Top 7 of the best places for bowling in Dubai

best places for bowling in Dubai

In addition to its many entertainment options and luxurious towers, Dubai is home to a growing bowler’s industry that provides fans with a combination of modern facilities and energetic environments. Switch Bowling at Ibn Battuta Mall is one of the best places to bowl in the city; the glow-in-the-dark tracks give a modern spin on the age-old sport. With a variety of services for both serious and recreational bowlers, the historic Dubai Bowling Centre on Sheikh Zayed Road is regarded as the leader in the local bowling scene. Reel Cinemas at The Dubai Mall mixes the excitement of bowling with the cinematic experience, while Funky Lanes at Motor City infuses energy with its neon-lit ambiance and extra entertainment options. Offering entertaining experiences for both people and family, Magic Planet at Mall of the Emirates, Yalla Bowling at Mercato Shopping Mall, and Roxy Bowling Alley at Dubai Marina Mall all add to the varied choice of bowling options in Dubai.

A Dubai modern city tour is an exciting journey through the architectural wonders and modern scenery that characterise this multicultural paradise. The journey reveals the famous skyline, which is highlighted by sharp structures like the Cayan Tower and the beautiful Burj Khalifa. The modern design of buildings like the Burj Al Arab and the Dubai Frame, which can be seen all around the city, shows how committed the area is to creativity in architecture. The tour visits active neighbourhoods including Downtown Dubai and the Dubai Marina, expertly combining both the traditional and the modern. A modern city tour in Dubai captures the essence of a city that is continuously pushing the limits of modernity, from the busy atmosphere of the Dubai Mall to the peaceful surroundings of the Miracle Garden.

Here are seven bowling places in Dubai that were well-regarded:

1.  Switch Bowling:

places for bowling in Dubai

For bowling those who are fans in Dubai, Switch Bowling which is housed in the Ibn Battuta Mall is a highly recommended location. Switch Bowling provides a modern and unique bowling experience with its modern facilities, which include glow-in-the-dark lanes. The location is a favourite of locals and tourists alike because it offers the excitement of bowling combined with a modern atmosphere.

2. Dubai Bowling Center:

Dubai Bowling Center

The Dubai Bowling Centre on Sheikh Zayed Road is still a top choice for bowling lovers although being one of the city’s oldest and biggest bowling clubs. Beyond its traditional lanes, the centre provides an extensive variety of entertainment options, giving it a flexible option for both serious and entertaining bowlers.

3. Funky Lanes at Motor City:

Funky Lanes at Motor City

Located in Dubai’s Motor City, Funky Lanes can be identified by its colourful and energetic atmosphere. Funky Lanes differentiates itself from traditional bowling facilities by its neon lights and modern decor. It offers a lively and exciting environment that attracts to an extensive variety of customers looking for entertainment options outside of the lanes.

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4. Reel Cinemas at The Dubai Mall:

Reel Cinemas at The Dubai Mall

The thrill of bowling and the enjoyable experience of films are combined in an effortless manner at Reel Cinemas at The Dubai Mall. Reel Cinemas, housed in one of the biggest retail and entertainment complexes globally, provides an extensive experience by letting visitors take in both blockbuster films and a thrilling game of bowling in an accessible and busy environment.

5. Magic Planet at Mall of the Emirates:

Magic Planet at Mall of the Emirates

Magic Planet is a lively entertainment facility featuring a game room among its many attractions, and it can be found away within the recognisable Mall of the Emirates. Magic Planet is a popular spot for all-around entertainment since it provides an integrated experience that combines the excitement of bowling with a variety of video games and amusement attractions, offering to families as well as individuals.

6. Yalla Bowling at Mercato Shopping Mall:

Yalla Bowling at Mercato Shopping Mall

For bowling fans, Yalla Bowling in Mercato Shopping Mall offers a welcoming and family-friendly atmosphere. For anyone looking for a comfortable and enjoyable bowling experience in the centre of Dubai, Yalla Bowling is an excellent choice thanks to its welcoming atmosphere and beautiful lanes.

7. Roxy Bowling Alley at Dubai Marina Mall:

Roxy Bowling Alley at Dubai Marina Mall

Situated in the beautiful Dubai Marina Mall, Roxy Bowling Lane provides a fun and relaxed bowling experience against the beautiful background of the waterfront. Roxy Bowling Alley is a comfortable spot that welcomes both experienced bowlers and friends looking to have a good time. Bowling is a unique and attractive option for tourists visiting Dubai Marina because of its combination of bowling and the beautiful surroundings.


Bowling those who are fans in Dubai have an availability of options thanks to an extensive variety of excellent bowling locations, each of which offers a unique combination of modern facilities and exciting atmospheres. These locations suit a variety of tastes, whether it’s the modern glow-in-the-dark lanes at Switch Bowling, the historic beauty of Dubai Bowling Centre, or the energetic atmosphere at Funky Lanes. The combined experiences offered by Reel Cinemas, Magic Planet, Yalla Bowling, and Roxy Bowling Alley go beyond bowling and highlight Dubai’s dedication to provide non-traditional entertainment destinations. These top seven bowling lanes in Dubai stand out for their ability to blend the ancient pleasure of bowling with modern comforts, making them unforgettable experiences for both locals and tourists as the city develops into a major global hub for entertainment.

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