The best things to do and see at Stone Town in Zanzibar

The best things to do and see at Stone Town in Zanzibar

Welcome to Stone Town, lively centre of Zanzibar, old buildings and narrow streets reveal traces of the past. Explore maze of narrow streets decorated with beautifully crafted doors, serve as reminder of island’s rich cultural past. Discover lively marketplaces filled with handicrafts, fabrics, and spices, or visit Sultan’s Palace and Old Fort to get an insight into island’s history. Enjoy delicious tastes of Zanzibari food at a neighbourhood café or restaurant, and don’t miss amazing evening views along shoreline. Stone Town has extensive variety of experiences that are just waiting to be discovered, it’s interesting past to its energetic present.

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Here are the best things to do and see at Stone Town in Zanzibar

1. Explore the Spice Markets

Explore the Spice Markets

Take a sensory tour of Stone Town’s spice markets, where the aromas of exotic spices like cardamom, cloves, and cinnamon fill the air. Talk to the friendly native spice suppliers, who are happy to offer their expertise of the centuries-old spice trade in Zanzibar. Discover how spices are grown, harvested, and processed while tasting a variety of flavours, such as sweet vanilla pods and spicy chilli peppers.

2. Wander Through the Old Town

Wander Through the Old Town

Walk around Stone Town’s Old Town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site known for its interesting past and quaint architecture and transport yourself back in time. See the exquisite workmanship of houses designed in the Swahili style, which is highlighted by beautiful balconies with Arabic inscriptions and beautifully carved wooden doors.

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3. Visit the Sultan’s Palace (Beit al-Sahel)

Visit the Sultan's Palace (Beit al-Sahel)

See Beit al-Sahel, also referred to as the Sultan’s Palace, to gain insight into Zanzibar’s royal past. Discover the luxuriously furnished rooms of this former sultan’s mansion, which have been decorated with valuable artefacts, Persian rugs, and finely carved furniture. Explore the history of the monarchy in Zanzibar with educational exhibits and displays that provide a glimpse into the luxurious way of life and customs of the ruling class.

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4. Discover the Forodhani Gardens and Night Market

Discover the Forodhani Gardens and Night Market

Enjoy a sensory experience at the Forodhani Gardens, a lively waterfront walkway that comes to life as Stone Town’s sun sets. Explore the beautiful gardens, where towering palm palms offer relief from the intense tropical heat and shade. Take in the lively ambiance of the Forodhani Night Market as darkness sets in.

5. Learn at the Old Fort (Ngome Kongwe)

Learn at the Old Fort (Ngome Kongwe)

Discover the hidden secrets of Stone Town’s past at the Old Fort, Ngome Kongwe, an imposing structure that represents the determination and rich history of Zanzibar. Constructed in the 17th century by the Portuguese and subsequently expanded by the Omanis, the Old Fort has functioned as a jail, a cultural hub, and a military stronghold.

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6. Sunset at Forodhani Waterfront

The best things to do and see at Stone Town in Zanzibar

Enjoy an amazing sunset experience at Forodhani Waterfront as the sun sets and casts a magical glow over Stone Town and the Indian Ocean in the distance. Choose a comfortable location on the waterfront promenade where you are able to bask in the calm beauty of the surrounding landscape. Watch the dhows sail beautifully across the horizon as local fisherman bring their catch of the day back to shore.


Stone Town’s amazing beauty makes a lasting impression on your heart when you say goodbye. From the Arab influences in its architecture to the Swahili rhythms that permeate its streets, consider the complex mix of cultures that have produced this UNESCO World Heritage Site. Stone Town offers a unique trip through time and culture, whether you’ve explored its history, enjoyed its cuisine, or just walked through its narrow streets. Take with you the memories of its colourful past and the hope of more experiences to come on the attractive island of Zanzibar as you leave.

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