The Best Things to Do in the UAE on National Day

Things to Do in the UAE on National Day

United Arab Emirates, a place where celebration has become embedded in the national fabric and tradition mixes with modernity. We cordially invite you to journey with us through the splendors of Abu Dhabi, the brilliant gem in the nation’s crown, as the UAE gets ready to celebrate its National Day. We’ll present a carefully chosen few of the top activities to enjoy this festive occasion in an easy-to-use blog, all packaged up with the thrill of an Abu Dhabi city tour. Here we make sure your National Day is not just amazing but absolutely magnificent, including stops at the magnificent Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque and the heart-pounding thrills of Ferrari World.

Some of the The Best Things to Do in the UAE on National Day are as follows

1. Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque: A Majestic Marvel

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque A Majestic Marvel

Kicking off, this tour starts with grand mosque which is referred to as a crown jewel in Abu Dhabi. The Palace is designed intricately with beautiful mosaics that leave the guests awed. Remember you need your camera, every angle of this famous landmark would make a great photograph.

2. Corniche Beach: Serenity by the Shore

Corniche Beach Serenity by the Shore

Those looking for something more laid back should go for an evening walk at the Corniche Beach. This is a picture perfect setting with clear water and flawless beaches. Look at the magnificent skyline of Abu Dhabi on a relaxed stroll or something more thrilling like some water sports.

3. Ferrari World: A Thrilling Extravaganza

Ferrari World A Thrilling Extravaganza

Thrill-seekers, rejoice! The world’s fastest roller coaster, Formula Rossa, is based at Ferrari World, which promises a thrilling experience. Enjoy a mix of thrill, opulence and delight in this one-of-a-kind attraction that captures the essence of Dubai.

4. Yas Marina Circuit: Feel the Need for Speed

Yas Marina Circuit Feel the Need for Speed

The Yas Marina Circuit is indeed a paradise for car enthusiasts. Taking a guided tour to the circuit or experiencing it driving reflects the nation’s love for extravagance and speed.

5. Emirates Palace: Opulence Redefined

Emirates Palace Opulence Redefined

Experience the luxury of Emirates Palace. Palace offers afternoon tea that is fit for royalty and gives one an opportunity of exploring opulence in the palace even without staying over night. Excellence is at the heart of the UAE and so the architecture and hospitality here symbolize that commitment.

6. Louvre Abu Dhabi: Fusion of Art Forms

Louvre Abu Dhabi Fusion of Art Forms

Explore the Louvre to fully appreciate Abu Dhabi’s vast cultural diversity. This architectural wonder offers a voyage through time and creativity with its varied collection of artwork and artefacts that span the divide between many civilizations.

7. Dhow Cruise: A Calm Journey

Dhow Cruise: A Calm Journey

Take a leisurely dhow sail down the Abu Dhabi coastline to cap off your National Day celebrations as the day comes to an end. Savour an exquisite meal while seeing the starry horizon while dining outside. It’s the ideal method to think back on the experiences of the day and make enduring memories.


As we come to an end of this fascinating tour of Abu Dhabi during the UAE’s National Day festivities, consider a trip where history blends peacefully with contemporary. Every meet, from the breathtaking Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque to the adrenaline-pumping thrills of Ferrari World, captures the spirit of the UAE’s dedication to celebration and excellence. Abu Dhabi invites you to have experiences lasting past time with its recognizable landmarks and diverse culture. We send our best wishes for a happy occasion and hope that the enchantment of Abu Dhabi stays in your memories as the celebrations fill the air. Whether you are an experienced tourist or this is your first time here, the UAE’s beauty, culture, and unity will always be remembered. As you say goodbye to this magical city, keep in mind that Abu Dhabi’s wonders are always an enjoyment, waiting to greet you with open arms and the prospect of exciting new experiences.

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