Umrah package by Bus from Dubai, UAE

Umrah package by Bus from Dubai, UAE: Discover a Spiritual Umrah Journey (10 Days Umrah Package)

Experience a life changing journey with our Economy Umrah package by Bus from Dubai that is well-designed for all those looking forward to find the right balance between spiritual reward and comfort spiritual travelling. On every Wednesday, our buses leave Dubai in UAE which is a convenient and timely departure plan that meets all sorts of traveller’s wishes.

We have tailored our various occupancies or packages to fit your individual or group desires in this carefully selected package. Whether you opt for Quad, Triple or Double occupancy, all 3 Packages include 5 Nights Makkah, 3 Nights in Madinah, Luxury Bus Transportation, Border Fees, Ziyarat (Historic Place Visit) and as well-Guide (Ameer). Special rates are also available for children and infants to make your trip more family-friendly. So, step in to the sacred beauty of Umrah and go ahead without any money or comfort worries which helps make your voyage incredibly spiritual.

Our Umrah package by Bus from Dubai includes with

  • Package will be covered with Umrah Visa.
  • Accommodation: 5 nights in Makkah, 3 nights in Madinah.
  • Luxury Bus transportation from UAE and inside Saudi Arabia.
  • The package covers all the border fees.
  • Historic Place Visit Makkah and Madinah
  • Food Not included
  • Economy Package Ameer or a knowledgeable guide on the journey.
  • Friday After Jumma Prayer at Madinah return to UAE.
  • Basic Umrah Package (Destination Guide Only) Guide will be joined with the Group at Meeqath.

Trip Itinerary

Day 01


• The bus will depart from Sharjah at 8 am and from Dubai at 9 am. • There will be stops for duhr, asar, and qasr prayers, followed by lunch at tharif area. • The bus will reach the al ghuwaifat uae-saudi border post at 6 pm. • After clearing uae customs, the bus will proceed to the Saudi entry post. • Saudi border immigration and customs will take approximately 3 to 6 hours, depending on the rush and other formalities.

Day 02


• The bus will depart from the Saudi border post late at night. • The bus will arrive at Taif Meeqat (qarn al-manazil), where the pilgrims will enter into the state of ihram for Umrah. • A guide will join the group at Meeqat. • The pilgrims will take a shower (ghusl) for ihram and wear ihram clothing • Offer two rakh prayer for ihram • اللهم إني أريد العمرة فيسرها لي و تقبلها • Niyyath for umrah • نويت العمرة و أحرمت بها لله تعاىل • After niyya continue recite talbiyath till tawaf started • لبيك اللهم لبيك، لبيك ال شريك لك لبيك، إن الحمد والنعمة لك والملك، ال شريك ل • The bus will arrive in Makkah al Mukarrama around 9 pm and proceed directly to the hotel. • The pilgrims will check in to their hotel in Makkah. • After completing the hotel check-in process, the pilgrims will go to masjid al haram and perform Umrah.

DAY 03


• At 8:00 am, the pilgrims will take a shower to prepare for juma prayers. • Afterward, they will move to the masjid to attend the juma prayer.

DAY 04


• With a focus on attending the five daily prayers at masjid al haram and engaging in Quran recitation and other acts of worship in Makkah al Mukarrama

DAY 05


• 7 am the group will go to visit historical places in makkah al mukarram • The guide will provide an informative explanation about the history and significance of the visited holy places, allowing the group to gain a deeper understanding of their importance in islamic tradition.

DAY 06


• With a focus on attending the five daily prayers at masjid al haram and engaging in quran recitation and other acts of worship in makkah al mukarrama

DAY 07


• Before fajr prayer: perform tawafal-wida • After completing the fajr prayer, the group will return to their hotel in Makkah to prepare for their departure to madinahal-munawarah. • 8 am group will start to madeena al munawara • By 4 pm, the group is expected to reach madinah al-munawarah. upon arrival, they will proceed to check in to their hotel

DAY 08


• Visit roudah shareef and focus in 5 times prayers and more ibadath

DAY 09


• 8 am madina historical place visit • Return to madina al munawara haram shareef and pray duhr. • Pray asar prayer and go to jannath al bakhee...(madina qabaristan) • For offering prayer at riyadh al janna please download nusuk application • Select visitor tab and register using your email id, passport number and saudi visa number. • Login and select slot according to your time

DAY 10


• Attend juma prayer at madina masjid al nabwy • After lunch return to Dubai

DAY 11


• Reaches Dubai around 7 pm

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Documents required to perform Umrah package by Bus

  • Passport Copy scanned clearly (the passport should be valid for 6 months & the Visa should be valid for 3 months).
  • One (1) Coloured passport sized photograph with a white background.
  • Copy of Emirates ID (Front and Back).

Economy Umrah package by Bus from Dubai, UAE details

  • Quad Occupancy: AED 1600 per person.
  • Triple Occupancy: AED 1700 per person.
  • Double Occupancy: AED 1900 per person.
  • Child (2-12 years): AED 1200 per person.
  • Infant (Below 2 years): AED 800 per person.

Basic Umrah Package by Bus from Dubai Details

  • Quad Occupancy: AED 1300 per person.
  • Triple Occupancy: AED 1400 per person.
  • Double Occupancy: AED 1600 per person.
  • Child (2-12 years): AED 1000 per person.
  • Infant (Below 2 years): AED 800 per person.

Pick the economy package you like, be it the budget-friendly Basic Umrah package or the all-inclusive Economy Umrah package. We provide for you, address your needs and ensure a spirit filled travel journey that allows you to spend within your budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

The complete package includes Umrah visa, accommodation in 5 nights in Makkah and 3 nights in Madinah, transportation by air-conditioned luxury  busses, ziarat, border fees.

These include Quad, Triple, or Double occupancy options for those who choose to stay as a group.

Indeed, there are specific rates designed for children (2-12 years) and infants (below 2 years).

For Umrah visa, the processing time is around 2-3 working days.

Documents needed are clear scans of Passport, photo, and Emirates ID.

Actually, all border fees are included in package.

The buses to Umrah are set to leave on a weekly basis every Wednesday to ease the process.

Yes, all our umrah package buses are fully air-conditioned to make your spiritual journey stress free.

This is from the Ameer, who guides them on various matters while on a pilgrimage.

The package consists of 5 nights from Makkah and 3 nights from Madinah.

For more details, cancellation policies may vary – please refer to our terms and conditions or contact our customer service.

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