10 open parks in Dubai with playgrounds for children aged 3 to 5

open parks in Dubai

Dubai, where the attraction of technology mixes peacefully with the echo of past customs. If you’re planning a family vacation to this stunning location with children aged 3 to 5, we have an amazing journey designed especially for you. Join us on a pleasant Half day traditional Dubai city tour as we explore the top 10 open parks, each decorated with vivid playgrounds guaranteed to grab your young adventurers’ hearts. Let’s go on a trip of discovery, where happiness breaks out among the skyscrapers and the charm of Dubai comes to life in the playgrounds intended for our youngest explorers.

Here are the 10 open parks in Dubai with playgrounds for children aged 3 to 5

1. Safa Park

Safa Park

We commence with Safa park which is an urban open space located in the city center. At this point, your young adventurers are in for a real treat as there’s an ample space to play which is safe and has swings, slides, plus interactive structures. Have a relaxing walk around the parks picturesque scenery, away from the busy city.

2. Zabeel Park

Zabeel Park

Then we consider Zabeel Park, a blend between traditional appeal and contemporary facilities. Your baby will have one of the best play areas in the park to enjoy while you relax and get some rest. Walk through this beautiful green environment while having your family picnic and remember, capture Dubai Frame’s amazing landscapes as you will see them.

3. Mushrif Park

Mushrif Park

One has to visit Mushrif Park for a bite of old Emirati tradition. A kids’ recreational area has been earmarked in the park thus combining play and learning at one instant. Take your young explorers through the animal corner and the beauty of desert flowers that will be engraved in their hearts forever.

4. Creek Park

Creek Park

Creek park is located on the Dubai creek which offers the best scenery for the families. The playground is considered safe for children and, coupled up with the park’s mini golf course, gives a little bit more thrill to the visitors. Enjoy an abra ride at the creek to relive the ancient past of Dubai.

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5. Al Mamzar Beach Park

Al Mamzar Beach Park

Experience outdoor fun in beachside paradise at Al Mamzar Beach Park. There are several play facilities equipped for different age groups and small children may roll around in the sand near the sparkling ocean. Spend a quiet afternoon at the park’s barbeques with your loved ones and take a restful afternoon on the beach.

6. Meadows Park

Meadows Park

Located within Meadows is the quiet family park known as Meadows Park. The playground is for the littles that offers beautiful surroundings such as greenery for adults to have family picnics. Get away from urban noise and allow your children to play freely at such a beautiful place.

7. Umm Suqeim Park

Umm Suqeim Park

Find out about the amazingly simple yet classy side of Umm Suqeim Park. This part of the park is meant for the young ones making sure that they have fun in their own way and safely in the playground. The park is located in scenic flower-strewn gardens which make it an ideal location for rest and relaxation.

8. JLT Park

JLT Park

Located in the center of bustling Jumeirah Lakse towers, JLT Park is ideal for families as it hosts a special playground exclusively for the small kids. Allow your children to climb, slide, and swing as you marvel at the spectacular view of the iconic Dubai skyline.

9. Al Safa 2 Park

Al Safa 2 Park

Forget about city noise and crowds at SAF2 where there is a good playground for kids. Families looking for good outdoor time can find it in this park amidst jogging tracks and nature.

10. Al Barsha Pond Park

Al Barsha Pond Park

The final point of our city tour is Al Barsha Pond Park which is a secret garden, tranquil pond and well-equipped kids’ playground. Feel free to allow the imagination of your children get wild in this beautiful parks whilst you walk at a slow pace within the lake.


Our half day traditional Dubai city tour of the top ten family-friendly parks was a beautiful blend of modernity and tradition. From the wide playgrounds of Safa Park to the coastal appeal of Al Mamzar Beach Park, each place has given excitement and exploration for our young adventurers ages 3 to 5. Dubai’s commitment to establishing places such as Zabeel Park, Mushrif Park, and Meadows Park highlights the city’s distinct attraction. These images of laughing and shared moments in playgrounds across the city capture Dubai’s inherent beauty – not just in its skyscrapers, but also in the comfort of family experiences. Let these memories remain until your family’s next adventure through Dubai’s open parks, filled with delight, discovery, and the wonder of togetherness.

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