The top 6 best places for iftar in Abu Dhabi for Ramadan

places for iftar in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi provides an extensive choice of fine dining options for iftar throughout the holy month of Ramadan, to suit a variety of palates. Emirate is home to a variety of excellent locations where friends and family may get together to break their fast in a cosy and friendly environment. There are places for iftar in Abu Dhabi, from five-star hotels to authentic Arabian restaurants. Whether enjoying worldwide cuisine with a local touch or indulging in delicious Middle Eastern delights, every Iftar experience offers delicious perfection paired with the spirit of reflection and community that characterises this holy month. Abu Dhabi is a shining example for those looking for exceptional iftar experiences; every meal is infused with tradition, hospitality, and the joy of sharing, thanks to its varied cuisine offerings and rich cultural weave.

An unforgettable tour through the lively capital of the United Arab Emirates, where modern wonders coexist peacefully with rich historical sites, awaits you when you embark on the Abu Dhabi City Tour. Throughout the journey, visitors are greeted by recognisable sites like the beautiful Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, an amazing example of Islamic architecture with shining arches and beautiful decorations. Sail around the city’s beautiful waterfront walk, the Corniche, for wide views of the calm Arabian Gulf waters set against a shining skyline. Every stop on the tour, from the luxurious Emirates Palace to the interesting Louvre Museum Abu Dhabi, reveals a different layer of history, creativity, and art, highlighting the city’s magnetic beauty and lively personality. Searching through lively souks in search of real finds or taking in futuristic buildings, the Abu Dhabi City Tour offers a wonderful fusion of modern life and culture, guaranteeing an amazing journey.

Here are the top 6 best places for iftar in Abu Dhabi for Ramadan:

 1.Al Andalus Tent:

places for iftar in Abu Dhabi

Over 450 people can be accommodated in this tent, which has traditional Arabian luxury and decor. Majlis lounges and special locations are located on the Falcon Lawn along Abu Dhabi Creek. Enjoy a delicious iftar buffet while enjoying the amazing views of the Sheikh Zayed Mosque nearby. Authentic Arabian tastes can be found in the barbecued meats and seafood offered by Ouzi stations and live cooking. Additionally, an ongoing exhibition is available.

2.Al Shorfa Lounge:

places for iftar in Abu Dhabi

Enjoy a lavish buffet that offers a delicious fusion of regional favourites and foreign cuisine. This place has a beautiful atmosphere, with beautifully crafted mashrabiya tables and Ramadan décor all around. Enjoy traditional dishes, including mixed grills, shawarma, and lamb ouzi. There are plenty of cool cocktails and classic drinks available at no cost, making it a perfect way to end the day.

3.Cyan Brasserie:

Enjoy a delicious iftar buffet at Cyan Brasserie as you celebrate the spirit of Ramadan with your loved ones. This buffet spread includes a variety of cuisines that are inspired by traditional Arabic Bedouin cuisine, along with international treats and a choice of teas, coffees, and Ramadan juices. In addition, there are live carving stations serving delicious sweets, shawarma, and chebab.

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4.Flavours at Sheraton Abu Dhabi Hotel & Resort:

Flavours at Sheraton Abu Dhabi Hotel Resort

At Flavours at the Sheraton Abu Dhabi Hotel & Resort, turn up the décor. Enjoy a delicious Iftar buffet surrounded by Ramadan decorations and lights, with live stations serving Arabic and tropical cuisine, including hot and cold mezze, oriental hot soup, salads, a variety of fresh breads and pastries, and main dishes like ouzi and shawarma. Arabic sweets and Ramadan juices are available too.

5.Flavours at Radisson Blue Hotel & Resort Al Ain:

Flavours at Radisson Blue Hotel Resort Al Ain

The traditional Iftar buffet at Flavours at Radisson Blu Hotel & Resort Al Ain is getting ready for a grand Ramadan celebration. Offering an extensive variety of salads, soups, hot and cold mezze, and Arabic, Indian, Western, and Asian dishes, you may break your fast here before walking over to the live stations. Though there are many other delicious delights to enjoy, the classic lamb ouzi is the highlight of the show.

6.Jones the Grocer:

Jones the Grocer

This Ramadan, a well-known artisan restaurant and gourmet grocery store will serve a unique Iftar menu that combines traditional flavours with modern ones. As is typical, guests will be greeted with water and dates before being given the choice between a carefully chosen 2-course menu, priced at Dhs79, or a 3-course menu, priced at Dhs99.


places for iftar in Abu Dhabi During Ramadan, the city of Abu Dhabi comes alive with the smells of mouth watering food and an atmosphere of community as the sun sets over its beautiful skyline. Emirates provides an extensive choice of iftar experiences to suit every taste and preference, from luxurious surroundings of world-class hotels to modest atmosphere of neighbourhood restaurants. Every iftar venue promises an experience of cuisine excellence and cultural immersion, whether guests enjoy dining in traditional Arabian delicacies or enjoying international food. Abu Dhabi’s best iftar locations serve as lively gathering places where locals and guests alike gather to celebrate the joyous tradition of breaking fast. ​

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