The top 4 brilliant farm shops to visit in the UAE

farm shops to visit in the UAE

There is an endless supply of farm stores in United Arab Emirates, an exciting nation where tradition and innovation exist together, highlighting country’s dedication to environmentally friendly farming and fine dining. Top competitor Baker & Spice, which offers a delicious selection of fresh fruits, veggies, and handcrafted goods, is an expert in organic and locally produced produce. Located in centre of Al Barari, Farm attracts guests with its beautiful surroundings and farm-to-table study of philosophy, allowing them to enjoy fruits and vegetables that are plucked straight from farm. Apart from being a busy centre for charitable activities, Fruit Market is a must-visit location for foodies looking to sample the best flavours in the Emirates. It offers an extensive variety of handmade delights, delicious snacks, and farm-fresh fruit.

On exciting Abu Dhabi City Tour, see the cultural and architectural wonders of Abu Dhabi and set off on amazing journey. Explore glowing streets dotted with towering buildings and luxurious residences to fully experience the lively pulse of the capital of the United Arab Emirates. Appreciate the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque’s amazing beauty, which is a memorial to the Islamic artistry and technical proficiency. Explore past Village’s rich past, traditional Bedouin life is brought to life. Explore luxurious Emirates Palace, representation of power and luxury, and walk around beautiful Corniche, expansive views of Arabian Gulf capture you at every step. Abu Dhabi City Tour ensures rewarding trip that stays in memory long after journey finishes by providing an attaching combination of history, culture, and technology at each stop.

Here are the top 4 brilliant farm shops to visit in the UAE

1. Abu Dhabi: Mazaraa Farm Shop

Abu Dhabi: Mazaraa Farm Shop

The motto of Mazaraa is “we sell what we grow,” and they really do just that. They’re part farm shop, part cafe. As a result, seasonal food grown on the property, organic oil, and honey from the United Arab Emirates are all displayed on the racks of the farm shops. For the freshest vegetables possible, you can even pick it yourself at the farm. Admission is Dhs25 for adults and Dhs15 for children, which also includes a snack and juice. Other farm activities include feeding the animals, fishing, and camel rides. After that, walk into the traditional Mazaraa cafe for some freshly made coffee and delicious pastries.

2. Dubai: Greenheart Organic Farms

Dubai: Greenheart Organic Farms

Fresh vegetables produced nearby is delivered to the UAE by Greenheart Organic Farms, but you may also shop in-person at the Greenheart Farm Shop, which is close to Dubai Miracle Garden. The 80,000 square metre fields in Quata, Sharjah are not connected to the farm shop; instead, the produce grown there is delivered straight to the shop every morning. They source produce from organic farms in Lebanon, Sri Lanka, and India in addition to fresh vegetables, greens, and organic fruit grown in the United Arab Emirates. In addition to fruit and vegetables, the store offers an extensive variety of carefully selected groceries, meat, dairy products, and other items.

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3. Al Ain: Emirates Bio Farm

Al Ain: Emirates Bio Farm

Situated among the red desert dunes of Al Shuwaib, between Dubai and Al Ain, stands the largest privately-owned organic farm in the United Arab Emirates: Emirates Bio Farm. The farm is based on the principles of sustainability, which extend to the packing of fruits and vegetables that are sold there as well as crop rotation and pesticide use. The farm has designed an extensive experience for visitors that includes an Arabian tent with a view of the farm and open desert dunes, an experience centre, a greenhouse restaurant, and a farm shop. You can pick up seasonal fruits and vegetables, walk through the fields, and feed the friendly goats during visiting hours.

4. Fujairah: Rumailah Farms

Fujairah: Rumailah Farms

The first Jersey cow milk farm in the United Arab Emirates, Rumailah Farm produces the freshest and creamiest dairy products locally by naturally feeding and milking its herd of over 400 Jersey cows. Fujairah’s Rumailah Farm produces ghee, milk, butter, Laban, ice cream, and other food items that are sold at two coffee shops in Fujairah and Dibba and distributed to businesses throughout the emirates. There are two farm trips that are available for booking and are enjoyable for the whole family. The Full Farmers Package (Dhs350) begins immediately at 5 a.m. every week. A tour of the production facility, milking, ice cream tasting, and a fresh farm breakfast are all included.


UAE’s farm shops provide visitors with an insight into wide variety of cuisines and environmentally conscious efforts affecting country’s cuisine scene. They are beautiful example of how they easily combine modern luxury with ancient farming methods. Exploring organic selection at Baker & Spice, taking in peaceful environment at The Farm, or taking in lively vibes at Ripe Market each location offers different cuisine adventure and sense of gratitude for delicious food that is obtained locally. Farm shops, invite both tourists and locals to enjoy freshest produce and artisanal treats area has to offer, are shining examples of innovation in Emirates’ constantly changing meals scene because of their dedication to quality, environmental responsibility, and involvement in the community.

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