruises. You can spot them in cities, smaller villages or anywhere in the middle of nature. Once you reach there, your tour operator will help you locate Northern Lights.

Midnight Sun

Norway also has the nickname the Land of the Midnight Sun. It is because the sun never sets in the country between late May to late July, especially in Northern Norway. During this time, you will be able to enjoy the sunlight 24/7. It creates magical shades of light throughout the day and night, making it difficult to fall asleep. At this time, the Norwegian people go hiking, boating and fishing and spend more time with their friends and family.


While cycling in Norway, you will see the fresh ocean views, steep mountains, fjords and the rough terrain of the deep forests. You can start your journey from Tromso and go to Sommaroy. From there, you can take a boat ride to explore Malselv and Lyngen. During summer, you will be able to cycle throughout with the help of Midnight Sun. Finally, take a bike on rent and explore the Arctic Coast.


Skiing is any sports activity you can do in winter and summer in Norway. You can do downhill skiing in Tromso Alpinpark, cross country in Kvaloya and Tromsdalen and summer skiing in Lyngen Alps. You will be amazed to see the beauty of such untouched mountains stretching right down the shores. The peak season of ski touring is from mid-February to May end.

Sami culture

Sami culture is one of the oldest cultures in Norway, and Sami people are the most indigenous ones in the world. They are found exclusively in Northern Norway and support their life through fishing, farming and hunting. Most of them have moved to the town areas in Northern Norway. But still, you can find a few of them practising the traditional Sami culture till now. By visiting this place, you will be able to learn about the Sami culture, their history, dog sledging, reindeer feeding, and lasso throwing, as well as taste the traditional Sami cuisine.

Whale watching

You can spot whales in Norway almost throughout the year but in different locations as they move according to the herrings in the fjords. Hence it would be a better idea to enquire about their current location before going Whale watching. A professional guide will take you to the area where you can see killer whales and majestic humpbacks in their natural habitat. The peak season for whale watching is between November to January end. But remember to follow all the guidelines of the Norway government to ensure the safety of whales.


Winter in Norway usually starts in November and goes on till February. There are slight variations in winter in different parts of Norway. You will not find snow in the south and west of Norway, except in extremely cold climates. North Norway is much more challenging compared to other parts, and here snow starts in October and will be seen till April. During the Polar night season, Northern Norway above the Arctic Circle will be full of darkness. The Polar night season starts from the end of November to mid-January, and the Northern Light season is from late August to April.


Summer in Norway has longer days and shorter nights, especially in Northern Norway. It is because the Midnight Sun can be experienced above the Arctic Circle from late May to late July. The temperature at this time can go up to 25 degrees during the day and will have cooler nights. Therefore, it would be better to carry clothes with layers while visiting Norway in Summer. Its white sand beaches and steep mountains are surely going to blow your mind away.

Places to visit in Norway

Here are a few places that you can explore during your Norwegian trip.

The Oslo region

A lot of things are happening in the capital city of Norway, Oslo. The city has undergone tremendous changes in the last decade. Now it has become a place of funky new neighbourhoods, a fully packed event calendar, hot steaming saunas, and many brand-new museums. Along with its urban life, you can experience rural one also in its fjords and giant forests right next door. Here you will have the opportunity to do activities like hiking, cycling and skiing. There is plenty to see and explore in places like Ostfold, Vestfold, Fredikstad and Tonsberg. Hadeland, the new art destination of Norway, lies an hour’s drive from Oslo, which also has an outdoor art park at the Kistefos Museum.

Tromso and the land of Northern lights

The Arctic’s capital Tromso lies somewhere right in the middle of Northern Norway. If you plan to watch whales, northern lights, midnight sun and epic nature adventures, this is the place you need to add to your wishlist. Here you can go ski touring, hiking and biking in the Lyngenfjord region and experience the Sami culture in Alta and Karajosk. You must also visit the North Cape at the northernmost point of Europe. In its Eastern part, you can see the Varanger Peninsula, a bird-watching paradise. Kirkenes and Varanger are places where you can go dog sledging and King Crab fishing. Tromso also has many unique islands worth exploring, like Kvaloyo, Senja and Sommaroy.

Lofoten and Nordland

Lofoten and Nordland are where you can find glittering fjords, staggering peaks, picture-perfect beaches and authentic fishing villages. Northern lights and the midnight sun are its other specialities. Its peak season is during the summer. So I recommend you to visit this place in different seasons to experience less crowd. You will find advanced outdoor activities like skiing, hiking and biking in Narvik. In the south lies a lesser-known gem, Helgeland, known for its scenic drives. Bodo, the coastal town of Nordland, is its largest city, where you can indulge in many fun activities and experience the culture of this region. In 2024, Bodo will be declared the European capital of culture.

Bergen and Western fjords

Bergen, Norway’s second-largest city, is rich in many UNESCO World Heritage sites, trendy restaurants, innovative fashion and progressive music. In addition, you can explore the Kode art museums, composer homes, cobbler stones, and mountain tops here. Bergen is the entrance to many of Norway’s famous fjords, like Sognefjord and Hardangerfjord. Trolltungs, the renowned mountain plateau, is in its south. And the best part is most of these fjords are less crowded. You can also experience the world’s most beautiful rain journeys by travelling to the fjord village, Flam.

The Geirangerfjord and the Northwest

You can begin your fjord adventure from the picturesque art town of Alesund, in northern Norway Fjord. You can take a bus or boat to the UNESCO-listed Geiranger Fjord from there. Another place to explore is Andalsnes, which is a mountaineering capital and is surrounded by legendary peaks. In the Northwest, you can find the jazz town, Molde, famous for its jazz festival. There is also Kristiansund, the klipfish capital, a must-visit place.

The Stavanger region

Stavanger is home to Michelin-starred restaurants, world-class street art and old wooden houses. It is the largest city in Southwest Norway, where you can experience a multicultural vibe. Here you can explore famous natural attractions like Prekeistolen and Lysefjord. The coastal area of Jaeren is a paradise for beach lovers, where you can find the whitest and wildest sand beaches. Here you can indulge in activities like surfing and kitesurfing. You can also explore the charming towns and villages of Egersund, which resemble the pearls in a string.

Trondheim and Trondelag

Right in the middle of Norway lies the Trondheim region, which is the favourite destination of history buffs and nature lovers. It is a paradise for foodies and was named the European Region of Gastronomy in 2022. Here you can go skiing, cycling or fishing in any of the nine pilgrim paths of Nidaros Cathedral in Trondheim. Several innovative Michelin-starred restaurants, coffee shops and food bars serve Nordic flavours. The place is also home to many historical monuments, museums and mountains, which you can explore during your trip.

Kristiansand and Southern Norway

Southern Norway is full of lovely beaches and thousands of sunnier islands than the other parts. You can explore coastal towns like Arendal, Risor, Grimstad, Mandal, and Flekkefjord to experience the traditional white wooden houses and learn about the Norwegian folk tradition. Its largest city is Kristiansand, where you can enjoy fresh seafood, city beaches, and fun festivals. Another highlight of this place is Dyreparken Zoo and amusement park.

Norway tourist visa from Dubai

Now that you have made up your mind to visit Norway, let’s look into the details of applying for a Norway tourist visa from Dubai.

Documents required

  • Copy of passport with a validity of six months.
  • Copy of UAE visa with a minimum validity of six months. 
  • Copy of Emirates ID.
  • Two recent passport-size photos in white background.
  • NOC from your employer or company mentioning your name, position, salary, date of joining, travel purpose and passport number. 
  • Bank statements for the last three months. 
  • Copy of your hotel booking. 
  • Copy of your flight reservation.
  • Travel insurance.

Additional documents

  • Copy of trade license
  • Copy of the passport and visa of your sponsor
  • Bank statement of the sponsor
  • NOC from your sponsor

What is the cost of a Norway tourist visa from Dubai?

Usually, a Norway tourist visa from Dubai may vary depending on various factor Please note that this fee is only the documentation and service charge. An additional amount will be collected at the embassy for your visa processing. We will refund the amount if we fail to fix an appointment for you. However, if your visa gets rejected by the embassy, the amount will not be refunded to you.

Please note that it will take 15 to 20 days to process a Norway visa. Therefore, only UAE residents are entitled to apply for this visa from Dubai.

General required documents for a Norway Tourist Visa Application:

The Norway tourist visa is issued for those who want to visit the country for leisure purposes (for tourism purposes, or to visit friends or family). The travellers who entered Norway on a tourist visa must not take up gainful employment during their stay, and they should not exceed the visa validity.

All tourist visa holders are not allowed to work or study in any part of Norway. Therefore, you must apply for a work permit or student visa or any other type of visa based on your intention of staying.

Required documents for applying a tourist visa to Norway


 Home country passport with a minimum of six months validity. The new passport should have a minimum of 3 blank pages and also should submit the old passport if any.

Application Form:

Duly filled application form issued by the Embassy of  Norway. Fully concluded in English and signed and dated by the applicant himself ( signed by both parents in case of minors, below the age of 18)

Valid UAE Residency:

 Emirates ID and Copy of the stamped residency visa (valid at least three months from the date of expiry of the requested visa / intended end of the journey)


  • 1 passport copy of pages containing personal data 
  • 1 copy of the signature page (signed by the passport holder 
  • 1 copy of UAE residence permit/visa 
  • Copies of previous Schengen visa if any

For GCC Nationals- Copy of valid Emirates ID card

Personal Photograph: 2 recent colour photographs 

  • Two identical photos. Not older than six months.
  • Photo size: 35x45mm.
  • In colourNo black and white
  • The Head should take 70-80% of the photo.
  • Brightly coloured background. Light grey is suggested. No patterns.
  • Facing the camera
  • Neutral face expression
  • Avoid uniforms or colours matching the background.

Medical Insurance- Overseas Travel Insurance

Norway visa requirements: Your insurance should be valid for the entire period of the requested visa and all Schengen countries. Minimum coverage 30,000 € and repatriation. (Medical insurances of credit cards are not accepted). 

Letter from local employer/sponsor (NOL)-NOC Letter from the Employer:  The NOC should include name, postal address and telephone number of sponsor/company, with details about applicant’s working position, starting date of employment and salary and expected date to resume duties and purpose of travel. In the case of a partner, NOC should be obtained from other partners and Also valid trade license copy for the investor/partner of the company should be attached with the NOC.

In case of dependents- Sponsors valid passport copy and UAE residence visa to be attached with the cover letter.

f minors below the age of 18 (if applicable) – establishing legal parenthood: Copy of either birth certificate/proof of adoption/custody decree, if parents are divorced / death certificate of parent (The Italian Consulate may request to submit the original document at a later stage).

Documents, need to be translated into English. “Letter of consent” (Authorization of Minors) from parents, including passport copies and valid UAE residence visa copies of both parents/ legal guardians in case the children are travelling with others.

Travel Documents: 

  • Confirmed return flight tickets
  • Hotel Reservation
  • Day wise travel plan (Itinerary)

Supporting Documents Needed for Norway Tourist Visa Application from Dubai

  • If a company owner; Company Trade License Copy and if it is a partnership, NOC from the partner is also needed.
  • If Student: School / College / Institute ID Card
  • If Retired: Proof of retirement like pension book, statement etc.
  • If Minor: Birth Certificate; No Objection Certificate from the parent’s non-accompanying parent 
  • If Visiting friend or relative: Invitation letter; Inviter’s ID proof like Passport or Resident Permit, Address proof like any Electricity bill, any Utility bill etc.
  • If Sponsored: Sponsorship letter; Sponsor’s national ID proof or Resident permit, Updated bank statement of last 6 months, 
  • For Business Visa: Invitation letter from host Company stating the purpose of the trip, business details etc.

Norway tourist visa cost

In general, for countries that do require a tourist visa to Norway, the cost might vary depending on factors such as the duration of stay and so on.

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