Top 10 Best Places to Spend Your Eid Al Fitr Holidays in UAE

Eid Al Fitr Holidays in UAE

In the UAE, enjoy Eid Al Fitr among an extensive array of cultural beauty and luxurious pleasure. With beautiful skyscrapers in Dubai and calm deserts in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates provides unique combination of modern and traditional elements for your Holidays. Enjoy world-class dining experiences serving delicious Middle Eastern cuisine, go on thrilling desert safaris for a thrilling adventure, or explore the luxury malls for rich shopping. UAE delivers an incomparable Eid Al Fitr experience, you’re looking for thrilling excursions or religious self-reflection.

Take exciting Abu Dhabi City tour to fully experience attracting fusion of modernity and history that characterizes the capital of United Arab Emirates. Set out on your adventure in the beautiful Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, an amazing representation of Islamic architecture with tall minarets, beautiful tiles, and gorgeous marble. Experience futuristic skyline of the city as you travel around it, interspersed with famous structures like Etihad Towers and Emirates Palace Hotel. Discover rich history of Abu Dhabi by visiting Heritage town, features recreated desert town, artisan workshops, and traditional Bedouin tents. Enjoy the valuable artworks from multiple times and civilizations that are among the cultural riches kept in the Louvre Abu Dhabi. Finish your tour with an easy walk along beautiful Corniche, you can take in expansive views of busy cityscape and Arabian Gulf. Abu Dhabi City tour provides interesting look into lively city’s past, present, and future.

Here are the top 10 Best Places to Spend Your Eid Al Fitr Holidays in UAE:

1. Dubai


Dubai is a world-class city that provides an extensive variety of tourist activities. It is well-known for its modern architecture, luxurious shopping, and exciting nightlife. Dubai promises an incredible Eid Al Fitr vacation, complete with activities like climbing the world’s highest skyscraper, the iconic Burj Khalifa, shopping at the expansive Dubai Mall, and enjoying the thrilling experience of skydiving and desert safaris.

2. Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates, combines modernism and its cultural past. Explore the cultural zone of Saadiyat Island, home to the Louvre Abu Dhabi and the soon-to-open Guggenheim Abu Dhabi and visit the amazing Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque. You can also take a relaxing walk into the attractive Corniche.

3. Sharjah


Sharjah, dubbed the UAE’s cultural capital, is home to a multitude of cultural sites and a rich historical past. Enjoy the striking architecture of Al Noor Island, explore the Sharjah Arts Museum, and walk through the historic souks of the Heritage Area.

4. Fujairah


Go to the peaceful beaches and steep mountains of Fujairah, where you may relax and explore. Relax at luxurious beach resorts, explore historical sites like Fujairah Fort and Al Bidya Mosque, and dive into the crystal-clear waters of the Gulf of Oman.

5. Ras Al Khaimah

Ras Al Khaimah

Ras Al Khaimah is a place of adventure, offering hikers the chance to traverse the beautiful Hajar Mountains, camp in the desert below the stars, and explore historical locations such as the deserted village of Al Jazirah Al Hamra and Dhayah Fort.

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6. Ajman


Explore Ajman’s hidden jewel, with calm beaches, busy souks, and historical sites. Discover local customs at Ajman Fish Market, take an easy walk down the beautiful Ajman Corniche, and see Ajman Museum, located in a renovated city.

7. Al Ain

Al Ain

Al Ain, sometimes referred to as Garden City, provides lush haven in the centre of the desert. Explore historic Al Jahili Fort, see the over 4,000 animals at Al Ain Zoo, and enjoy expansive views from top of Jebel Hafeet Mountain.

8. Jebel Hafeet 

Eid Al Fitr Holidays in UAE

Jebel Hafeet Mountain, rises beautifully on the borders of Al Ain, provides amazing views and opportunities for outdoor activities. Travel up the winding mountain road to the highest point, you may explore the picnic areas and hiking trails while taking in the expansive views of the surrounding desert plains.

9. Hatta

Eid Al Fitr Holidays in UAE

Hatta is a paradise for those who enjoy the outdoors and an adventure, situated away among the natural landscape of the Hajar Mountains. Explore historic Hatta Heritage Village, walk through beautiful Hatta Mountain Conservation Area, and kayak on the calm waters of Hatta Dam.

10. Sir Bani Yas Island

Eid Al Fitr Holidays in UAE

Visit Sir Bani Yas Island, which is home to the Arabian Wildlife Park and luxurious beach resorts, for a unique island vacation. Take thrilling animal safaris, relax on beautiful beaches, and engage in variety of water sports, including as paddle boarding and swimming.


After reviewing the best locations in the UAE for Eid Al Fitr vacations, you can see that this lively nation has an extensive variety of activities to choose from. UAE offers several options for an unforgettable celebration, you’re attracted to the glamorous atmosphere of Dubai, the variety of cultures of Abu Dhabi, or the calm beauty of the desert landscapes. Take with you the cherished recollections of colourful celebrations, wonderful hospitality, and the spirit of unity that represents Eid Al Fitr in the UAE as you bid farewell to this joyous season.

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