Switzerland Tour Packages

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Want to explore Switzerland from Dubai? Book our all-inclusive 06 Days Switzerland tour packages from Dubai. Switzerland presents vast open doors with regard to winter exercises. Switzerland tour Packages from UAE Explorers and skiers are drawn to Zermatt’s encompassing district, making it the ideal area for travelers. In the hotter months, appreciate strolling, cycling, and enjoying the mountain scenery. Situated in north-focal Switzerland, Zurich is the biggest city in Switzerland. To experience beautiful perspectives on this metropolitan scene. Switzerland tour Packages include The superb Lake Lucerne district is a feature of Switzerland, and the focal town of Lucerne is known for its consistent blend of present and stunning design. Stroll across the archaic Chapel Bridge to appreciate lakeside all-encompassing perspectives on the town with its snow-capped tops the Switzerland The cost of a Switzerland tour packages from Dubai may vary. This essential outing takes you to northern Switzerland and the Black Forest good countries in Germany, where you can invest some energy by the Titisee Lake. The excursion through gorgeous, wide-open woods takes you along the shores of the Schluchsee to the Titisee, in the core of the Black Forest. Embark on an extraordinary journey with our captivating tour packages from Dubai to Swizerland. Experience the breathtaking beauty of the Swiss Alps, explore charming cities like Zurich and Geneva, and indulge in world-class cuisine. Book now for an unforgettable adventure!


  • Black Forest
  • Rhine falls
  • Titisee
  • Mt Titlis + Ice Flyer
  • Jungfraujoch
  • Zurich Surrounding

Switzerland Tour Package Cost:

  •   AED 9350 Per Person

Trip Itinerary

  • Day 1: Dubai to Zurich

    Arrive at Zurich Airport, meet our representative, and then be transferred to a hotel in Zurich.

    Free check-in for leisure hotel overnight stays.

  • Day 2: Zurich

    After breakfast, move to the Mt.Titlis Excursion.

    Mount Titlis – Mount Titlis, the tallest mountain in central Switzerland, is famous for having the world’s first revolving cable car. This is still one of the few on the planet, and it was finished in 1992. It is only the final stage of an amazing three-stage journey. For all ages, it offers a wide range of thrilling activities and excursions, as well as breathtaking views of the snow-covered mountain peaks, vast, immaculate white snowfields, and deep crevasses.

    Start your unforgettable journey at Mount Titlis, where you can ascend in the world’s first rotating cable car, Titlis ROTAIR, and enjoy breathtaking views of the Alps. Take a stroll on Europe’s highest suspension bridge, the Titlis Cliff Walk, or take the IceFlyer chair lift to get even closer to the snow-covered mountains. Take a stroll through the Glacier Cave, where expertly crafted ice sculptures are displayed, or enter Glacier Park to satisfy your urge for adrenaline.

    Things to do at Mount Titlis

    The activities at Mount Titlis range from leisurely sightseeing to beginning snowy adventures. The suggested and most well-liked activities at Mount Titlis are listed below: 

    The first revolving cable car in the world is Mount Titlis ROTAIR. As it climbs from the middle station at Stand up to the summit station at 3020 metres above sea level, the Mount Titlis ROTAIR cable car revolves.

    The Mt. Titlis ROTAIR is the first rotating cable car in the world. It takes five minutes to complete a full 360-degree rotation while providing breathtaking views of pristine snow-capped mountains, steep rock faces, and deep crevasses.

    One of the three revolving gondolas in the world is the Mount Titlis ROTAIR.

    Glacier Cave

    A place that never melts is the Glacier Cave on Mount Titlis. The 150-metre-long cave’s ice is estimated to be 5,000 years old, which is astounding in and of itself. The turquoise-blue light casts a heavenly glow on the cave. Everything in the room is made of ice, including the walkway, the high ceiling, and even the sculptures, which date back 5,000 years. The ethereal cave is illuminated by a calming blue mood light, and its temperature, which is always a frosty -1.5 degrees Celsius, makes a wave of clouds appear when you breathe. The meticulously crafted ice sculptures in the Glacier Cave, which are 3020 metres above sea level, are the attraction.

    Titlis Cliff Walk: Europe’s highest suspension bridge

    The Titlis Cliff Walk is 500 metres above the ground, so you’d need a strong heart to do it. At the top of Mount Titlis, there is the highest suspension bridge in all of Europe. It is only 1 m wide and 100 m long. The excitement of crossing the bridge and the stunning scene below make for an exciting combination. The bridge links the Ice Chair Station and the South Wall Window. Titlis CliffWalk, built along Mount Titlis’ cliff and known as Europe’s highest suspension bridge, is a brand-new, high-adrenaline adventure located 10,000 feet above sea level.

    The overwhelming sensation of walking on the suspension bridge while being mesmerised by panoramic views of the Alps is an experience that cannot be compared, even though Titlis Cliff Walk is just a simple pedestrian bridge. On a clear day, you can also catch a glimpse of Italy and the Uri Alps. Although the media portrays it as one of the world’s most terrifying bridges, it is completely safe and practically impossible to fall off. Salbit Bridge, also in Switzerland, held the record for the highest suspension bridge in Europe prior to Titlis Cliff Walk.

    Ice Flyer chair lift

    When you experience a flying-like sensation in the Ice Flyer chair lift, Titlis will up the ante on your visit. A glacier experience you can only get at Titlis, the Ice Flyer ascents smoothly and safely over clean, fresh snowfields and icy depths, where a few crevasses are as deep as twenty metres. Even children can ride the Ice Flyer chairlift in safety and security. When you travel up to the activities and park area and the cold, snowy air hits your face, the experience is surreal.

    Titlis Glacier Park

    The thrilling adventure of skiing quickly down a slope covered in snow can be enjoyed by skiers of all skill levels. People of all ages can enjoy a variety of thrilling snow activities at Titlis Glacier Park. All the exciting activities are available at Mount Titlis Glacier Park. The snowy ground offers opportunities for sledding and snow tubing. The cable wires will lift you up as you near the bottom, which is another nerve-wracking yet thrilling feature of Glacier Park. The most sought-after activity, snowtubing, allows you to skim the snow as you slide down the slope on a rubber tyre. It is the ultimate alternative to sledding. Before the ride comes to an end, you will inevitably turn a few full circles.

    Enjoy the expansive view of Lucern Lake as you return to your hotel in the evening.

  • Day 3 : Zurich-Interlaken

    Breakfast at the hotel.

    Check out and transfer to Interlaken.

    Check in, and the day is for leisure.

    Overnight stay at the hotel.

  • Day 4 : Excursion to Mt. Jungfrau

    Breakfast at the hotel

    Things to do at Jungfrau

    Indulge in the fantastic attractions, enjoyable activities, and delectable food and drinks with a view that Jungfrau has to offer in addition to its magnificent view.

    Alpine Sensations

    A 250-metre-long corridor between the Sphinx Hall and Ice Palace

    Fees: Entry is free.

    Opening times: 365 days a year

    Ice Palace

    Fees: Entry is free.
    Opening times: 365 days a year

    Ski & Snowboard Park

    Experience snow sports at Jungfraujoch.

    Jungfrau Weather

    All year long, there will always be snow because of the cold weather! The climate at Jungfraujoch is among the coldest in all of Switzerland. Every month of the year, the mountains are always covered in a layer of snow. Whether you choose to travel to Jungfrau in February, June, or December, the weather will not let you down. One of the reasons Jungfrau is among the most popular excursions in Switzerland is its chilly climate.

    How to reach Jungfraujoch

    Grindelwald or Lauterbrunnen can be reached by train from Interlaken Ost station. Change trains to get to Kleine Scheidegg after this trip. Take the Jungfrau Railway directly from Kleine Scheidegg to the top of Europe, the Jungfraujoch.

    The newest Eiger Express route: Take the train to Grindelwald from Interlaken OST, then the triangular gondola on the Eiger Express to the Eiger Glacier Station. Cogwheel trains are used to reach the summit of Jungfrau on the last section.


    Interlaken-Grindelwald Terminal-Eiger Glacier Station-Top of Jungfraujoch (new route via Eiger

    Interlaken-Lauerbrunnen-Kleine Scheidegg-Top of Jungfraujoch.


    Interlaken-Grindelwald-Kleine Scheidegg-Top of Jungfraujoch (traditional route)

    Back to the hotel for an overnight stay.

  • Day 5 : Interlaken-Zurich

    Check out and transfer to Zurich.

    You can visit the Lindt chocolate museum. You can find the biggest Lindt Chocolate Shop, the most magnificent Lindt chocolate fountain, and an engaging chocolate tour that exclusively focuses on the Swiss chocolate tradition at Lindt Home of Chocolate. Discover the world of chocolate for a truly special experience.

    You can visit any museum that is free with a Swiss Pass.

    Overnight stay at the hotel

  • Day 6 : Zurich

    After Breakfast

    Checkout and transfer to the airport to catch your return flight.


  •  Flight Tickets.
    02 nights’ accommodation in Zurich.
    02 nights’ accommodation in Interlaken.
    01 night of accommodation in Zurich.
    Airport transfers on a private basis
    6 consecutive days of second-class Swiss travel. 
    (Swiss Pass Benefits)
  • Unlimited bus, boat, and train travel within Switzerland.
  • Over 500 museums offer free admission.
  • Free transportation on scenic routes with a small seat reservation fee.
  • Cost information: AED 9350.00 per adult for travelling in groups of two or more.
  • Hotel availability is strictly dependent on the time of confirmation.
  • Hotel city tax is not included; it must be paid separately.


  • Personal Expenses
  • Any tours or activities not part of the package
  • Any Meals or drinks not part of the package
  • Early Check in- Late Check out

Terms & Conditions

  • Rates are based on availability at the time of reservation because we are not holding any rooms or other services for the aforementioned package or offer. The rates for the hotel mentioned above are dynamic and will change until we hold them as per the final confirmation.
  • Nothing is put on hold before or after we include it in the written confirmation. Most hotels in Europe don’t have air conditioning. 
  • Wi-Fi, a tea/coffee maker, and other amenities may not be available in all hotels or rooms and cannot be guaranteed. If any, supplements might be applicable.
  • Depending on the hotel’s policies, the third person’s bed in a triple room may be a rollaway, an extra bed, or a single extra bed.
  • Unless otherwise noted, the aforementioned quotation is based on the base category or starting category of a room.
  • According to hotel policy, babycots are an additional cost and are never included.
  • The customer must pay any applicable local, state, and/or city taxes directly at the hotel.
  • Except for the mentioned private tours, all of the aforementioned tours are on the SIC, and they all begin at a specific location in the heart of the city. The client must independently get to the point. The starting and ending points could differ. Additionally, some tours may or may not offer drop-off (depending on the tour).
  • You should check all recommended services, including hotels, sightseeing, train tickets, and any other services. Once you gave us the okay, it was assumed that you had checked everything on your end.

Note: – Rates are subject to availability at the time of confirmation. Passport & UAE Residence Visa must be Valid up to 6 Months from the date of travel. Visa approvals are subject to embassy’s decision