The top 7 best places to stay in Uzbekistan

best places to stay in Uzbekistan

Take an amazing trip to Uzbekistan, a place where culture, history, and breath-taking scenery all come together to create an engaging totality. This jewel of Central Asia provides a wealth of architectural marvels and cultural diversity, from the historical wonders of Samarkand, Bukhara, and Khiva to the busy streets of Uzbekistan. The Uzbekistan holiday packages from Dubai which effortlessly combine airline tickets, lodging, guided tours, and transportation to guarantee a stress-free journey is waiting for you if you’re based in Dubai. Discover the finest 7 hotels in Uzbekistan and let all of your senses to be charmed by the friendly locals and the richness of their cultural legacy. Get ready for an amazing journey of exploration as Uzbekistan opens its doors to reveal a world rich in culture and rich in history.

Some of The top 7 best places to stay in Uzbekistan are as follows

1. Tashkent:

best places to stay in Uzbekistan

Travelers usually start their journey in Tashkent which the capital of Uzbekistan. A modern city with a rich past, full of beautiful architectural works, busy markets and green squares. Ensure that you include Tashkent as your first stop when booking for your trip to Uzbekistan through Dubai. Here will be a wide selection of accommodation available, starting from luxurious hotels through to more cheap guesthouses. Tashkent has places such as the Chorsu Bazaar, Amir Timur Square, and Uzbekistan’s most interesting metro system that are worth visiting including its stunningly decorated stations.

2. Samarkand

best places to stay in Uzbekistan

Samarkand is arguably one of the most popular cities located in Uzbekistan commonly referee to it s the “Jewel in the Crown”. This city has extraordinary architectural structures like the Registan Square, the Shah – i – Zinda, and the old astronomical Ensure that your Uzbekistan holiday package covers Samarkand and stay at one of the beautiful country house inns to experience the deep history of this remarkable city.

3. Bukhara

best places to stay in Uzbekistan

The other historical treasure in Uzbekistan is Bukhara characterized by preserved architecture and colourful bazaars. There are charming guesthouses and boutiques hotels located in old town of Bukhara. Such are the means enabling one to feel the historical flavor of this town and take in the city’s picturesque old streets of the UNESCO protected historical centre.

4. Khiva


Khiva is a city that gives you the feeling of walking into an open air museum owing to its intact historic landscape and vibrant life. Within the city limits, there are quaint guesthouses and boutique hotels. If you are looking for Uzbekistan holiday packages from Dubai include Khiva to get first-hand experience of its grand history.

5. Nukus


Located in the Karakalpakstan area, Nukus is well-known for the Karakalpakstan State Museum of Art, which has an impressive collection of avant-garde Russian art. Here, you may discover the unique history and culture of the area while lodging in quaint motels. A distinctive and creative viewpoint of Uzbekistan can be had by include Nukus on your itinerary.

6. Fergana Valley

Fergana Valley

A distinct experience can be had in eastern Uzbekistan’s Fergana Valley, which emphasises rural life and the natural world. Hiking, discovering regional crafts, and taking in the customs of rural life are all excellent activities in this area. In the Fergana Valley, guesthouses offer a cosy place to stay while you take in the tranquil surroundings of this verdant area.

7. Chimgan


If you are looking for outdoor experiences, you should go to Chimgan in the Ugam-Chatkal National Park. There, you may go trekking, horseback riding, and have picnics. Chimgan has a range of lodges and resorts for a tranquil vacation amidst stunning mountainous surroundings.


Travellers are attracted to discover Uzbekistan’s dynamic cities like Tashkent, historic gems like Samarkand and Bukhara, and lesser-known treasures like Nukus and the Fergana Valley by the country’s rich history, breath-taking architecture, and kind hospitality. Uzbekistan vacation packages simplify travel to Uzbekistan for visitors based in Dubai; they include airfare, lodging, guided tours, and transportation. The top 7 locations to stay in Uzbekistan offer a diverse and fascinating experience, so keep that in mind as you plan your journey. Uzbekistan offers a genuinely memorable blend of history, culture, and natural beauty, making it a place that will leave a lasting impression on your travel memories with its diversity and cultural charm.

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