The 5 best gigantic dishes to dive into in Dubai

gigantic dishes to dive into in Dubai

Welcome to Dubai’s cuisine heaven, where dishes have been raised to levels never before achieved in terms of flavor and size. This energetic city, which is famous for its luxury and creativity, offers a wide variety of huge dishes that completely transform the concept of overeating. Dubai’s eating scene is dedicated to beauty, with dishes that vary from huge seafood platters that reflect the wide variety of the Arabian Gulf to towering burgers that push the boundaries of transportable meals. Get ready to go on a unique cuisine adventure where every meal is an experience as impressive as the famous skyline that surrounds this urban refuge in the desert and where size truly matters. It’s not just about the luxury in Dubai; every meal becomes a huge celebration because of the bold flavors and quantity.

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 Here are the 5 best gigantic dishes to dive into in Dubai

1. Wave house Dubai’s one-metre-long hot dog

gigantic dishes to dive into in Dubai

A full metre of sausage, wrapped in a delicious bun and garnished with caramelised onions, sauerkraut and a hint of smoke from the barbecue sauce. There are enough fries offered with the lengthy hot dog to feed the entire family. Enjoy the hot dog after a spinning match or in between games at the arcade.

2. Russo’s New York Pizzeria 28-inch party pizza

gigantic dishes to dive into in Dubai

Russo’s New York Pizzeria offers the ideal choice for any occasion, no matter the situation. If you’re sharing, their huge party pizza can be served in squares instead of the normal slices. You can order the pizza to be cut in half or into quarters, then pick your preferred toppings for each portion, or you can choose from their selection of toppings.

3. SaravanaBhavan family size masala dosa

SaravanaBhavan family size masala dosa

SaravanaBhavan offers a wide variety of dosas to choose among. However, the biggest one stimulates our curiosity the most. Although you could certainly eat this huge dosa by yourself if you’re up for the challenge, it’s meant to be shared by a family. Originating in South India, a dosa is a papery thin food that resembles flat bread. Usually, it is served with an assortment of sauces and chutneys.

4. CZN Burak Burger’s giant bite

CZN Burak Burger’s giant bite

Known for his never-ending smile and his completely excessive and huge inventions. CZN Burak’s restaurant and burger establishment have become extremely popular in Dubai. CZN Burak Burger, which is housed in Dubai Mall, offers a wide variety of definitely tasty burger selections. But this huge bite burger has a large 500g beef patty with traditional beef burger toppings on top.

5. The Burger Factory

The Burger Factory

They take extreme joy in being the global cheat day headquarters. These incredibly huge burgers are available with almost every possible topping and bread combination. This establishment is the perfect place to hang out with friends because of its colorful interior and graffiti walls.


The huge meals that cover Dubai’s tables are just one example of the city’s unrestricted zeal for pushing the bounds of luxury, as evidenced by its cuisine surroundings. Dining in Dubai is a sensory experience that goes beyond the typical, with towering desserts and huge platters that capture the essence of the city’s luxury. Every dish is an appreciation to the city’s dedication to cuisine excellence, and every taste is an explosion of flavors that effortlessly combine both tradition and creativity. You experience the beauty and hospitality that characterize Dubai as you make your way around the extensive and varied options, in addition to tasting the richness of the ingredients. Therefore, Dubai’s delicious scene encourages you to explore a world where size really does matter, and every meal is an exciting journey into delicious luxury if you have a taste for both the amazing and the huge.

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