Europe Tour Package from Dubai

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Europe Tour Package from Dubai

Central Europe is a region located in the heart of the European continent. While there is no universally agreed-upon definition of Central Europe, it generally includes countries such as Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia, and sometimes also parts of Ukraine, Belarus, Croatia, and Romania.

Geographically, Central Europe is characterized by its position between Western Europe and Eastern Europe. It is landlocked, bordered by the Baltic Sea to the north, the Alps to the south, the Carpathian Mountains to the east, and the Rhine and Oder Rivers to the west. The region exhibits diverse landscapes, ranging from the rolling hills and plains of Poland and Hungary to the majestic Alpine peaks found in Switzerland and Austria.

Central Europe has a rich and complex history, shaped by a variety of cultures and civilizations. Throughout the centuries, the region has been influenced by Germanic, Slavic, Hungarian, and Roman cultures, among others. It has also been a crossroads of trade routes and a battleground for numerous conflicts, including both World Wars. Central Europe is also known for its rich cultural heritage. The region boasts numerous historical sites, including medieval castles, charming old towns, and architectural landmarks. It is home to world-renowned cultural hubs like Vienna, Prague, and Krakow, which attract visitors with their vibrant arts scenes, classical music, and impressive museums.

Furthermore, Central Europe is characterized by its diverse cuisine, influenced by neighboring countries and historical traditions. Each country has its own culinary specialties, from sausages and pretzels in Germany, schnitzel and strudel in Austria, to pierogi and borscht in Poland. Beer and wine are also integral parts of Central European culture, with a long tradition of brewing and winemaking.

Overall, Central Europe is a region of great historical, cultural, and economic significance. Its geographical location, history, and diversity make it a fascinating part of Europe, attracting visitors from around the world. It’s hard not to fall head over heels for Central Europe. The world is aware of the beauty of this area, which includes the rocky mountains of Slovakia, the strikingly old city of Vienna, and even the picturesque rivers that run through these nations. The cities promise it all, whether it is their incredible gastronomy, Gothic Churches, or magnificent landscapes. A Central Europe tour package gives a genuine glimpse of city life here as it traverses through some of the largest cities in the region. The bundle takes you on a journey across time and space, from the bustling scene of Prague to the vivid heritage of the Polish past.

Italy, Austria and Paris  Multi-country Tour Package from Dubai

Explore three of the most popular destinations of Europe with our 09 Days Europe Tour Package from Dubai. Explore Italy, Austria and Paris in this o9 days all inclusive tour from Dubai which includes accommodations, return flight tickets, tours and activities and more.Italy, the home of probably the best foods and workmanship on the planet, is a traveler’s delight with its wonderful urban communities and their verifiable significance. The nation holds probably the most popular dishes on the planet like pizza and an energetic, assortment of Pasta that is a paradise for a foodie. With 3/4 of the nation encompassed by the Mediterranean Sea, it is well known for its travels and speed boat visits around the landmass. The urban communities of this fabulous country will hit you stunned with their magnificence and their style.

Austria has continuously something to propose to its guests. From energizing ski trips and shocking Christmas markets in winter to loosening up summer walks around the fantastic shores of lakes in late spring, Austria is an optimal objective throughout the entire year.

Paris is a universe of limits. Outrageous characters, outrageous food sources, and outrageous tourist spots. And one of the most romantic destinations in Europe. Paris has something for everyone. Your Europe trip will not be complete without visiting this magical city.

Trip Itinerary


    Travel Highlights:

    After arrival, you will be transferred to Old Town Square by evening. We will be ready to pick you up from the airport and take you to your hotel when you arrive. For information on the welcome meeting with your guide and other travellers, check the information boards in the hotel’s lobby.

    We will explore Old Town Square later in the day. With all the buzz and tourist activities in this area, Prague is best experienced from this central location. You can eat dinner at a restaurant that serves international cuisine, such as Italian, Chinese, and Czech.

    Return to the hotel.


    Travel Highlights: A City Tour of Prague

    Castle visit: River cruise by boat 

    We will travel to Prague, the European Baroque jewel, today. An educational city tour led by our local expert will feature notable monuments. We will stroll through Prague Castle during our visit (admission included). We’ll then go on a boat tour of the Vltava River. Enjoy some free time to explore the city in the afternoon. We will spend more time in the historic city centre in the evening, and you will have the option of having dinner there. By dawn, re-enter the hotel.


    Travel Highlights: Bavaria and Tyrol.

    We will depart early to travel to Bavaria, arriving in Munich with plenty of time to explore the historic centre and enjoy lunch at one of the city’s renowned traditional beer houses. Our journey to Austria will continue in the afternoon. We will have time to eat dinner in the Golden Roof area of the Old Town when we arrive in Innsbruck in the evening.


    Travel Highlights: Swarovski Museum Visit: Stunning Natural surroundings, Dinner is included.

    Today, we’ll visit the Swarovski Museum, the renowned repository for crystals. We will tour its magnificent gardens and discover how the crystal is made. After that, we’ll stroll through Innsbruck’s old town. Until we arrive in Kizbühel, we continue our journey along lovely, scenic roads that wind between the mountains. Spend some time exploring this charming little village, which is home to a popular ski resort where we can enjoy the snow for a sizable portion of the year. Dinner is included (a vegetarian option is possible).


    Travel Highlights: Alpine cable car, Salzburg, the city of Mozart, and fantastic scenery

    Cruise on a lake.

    We include a cable car ride in Steinplatte up to the high mountains in the alpine region, which have fantastic scenery and snow nine months out of the year. You will always remember the magnificent landscape on the platform in the void and the dinosaur exhibition. We’ll keep exploring Austria as we make our way through the mountains to Salzburg. You will travel with our guide through the charming streets of this city’s historic centre, which has been designated a World Heritage Site. In the subsequent stage, we will traverse through mountains and lakes. Our next stop is in St. Wolfgang, a well-known Austrian pilgrimage site. We proceed to Traunkirchen, which has the lovely Traunsee Lake, and from there we take a cruise to see four castles before disembarking in Gmünden. We then continue on to Vienna, where we arrive in the evening.


    Travel Highlights: Vienna City Tour Gardens of the Immense Schönbrunn Palace.

    Today, a local expert leads us on a scenic tour of this impressive city. Here, we get to see its grand avenues, palaces, and lively city centre. Then we immediately proceed to Schönbrunn Palace, where guests can stroll through and take in its lovely gardens. Enjoy a leisurely afternoon in the city centre after lunch. We’ll visit City Hall Square in the evening to take advantage of the local streets’ nightlife. You will have the chance to eat dinner here.

  • DAY 7: Vienna-Budapest

    Cruise on the Danube, city tour of Budapest, evening transfer.

    It will take us three hours to get to Budapest, Hungary. On a boat tour along the river, we will arrive in Budapest (also known as the “Queen of the Danube”) around 11:30. Budapest is split in two by the Danube River, with the historic Buda district on one side and the modern Pest district on the other. It’s time for lunch, then a leisurely tour of the city. Enjoy some downtime after the tour. We wrap up the day in the bustling neighbourhood of Vaci Utca, where there are many places to get dinner.


    Travel Highlights: Time to Explore Bratislava. Czech landscapes.

    We’ll depart from Budapest and travel to Bratislava, the nation’s capital and a location along the Danube. Take the time to tour the city and eat lunch while riding in a charming historic carriage. After lunch, we’ll keep travelling to Prague, in the Czech Republic. Getting there in the evening.

    Finishing up our services. Please check your flight’s departure time in case you need an extra night.


  • Roundtrip Air Tickets .
  • Baggage.
  • Accommodation for 4
  • Buffet Breakfast.
  • Boat: Vltava River in Prague, Danube River in Budapest,Traunsee Lake in Traunkirchen, 
  • City tour in: Prague, Vienna, and Budapest. 
  • Evening Transfer: Old Town Square in Prague, Vaci Utca in Budapest, City Hall Square in Vienna,
  • Ticket admission: Prague Castle, Swarovski Crystal Museum in Innsbruck. 
  • Funicular: Steinplatte
  • 1 Lunch or Dinner Included in: Kitzbuhel
  • Airport pick up and drop-off on a PVT basis
  • Travel Insurance
  • All local taxes


  • Personal Expenses
  • Early Check in- Late Check out

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  • The itinerary is subject to substitution or change without notice.
  • No services or sightseeing that are not used will be reimbursed.
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