The top 8 things you can do in Albania for free

things you can do in Albania for free

Are you looking for an interesting vacation spot that doesn’t break your budget? You simply have to look in Albania. Albania, a nation hidden away in the centre of the Balkans, has been quietly establishing itself as a tourist heaven. You’re in for an amazing experience that won’t break the budget if you’re thinking about Albania holiday packages from Dubai. This Coastal gem provides a unique combination of breath-taking scenery, an extensive history, and friendly locals. The multitude of free activities that are just waiting to be discovered makes things a lot more attractive. We’ll take you on a tour of the best 8 free activities in Albania while you enjoy your vacation packages from Dubai. Albania offers a budget-friendly, remarkable experience with its beautiful beaches and historical sites.

Here are The top 8 things you can do in Albania for free

1) Explore Saranda’s Lekuresi Castle

things you can do in Albania for free

Elevated on a hilltop overlooking Saranda, Lëkurësi Castle is a historically significant site that provides sweeping views of both the town and the Ionian Sea. It costs nothing to access the castle itself, and the views are breath-taking, especially after dusk.

2) Explore Local Markets

things you can do in Albania for free

The local markets in Albania are a sensory extravaganza. Visit local farmers’ markets or traditional bazaars to eat delicious food, buy handcrafted goods, and become fully immersed in the culture. It’s a fantastic opportunity to get to know amiable Albanians and discover their way of life.

3) Beach Bliss in Ksamil

Beach Bliss in Ksamil

Ksamil is a great destination in the Albanian Riviera known for its pristine beaches. Lie down on the soft beach’s white sands and dip into its crystalline blue water. If you want to have something more than the usual routine, just take a water taxi to one of the neighboring islands with is very cheap to remember your stay here forever!

4) Explore the Historic City of Gjirokaster

Explore the Historic City of Gjirokaster

Gjirokastra, also referred to as a city preserved in time, remains one of UNESCO’s world heritage sites due to its well preserved Ottoman architecture. The town has plenty of winding, cobbled roads which you can walk around – and you should visit the castle which overlooks the city from it hills.

5) Hike the Llogara Pass

Hike the Llogara Pass

Nature lovers are encouraged to visit the llogara pass. There are numerous hikes at this amazing mountains pass that would be appropriate for all types of hikers. You’ll encounter mesmerizing sights as you proceed on the trail with the Albanian Riviera and the Ionian Sea.

6) Marvel at Butrint National Park:

Marvel at Butrint National Park

However, there is another UNESCO World heritage site known as Butrint, which features an ancient city that has a lot of well preserved remains, plenty of green sceneries and swamps. Get into an archaeological site and understand the Roman, Byzantine, and Venetian influences in Albanian history at absolutely no cost.

7) Visit the Bunk’Art Museums

Visit the Bunk'Art Museums

The major bunk’art museums are located in an extremely huge nuclear shelter constructed, under the communism rule. Albania’s difficult history, as can be noted in these museums, is about a nation that fought to become what it is today. These museums are usually not paid-for and thus attract people interested in history who would like to learn more about certain events or special exhibitions that happen here and there and which they could not afford otherwise.

8) Stroll through Tirana’s Blloku District

Stroll through Tirana's Blloku District

Tirana’s Blloku district used to be a forbidden zone back in the days of communism. The neighborhood is hip and fancy, replete with swanky cafés, shops and bustling graffiti todayadays. Take an unhurried stroll around and immerse yourself into the jubilant scene of change in Albania.


When organising your Albania holiday packages from Dubai, keep in mind that this beauty of the Balkans provides a wealth of low-cost experiences. Albania offers plenty of free activities, such as walking around the historic streets of Gjirokaster or relaxing on the beautiful shores of Ksamil. Explore the nation’s heritage at Bunk’Art museums, learn about the rich history at Butrint National Park, or just take a stroll through Tirana’s hip Blloku neighbourhood. Hike the Llogara Pass or go to Saranda’s Lekuresi Castle for breathtaking views. Don’t forget to visit Albania’s lively marketplaces and engage yourself in the local way of life. Without breaking your budget, your Albanian vacation promises to leave you with lifelong memories and an ideal blend of nature, history, and culture.

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