The top places to find Ramadan cannons in Dubai

Ramadan cannons in Dubai

Ramadan cannons are one of many ways to experience the beloved traditions in Dubai, a city known for its colorful traditions and rich cultural mix. Among the best locations to see this show are famous sites like Dubai Creek, where cannons are fired to signal the end of the fast at Iftar, ringing through the calm waterfront and busy streets. And in the middle of the city’s modern skyline, the ancient Al Fahidi Fort is a shining example of tradition, holding ceremonial cannon firings throughout Ramadan to welcome both locals and visitors to participate in this age-old rite. Not only do these places bring back memories, they also perfectly capture the feeling of religion and community that characterize Ramadan in Dubai.

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Here are the top places to find Ramadan cannons in Dubai:

1.Dubai Creek: 

Ramadan cannons in Dubai

This ancient waterway is the focal point for the beginning of Ramadan cannons. At Iftar, the traditional cannon explosions, which indicate the end of the fasting day, take place against the amazing background of Dubai Creek, right in the middle of the city. The event promotes harmony and a sense of community by attracting both locals and visitors.

2.Al Fahidi Fort (Dubai Museum): 

Ramadan cannons in Dubai

Al Fahidi Fort, one of Dubai’s oldest structures, is a reminder of the city’s rich history. The fort holds ceremonial cannon firings during Ramadan to provide guests with an insight into the customs and traditions followed during the fasting month. Attendees’ experiences are made better by the cultural exhibitions and performances that frequently follow the event.

3.Jumeirah Mosque: 

Jumeirah Mosque

Ramadan cannon firings are a famous event at Jumeirah Mosque, which is famous for its beautiful design and cultural significance. The sound of cannon explosions adds to the holy month’s religious atmosphere, especially when viewed against the mosque’s beautiful domes and minarets. In order to gain further insight into Islamic customs and culture, guests can also take part in guided tours of the mosque.

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4.Al Mankhool: 

Al Mankhool

Another popular spot for Ramadan cannon firings is Al Mankhool, which is located in the busy Bur Dubai neighbourhood. Symbolic explosions echo over colourful streets, reflecting the community’s respect for Ramadan customs. Locals frequently gather to watch the event and then share Iftar dinners together.

5.Jebel Ali: 

Jebel Ali

Jebel Ali, which is outside of Dubai, provides a calm environment for Ramadan cannon firings. The ceremony at Jebel Ali offers guests a calm and thoughtful experience away from the activity of the city. While soaking in the spiritual meaning of Ramadan, guests can take in the peaceful surroundings.


The best locations in Dubai to discover Ramadan cannons combine history, culture, and modernity to create an immersive experience that both residents and tourists may enjoy. A painful reminder of the city’s rich history of culture and the importance of Ramadan in its community, these sites range from the expanding blasts that echo over Dubai Creek to the serious rites at Al Fahidi Fort. Witnessing the firing of Ramadan cannons in Dubai, from far away or up close, is an incredible experience that represents a spirit of unity and commitment throughout this holy month.

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