The best places to see wildlife in Azerbaijan

wildlife in Azerbaijan

Set out on a journey of a lifetime through the varied landscapes of Azerbaijan, wonders of nature come to life in amazing animal exhibitions. Azerbaijan provides a wealth of opportunities to see a wide variety of wildlife species in natural environments, from the rocky peaks of the Caucasus Mountains to the lush woodlands of the Talysh Mountains and the expansive coastline of the Caspian Sea. Wildlife destinations in Azerbaijan offer a complete and thrilling experience for both nature lovers and adventure seekers. Whether you’re looking for the impressive sight of Caucasian leopards walking through remote forests, the graceful flight of migratory birds over clean wetlands, or the playful antics of Caspian seals along the shores, these destinations have it all.

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Here are the best places to see wildlife in Azerbaijan:

1.Shirvan National Park: 

wildlife in Azerbaijan

Shirvan National Park, which covers an area of about 54,373 hectares along the coast of the Caspian Sea, is an important home for a variety of bird species, especially during the migration season. It includes a variety of environments that serve as havens for waterfowl, including flamingos, pelicans, herons, and woods, as well as steppes. One of the few surviving colonies of Caspian seals in the world, the park’s coastline sections are also important breeding habitats for this species.

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2.Laza Village and Shahdag National Park: 

wildlife in Azerbaijan

Laza Village is the starting point for seeing the beautiful landscape of Shahdag National Park. It is situated in the Gusar District of northern Azerbaijan. This area is well known for its beautiful mountain environment, which is home to threatened animals, including the Caucasian leopard. Naturalists interested in wildlife can go on guided hikes along difficult mountain paths where they can see brown bears, wolves, wild boars, and several species of birds along the route.

3.Goygol National Park: 

wildlife in Azerbaijan

Goygol National Park is named after the amazing Lake Goygol, which reflects the surrounding peaks like a mirror and is located in the foothills of the Lesser Caucasus Mountains. Numerous species of animals, such as golden eagles, wild boars, roe deer, and red deer, are supported by the park’s varied environments. Hiking trails weaving through lush forests and grasslands are open to visitors, providing amazing opportunities for animal photography and exploration.

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4.Talish Mountains Biosphere Reserve: 

Talish Mountains Biosphere Reserve

The Talish Mountains Biosphere Reserve, a biodiversity hotspot known for its old forests and pure rivers, is situated in the southeast of Azerbaijan. The highly threatened Persian leopard and other secretive animals like the lynx and Bezoar ibex find safety in this area. Visitors can explore the reserve’s wilderness and take in unique flora and animals by joining knowledgeable rangers on guided tours.

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5.Ag-Gel National Park: 

Ag-Gel National Park

Ag-Gel National Park is located in the secluded Gusar District, close to the Russian border. It is characterised by its rough mountain scenery and thick forests. Numerous species of animals can be found in the park, such as the quiet East Caucasian tur, the Bezoar ibex, and the Caucasian red deer. Go on guided safaris or hiking adventures to experience park natural beauty and get up close and personal with resident animals in their native environments.

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6.Hirkan National Park: 

Hirkan National Park

Hirkan National Park, which can be found away on the Caspian Sea’s southeast shore, is well-known for its old temperate rainforests, which are among the planet’s most biodiverse ecosystems. Numerous species, such as the Persian fallow deer, brown bear, and East Caucasian tur, find homes in the park. Observers of birds might also enjoy encounters with migratory species, such as the Caspian pheasant.


After learning about the top locations to view wildlife in Azerbaijan, you’ll have a deeper respect for the nation’s exceptional biodiversity and dedication to conservation. Azerbaijan’s landscapes, which stretch from imposing mountains to calm coasts, are home to a wide variety of wildlife species and provide tourists with an amazing opportunity to see the beauties of nature. Azerbaijan’s wildlife locations attract with their beauty, diversity, and promise of amazing interactions with the wild, whether you’re an avid birdwatcher, wildlife photographer, or just a nature lover looking for moments of awe and inspiration. In addition to the invaluable recollections on every excursion, you also help make sure that priceless habitats are preserved for future generations.

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