The top 6 amazing advent calendars you can shop in the UAE

advent calendars

Abu Dhabi loves the holidays, and using an advent calendar is the ideal approach to fully immerse yourself in the festivities. Every door of these top incredible advent calendars, whether you live here or are visiting, opens to a lovely surprise. Everyone will find something they enjoy, whether it’s elegant cosmetic products, imaginative LEGO surprises, mouthwatering delicious snacks, or classic wooden decorations. Enjoy Abu Dhabi city tour exploring the unique entertaining, and inspiring world of advent calendars as you uncover the holiday magic, one day at a time, and learn how these calendars can make your Abu Dhabi holiday season even more memorable.

Some of The top 6 amazing advent calendars you can shop in the UAE are as follows

1. L’Occitane Advent Calendar:

advent calendars

L’Occitane is an established brand for superior quality skincare and beauty products. The advent calendar is a treat for people who would prefer to pamper themselves with self-care. Every day is marked by unveiling of meticulously chosen surprise in form of hand creams, perfumes or shower gels. The calendar is more than just a counting down tool, as it takes care of your skin by providing high quality cosmetics.

2. The Body Shop Advent Calendar

advent calendars

This advent calendar is ideal for anyone wishing to refresh their skin while also treating themselves. There are also various skincare and bath products available inside with many well-known scents such as shea butter, tea tree among others. Your daily routine becomes exciting as you will open a new gift every day.

3. LEGO Advent Calendars

advent calendars

These advent calendars by leg are great options for the families and lovers of Lego. There are different themes of these calendars with individual sets of Lego pieces and Minifigures. Each day you get to build something new, more usually related to a festive/seasonal theme. Additionally, it’s a wonderful opportunity to meet your friends while having fun with the construction, creation, and pleasure.

4. Gourmet and Chocolate Advent Calendars

Gourmet and Chocolate Advent Calendars

Foodie should love the traditional gourmet or chocolate advent calendar.:%.* Artisan chocolates, truffles, or gourmet coffee and tea samples fill these calendars. Every day there is a new taste of blender for this holiday season and so you get to make more enjoyable eating and drinking all through your holiday seasons.

5. Customary Advent Calendars Made of Wood

Customary Advent Calendars Made of Wood

Customised wooden advent calendars give your Christmas décor a hint of refinement and nostalgia. These calendars frequently have a cute wooden construction with small compartments or drawers. You can put your own little presents, messages, or candies within these sections. They serve as both a useful countdown timer and an elegant Christmas ornament that you can use year after year.

6. Made-at-home Advent Calendars

Made-at-home Advent Calendars

Advent calendars made by hand are a great option for individuals who enjoy creating crafts for the holidays. You can buy a kit that comes with everything you need to build your calendar, or you can gather resources such as tiny puzzles, art supplies, or craft projects. You’ll have a fresh project to work on every day.


Abu Dhabi’s holiday season is going to be even more spectacular due to these top incredible advent calendars. Whether you live there or are just visiting, these calendars offer a special and enjoyable way to count down to the holiday season. They provide daily bursts of excitement and joy, from delicious snacks to classic wooden charms, from premium beauty goods to imaginative LEGO surprises. Every day is a mini party, and these calendars are a great way to experience Abu Dhabi’s happy atmosphere. Choose your favourite advent calendar and take a fascinating city tour across the world of them to make this month one to remember. Advent calendars are more than simply a countdown; they’re a celebration of the spirit of the holidays.

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