The budget-friendly summer destinations to visit in UAE

summer destinations to visit in UAE

Want to get away from the heat without breaking the bank? There are several inexpensive summer destinations to visit in UAE that promise both adventure and relaxation. There is something for every traveller, from amazing shores of Ajman and Fujairah to varied cultures of Sharjah and Ras Al Khaimah. Without breaking the budget, take a dip in the Gulf of Oman’s crystal-clear waters, tour historic forts and museums, or just relax under the palm trees’ shade. Affordable lodging, a wide variety of dining options, and a variety of activities make summer locations in United Arab Emirates popular choice for budget-conscious travellers seeking memorable vacation without breaking the bank.

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Here are the budget-friendly summer destinations to visit in UAE:

1. Ajman


Ajman provides an affordable and relaxing experience. Its beautiful beaches, which are frequently less crowded than those in nearby emirates, include Ajman Beach and Al Zorah Beach, are popular tourist destinations. Budget-friendly hotels and guesthouses to seaside resorts are among the reasonably priced lodging options. See sites like the Ajman Museum and the Ajman Fish Market to learn more about Ajman’s rich cultural history.

2. Fujairah


Fujairah is well known for its beautiful natural scenery, which includes steep mountains and beautiful shores. Budget-friendly water sports like diving, scuba diving, and kayaking are available to visitors in the Gulf of Oman’s beautiful waters. There are affordable motels, campgrounds, and coastal resorts that can accommodate a range of budgets.

3. Sharjah


Sharjah has a multitude of affordable activities and cultural experiences. Discover the classic markets and souks, like the Central Market and the Blue Souk, where visitors may purchase reasonably priced cloths, spices, and handicrafts. The Sharjah Art Museum and the Sharjah Heritage Museum are two of the emirate’s many museums, providing information on the history and modern art of the area.

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4. Ras Al Khaimah

Ras Al Khaimah

Ras Al Khaimah is a great place for travellers on a tight budget because of its different environments, which includes both beaches and mountains. In the Hajar Mountains, visitors can engage in adventure activities like climbing, mountain biking, and zip-lining or unwind on the emirate’s beautiful beaches, like Al Hamra Beach and Marjan Island Beach. Budget hotels and beach resorts are examples of affordable lodging.

5. Umm Al Quwain

summer destinations to visit in UAE

On the northern coast of the United Arab Emirates, Umm Al Quwain is a hidden treasure that provides affordable beach vacations. For those who enjoy the outdoors but have a tight budget, kayaking or boat tours are great ways for visitors to experience the area’s calm lagoons and mangrove woods. Inexpensive water sports like jet skiing and paddle boarding are also available in the emirate.

6. Al Ain

summer destinations to visit in UAE

The “Garden City” of the United Arab Emirates, Al Ain, offers a variety of cultural and natural attractions. Visit the city’s beautiful parks and gardens, like Al Ain Oasis and Al Jahili Park, which are perfect for peaceful walks and inexpensive picnics. Historical landmarks including Al Ain Palace Museum and Al Jahili Fort, which are located in the city, provide information about the history of the area.


United Arab Emirates is endless supply of inexpensive summer vacation options, providing visitors with ideal balance of accessibility and excitement. UAE has something to offer every kind of traveller, they are looking for exciting adventures, cultural immersion, or peace by the sea. Travelling across the UAE in the summer becomes more than just a possibility—it becomes a tempting opportunity—thanks to its wide range of attractions, affordable lodging options, and delicious food experiences. So, gather your belongings, decide on a spending limit, and set out to explore the inexpensive pleasures and undiscovered treasures that lie ahead in the summer beauty of the Emirates.

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