Top 7 Best Things to Do in Mauritius with Kids

Things to Do in Mauritius with Kids

A family holiday to Mauritius provides an amazing fusion of relaxation, adventure, and cultural exploration. Situated on Indian Ocean’s blue seas, tropical haven offers wide variety of activities suitable for all ages. Mauritius provides a unique weave of experiences sure to attracting families searching a beautiful vacation, beautiful beaches covered with waving coconut palms to lively marketplaces overflowing with traditional foods. With its beautiful surroundings and friendly people, Things to Do in Mauritius with Kids are Mauritius welcomes families to make precious moments whether swimming in its clean waters, going on jungle expeditions, or indulging in the island’s well-known cuisine.

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Here are top 7 Best Things to Do in Mauritius with Kids:

1.Take a stroll in SSR Botanical Garden:

Things to Do in Mauritius with Kids

You have to go to The Botanical Garden in the Pamplemousse neighbourhood to see a large selection of native and exotic plant life. The French Governor of the island established the Botanical Garden 300 years ago as a private garden. Later, the garden was accepted as a national botanical garden, making it open to the public. Covering countless acres of Mauritius landscape, the area is home to over 650 different kinds of flowers. It could take up to five days to thoroughly explore the area.

2.Go on a jungle adventure at La Vanille Crocodile Park:

Things to Do in Mauritius with Kids

La Vanille Crocodile Park, which spans five hectares and was founded in 1985, got its name as a tribute to the ancient vine that grows there. The best time for travellers to see the crocodiles enjoying their meal is about 11:30 AM, when they are feeding. In addition, the park is home to several amazing big tortoises that you can pet and play with a truly unique experience. The park allows people to view the Nile crocodiles from a safe distance while maintaining the highest level of protection for them.

3.Explore the Underwater in Blue Safari Submarines:

Things to Do in Mauritius with Kids

We suggest taking an underwater trip if you and your kids are eager to see what is under the ocean’s surface. Yes, you should be aware that this is a real submarine that dives under the ocean’s surface to allow you to get a closer look at the aquatic life. The moraines, lively fish, coral reefs, crabs, and sting rays will all be visible to you. You are able to see the ocean come to life when you descend 35 metres with the Blue Safari submarines. The incredible views and the amazing experience of spending nearly two hours diving under the surface of the water while seated in a submarine are incomparable.

4.Watch the aquatic creatures at Mauritius Aquarium:

Watch the aquatic creatures at Mauritius Aquarium

Situated in a calm village, the Mauritius aquarium harbours around 200 species of fish, sponges, crustaceans, corals, and other aquatic creatures that are frequently seen on the island. The aquarium’s infrastructure provides visitors with an unforgettable experience by allowing them to walk on the ocean floor while observing the animals swimming in the clean water. Sharks are among the rare animals you might find in this area, along with Devil Fire fish and Crown squirrelfish.

5.Hear the mascots narrate the story of the Sugar Museum:

Hear the mascots narrate the story of the Sugar Museum

Sugar has always been closely associated with Mauritius. A tour of the historic Beau Plan sugar mill will provide visitors with an overview into the region’s roughly 250-year history. The trip takes 90 minutes, and at the conclusion, the visitor will have a great chance to sample sugar. The tour starts at the factory building, where you will learn various amazing stories about the history of sugar and the island where it was the main product. The former sugar factory has been turned into a museum.

6.Enjoy a panoramic view of Bois Cheri Tea Plantation:

Enjoy a panoramic view of Bois Cheri Tea Plantation

When on vacation in Mauritius, it is important that you schedule a visit to the Bois Cheri tea estate, which was established in 1892. Register in the Mauritian Tea Route, and your guide will take you to the Bois Cheri plantation, explaining its rich history and importance to the island. This will be your second stop on the route. Children will be able to explore the plantation, factory, and take in the expansive view of the southern island’s beautiful nature.

7.Go on an adventure spree at the park on the East Coast:

Go on an adventure spree at the park on the East Coast

Get your kids a day package and let them go on an adventure. They will have an enjoyable time in Mauritius’s most natural setting, where this reserve is covered with a wide variety of plants. They will also enjoy amazing bird interactions and thrilling experiences with wild creatures. The kids will engage in a variety of activities at the nature reserve, including vehicle racing, pedal go-karts, pony rides, water jets, and bouncy houses and jumping palaces.


Families travelling with kids, Mauritius provides variety of amazing activities that combine amazing natural beauty with lively cultural interactions. There is something to attract every member of family, from studying island’s rich history to enjoying delicious local food and exploring gorgeous beaches and amazing water sports. Families looking for excitement and relaxation in middle of tropical paradise, Mauritius offers amazing experiences and lasting memories with warm welcome and varied attractions.

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