The Ramadan markets to visit in Dubai in 2024

Ramadan markets to visit in Dubai

In 2024, visit Dubai’s famous Ramadan marketplaces to feel the city’s colourful Ramadan vibe. Markets provide an amazing variety of experiences, sounds, and flavours, from the busy pathways of historic souks to the modern surroundings of bazaars. Take in the lively events that remember this holy month, enjoy delicious Arabian fare, and walk through stalls covered with exquisite handicrafts to completely lose yourself in the rich weave of Emirati culture. Dubai’s Ramadan markets guarantee an amazing experience full of affection, hospitality, and treasured memories—whether you’re looking for amazing décor with a Ramadan theme, delicious sweets, or unique gifts.

Take an exciting Dubai modern city tour and get ready to be impressed with the amazing combination of luxury and innovation that characterises this global city. Every architectural wonder, from the towering Burj Khalifa to the beautiful curves of Dubai Marina, tells a story of ambition and vision. Float through busy streets dotted with gleaming skyscrapers, where the attraction of designer stores and luxurious shops combines with the daily activity of life. Enjoy the modern scenery of Palm Jumeirah and be in wonder at the skillful construction of the largest artificial island in the world. Explore Dubai Opera, a cultural haven, and become fully immersed in the thriving art scene that is growing inside the city’s modern districts as your journey progresses. At every destination, Dubai presents itself as a lively melody of modernity, inviting visitors to discover its infinite possibilities and redefine their ideas of city beauty.

Here are the Ramadan markets to visit in Dubai in 2024:

1. Ramadan District 2.0 at Jumeirah Emirates Towers:

Ramadan District 20 at Jumeirah Emirates Towers

For a second season, Ramadan District combines modern entertainment with its cultural past. Like last season, it will offer a variety of attractions and events that celebrate the spirit of culture, community, unity, and joy. From Friday, March 15, to April 4, 2024, just 20 days constitute Ramadan District 2.0. The market will be open every day from 5 p.m. to 2 a.m. While there is no charge to enter Ramadan District, some activities do have a small fee.

2. Hai Ramadan at Expo City Dubai:

Hai Ramadan at Expo City Dubai

Throughout the Holy Month, Hai Ramadan makes a comeback to Expo City Dubai, bringing with it a variety of family-friendly activities. There will be much for both locals and tourists to enjoy in the UAE, including iftars, suhoor’s, a craft market, and additional traditional and cultural events. The first day of Ramadan is when Hai Ramadan will start. If you have a reservation for an iftar or suhoor, entry to Hai Ramadan is free; otherwise, it costs Dhs20 per person. Children under five enter free of charge. Purchases of tickets can be made via Platinum List.

3. Ramadan Souq:

Ramadan Souq

In celebration of the start of Ramadan, the Dubai Municipality’s Ramadan Souq has already opened. It is held at Bur Deira’s Old Municipality Street, one of Dubai’s most famous traditional markets. Everyone is welcome to come and shop, enjoy the live entertainment, and take part in the kid-friendly events. Up to March 9, the Ramadan Souq will be open every day from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.

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4. The Flavors of Iftar with Bombay Borough:

The Flavours of Iftar with Bombay Borough

With their special Iftar Dastarkhwan menu, Bombay Borough is the perfect place to start a flavorful Ramadan trip. Enjoy a six-course feast that includes both meat and vegetarian specialties for AED 225 per person. Highlights include street barbecues, hot plates, communal snacking boards, a special Passionfruit Vimto Sorbet, and rich desserts.

5. A Delectable Iftar Buffet at the Restaurant: Address, Sky View:

A Delectable Iftar Buffet at the Restaurant Address Sky View

Enjoy a delicious Iftar buffet at The Restaurant, Address Sky View, where international and Arabic cuisines meet. Enjoy a variety of traditional desserts and cool drinks from sunset until nine o’clock in the evening while taking in views of Dubai’s skyline. Priced at AED 275, which includes soft drinks. Children ages 0–4 dine for free, while children ages 4–12 receive a 50% discount.


Ramadan marketplaces in Dubai invite tourists to experience the spirit of this holy month among the lively atmosphere of the city as the sun sets over the city’s famous skyline. These marketplaces provide an opportunity to look into the essence of Emirati customs and hospitality, creating moments of celebration and connection for both locals and visitors. May the memories of your encounters be experienced as you say goodbye to these beautiful bazaars, reminding you of the religious value, togetherness, and charity that characterise Ramadan in Dubai. May the blessings of this sacred time follow you on your journey till we cross paths again below the crescent moon of Ramadan in the next year.

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