The top 10 places to visit in Bangkok to have fun with children

places to visit in Bangkok

Thailand’s lively capital, Bangkok, provides families with a wealth of thrilling activities. Bangkok has activities for all age groups, from exciting amusement parks to amazing cultural sites. Visit Ancient Siam, an outdoor museum that highlights Thailand’s rich history, to go on a time travel, or visit SEA LIFE Bangkok Ocean World to discover the wonders of aquatic life. Visit Dream World or Siam Park City for an amazing day full of fun and excitement; amazing rides and entertainment are waiting for you. Not to be overlooked is the famous Chatuchak Weekend Market, where families can enjoy delectable street cuisine, hunt for one-of-a-kind trinkets, and take in the lively environment. Bangkok offers families looking for adventure and excitement a memorable and exciting experience with its wide range of activities.

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Here are the top 10 places to visit in Bangkok to have fun with children:

1. Dream World:

places to visit in Bangkok

An expansive theme park with lots of rides, attractions, and themed areas perfect for kids of all ages, situated not far from Bangkok. With everything from heart-pounding roller coasters to beautiful fairy tale kingdoms, Dream World offers the whole family an exciting day filled with unforgettable experiences.

2. SEA LIFE Bangkok Ocean World:

places to visit in Bangkok

One of Southeast Asia’s largest aquariums, SEA LIFE Bangkok Ocean World is located under the busy Siam Paragon Mall and features an amazing variety of marine life from all over the world. Kids may get a complete and instructive underwater experience by touching soft rays in the interactive touch pool, enjoying beautiful coral reefs, and watching beautiful sharks swim overhead.

3. Siam Park City:

places to visit in Bangkok


Siam Park City, one of Asia’s biggest water parks, with a variety of water slides, wave pools, and lazy rivers, provides a cool relief from the heat of the city. Families will have a great time at this amazing water wonderland, whether they choose to lounge in tropical cabanas or zoom down thrilling slides.

4. Kid Zania Bangkok:

Kid Zania Bangkok

Enter the bright Kid Zania miniature city, where kids may pretend to be chefs, firefighters, physicians, and more in a lifelike and engaging setting. With more than eighty role-playing games, educational experiences, and the opportunity to earn and spend Kid Zos (the local currency), Kid Zania Bangkok encourages play-based learning and sparks imagination.

5. Ancient Siam (Muang Boran):

Ancient Siam (Muang Boran)

Visit Ancient Siam, an extensive outdoor museum that carefully recreates Thailand’s rich tradition of culture and history, to travel back in time. Old Siam provides an amazing tour through Thailand’s past with over 100 carefully constructed replicas of old temples, palaces, and monuments situated within lush gardens and peaceful ponds.

6. Bangkok Safari World:

Bangkok Safari World


At Safari World, you may feel the excitement of a safari trip right in the centre of Bangkok. Safari World offers amazing animal performances, up-close interactions with safari animals, and exciting safari tours that promise unique wildlife encounters for whole family. Safari World is home to wide variety of exotic wildlife, including lions, giraffes, and orangutans.

7. Bangkok Art and Culture Center:

Bangkok Art and Culture Center

Visit the Bangkok Art and Culture Centre to explore the ever-changing realm of modern art (BACC). Families may discover art and culture in creative and motivating environment at BACC, offers seminars for kids, interactive installations, and changing exhibitions.

8. Dusit Zoo (Khao Din):

Dusit Zoo (Khao Din)

At Bangkok’s oldest and most well-liked zoo, Dusit Zoo, get away from the activity of the city.  Dusit Zoo, which is home to wide variety of international species such as hippos, pandas, and elephants, is peaceful haven where families can take peaceful walks, have picnics, and get up close and personal with wildlife.

9. Chatuchak Weekend Market:

Chatuchak Weekend Market

Explore the intricate pathways of Chatuchak Weekend Market, the biggest open-air marketplace in Thailand. Must-visit location for families wishing to shop, eat, and take in lively atmosphere, Chatuchak is home to thousands of stalls offering an extensive variety of products, from clothing and accessories to handicrafts and souvenirs. It is also home to wonderful street cuisine.

10. Bangkok Butterfly Garden and Insectarium:

Bangkok Butterfly Garden and Insectarium

Visit the Bangkok Butterfly Garden and Insectarium to explore the amazing world of butterflies and insects. Situated away in Benjasiri Park, peaceful garden offers magical and instructive experience for kids and nature lovers alike. It is home to an amazing variety of butterflies flitting amid lush vegetation and bright blooms.


Bangkok has variety of options for families to make everlasting experiences together. There is lot of exciting things to do for kids of all ages, riding thrilling coasters, diving into marine adventures, or discovering ancient wonders. Bangkok is great choice for families looking for amazing vacation because of rich variety of cultures, delicious food, and friendly attitude. So, in the centre of Thailand’s busy capital, pack your bags, collect kids, and set out on experience that will provide you with priceless memories and smiles for years to come.

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