Umrah package by Air from Dubai, UAE

Elevate Your Spiritual Journey: Umrah package by Air from Dubai, UAE

Umrah tour by air from Dubai with Go Kite Travel makes divine pilgrimage beyond expectations. Experience the Holy splendour of Makkah and Madinah as our seasoned guides leads you through a smooth spiritual path. Our comprehensive package starts to take care of your every need from the moment you step on board, ensuring that you concentrate fully on the spiritual journey ahead.

Our high-quality Umrah package will offer you an easy-to-use Umrah visa without troubles, thereby easing the entry process into the Saudi Arabian sacred land. With us will be our guides, experienced in the holy sites of Makkah and Madinah; their guiding hands lead you through a voyage rich in history and meaning. Our Umrah packages are designed to be flexible and affordable for groups and families, so you can concentrate on the religious aspect of your journey. Go Kite Travel is the perfect option for an enlightening, economical journey that brings Umrah within the realm of possibility for everyone.


  • Umrah Tour by air starting from 23 July
  • 3 Nights in Makkah
  • 2 Nights in Madinah

🛩️*Flight details*

SV567   TUESDAY  DXB MED 1110 1340⌚

SV550    SUNDAY  JED DXB 15:30  19:30⌚


Umrah by Air from Dubai Includes

  • Umrah visa.
  • Experienced guide.
  • Makkah and Madinah hotel.
  • Transfers in Saudi Arabia.
  • Breakfast inclusion in 4 star and 5-star packages.
  • Historic places visit.
  • Return airline ticket.
  • Guide will accompany with the group for the complete guidance

If Arrival is in Jeddah

  • Male should wear ihram from Dubai airport masjid
  • Female wear ihram from Home and niyyath from Airport Masjid

Trip Itinerary

Day 01


• 2:00 pm: start from Madina airport to Madina al Munwwara by luxury bus with guide • 3:00 pm: reaches at Madina Munawwara and check in to hotel • Hotel maybe change to same standard subject to availability • Attend Magrib and Isha prayer at Masjid Al Haram Madina Munwara After prayer visit Roudah Shareef • For offering prayer at Riyadh al janna please download Nusuk application • Select visitor tab and register using your email id, passport number and saudi visa number. • Login and select slot according to your time

Day 02


• Perform fajr prayer at Madina masjid • On 7 am visit holy places of Madina Munawara with guide • Return to Madina al Munawara Haram Shareef and pray Duhr. • Pray Asar prayer and go with guide to Jannath al Bakhee...(Madina Qabaristan) optional • Pray Magrib and Isha at Masjid Nabawy

DAY 03


• Pray Fajr prayer at Haram and Visit Rasool (s) • on 10 am make ready depart to Masjid shajra (meekath for ihram) • 4:00 pm reaches makkah and check in makkah: • Hotel maybe change to same standard subject to availability • After check in hotel walk to Haram Shareef with guide and do Umrah. • Pray magrib and isha prayer at Haram, perform Umrah

DAY 04


• Pray Fajr prayer at Haram and attend Juma prayer • Try to do tawaf between Isha and Magrib

DAY 05


• After fajar prayer go to hotel. • At 7 AM Departure with guide to visit holy places in Makkah al Mukarram • The guide will explain about the history and importance of the above holy places. return from holy place and attend duhr prayer at haram shareef. • After asar prayer.... visit jannath al muhalla... (makkah qabaristan) with guide (optional) do magrib prayer and perform tawaf and pray isha • After isha prayer... if any body wish to perform umra again guide will help you

DAY 06


• Pray fajr prayer at haram do tawaf al wida..(farewell) • After finished tawaf al wida go to hotel and make break fast and check out the hotel and departure to jeddah airport • Return to dubai by saudi airlines.

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Required Documents for Umrah visa

  • Original passport validity 6 months residence visa validity 3 months
  • 1 passport size photo in white background
  • Emirates id copy
  • Influenza vaccine

Step by step guide to perform Umrah by Air from Dubai on-flight umrah

Spiritual Preparation: Sincerely reflect introspect and spiritual preparation, appreciating the importance of Umrah and its rites.

Educate Yourself: Learn about the practices of Umrah from a credible source or someone experienced in these rituals.

Travel Arrangements: Use a reliable travel agency such as Go Kite Travel to plan for your journey, where you will find all necessary arrangements including visa, accommodation and means of transport to take care before even arriving in the country.

Spiritual Reflections: In the course of your stay in Makkah and Madinah, be in the place of spiritual reflection and divine closeness.

Historic Site Visits: Visit the historic sites, envisioned in a manner of reverence and contemplation to participate in the Islamic heritage.

Guidance from Experts: With Go Kite Travel, you are accompanied by incredibly knowledgeable guides who make the religious and historical importance of each site more understandable.

Community Engagement: Connect with other pilgrims, discussing their experiences and building the community of such a holy journey.

When you choose Go Kite Travel for your spiritual Umrah tour by Air, it’s not just a journey you begin; it’s an experience that will indeed be transformatory and be with you for a life time.

Advantages of Performing Umrah by Air from Dubai

Time Efficiency: Due to fast air transport people arrive in Makkah and Madinah very quickly, which means more hours for spiritual meditation at the sacred areas.

Comfortable Journey: Experience air-travel convenience and comfort, which turns the pilgrimage into a comfortable and stress-free experience against the old ways of buses.

Umrah package by Air cost

Go Kite Travel also offers Umrah by air packages for those wishing to have a more comfortable and convenient trip while encountering the devotees. Our packages integrate the holy experience of Umrah with the comfort of flying, making it a smooth and enlightening adventure to Makkah and Madinah.

Umrah by air Economy Package charges

  • Triple: AED 3300 per person
  • Double: AED 3400 per person

Umrah by air 4 Star Package charges:

  • Triple: AED 3600 per person
  • Double: AED 3900 per person

Umrah by air 5 Star Package charges:

  • Triple: AED 4400 per person
  • Double: AED 4900 per person

Note: While 5-star rates can change according to situational or seasonal variables. The Luxury of air travel add on to bless your spiritual journey. Our 4 star and 5-star packages offer luxurious comfort in addition to spiritual indulgence, our economy package also gives you an affordable yet profound experience. With Go Kite Travel, it is possible to combine luxury travel with sacred meaning, making for the most unforgettable Umrah experience yet.

Frequently Asked Questions

However, air based Umrah packages are better because they take less time to reach to the destination thereby ensuring a speedy and comfortable journey.

While the airlines may differ, packages usually come with direct flights to Saudi Arabia by some of the most reputable carriers.

Indeed, air packages provide a fast, relaxed and more time to spend at holly sights in Makkah and Madinah.

However, the benefits of saving time and traveling in luxury make the Umrah by air packages’ cost seem costly compare to the umrah by bus, which is somewhat reasonable.

Umrah visa assistance, professional guides, hotel arrangements, local transportation in Saudi Arabia, Historic Place Visit Makkah and Madinah and back air tickets are the basic inclusions.

Certainly, Umrah by air packages are available in individual and group bookings but can be customized to suit different preferences.

Price may very during off peak seasons and other promotions hence one should validate the prices with agency.

To apply or book Umrah from Dubai, UAE one needs to have a valid passport, valid UAE residence visa and Photograph with a white background.

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