Marriage Certificate Attestation

Marriage certificate certification is the formal process of witnessing a marriage certificate with an official seal and signature of the authorized person or department and it’s an official document containing the details of the marriage and the relationship of two individuals. In case of a spouse who is traveling to a different country, their marriage certificate has to be attested. The marriage certificate is a legal document that confirms the names of the couple and states that they are legally married. The certificate will include the personal information about the couple which includes their full name, age, and location, and the date of their marriage.

Purpose of marriage certificate attestation in Dubai, UAE?

There are several purposes for attesting a marriage certificate in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), including:

Immigration and visa purposes: If you need your husband to follow you to UAE or to travel together to some other country, you must provide the marriage certificate attested as a proof of your relationship.

Legal and official purposes: Legal and official sanctioning documents usually come with the requirement of attested marriage certificate. This is necessary in order to register the marriage with municipal authorities, open a joint bank account or to benefit from certain government facilities.

Insurance and healthcare: Attested marriage certificates may be necessary for certain insurance and healthcare plans to have your spouse included in the cover. For example, adding your spouse to an insurance policy when you opt for life insurance plans or you request for healthcare services.

School enrolment and residency: As far as the matter of the attestation of the marriage certificate is concerned, it is meant for the enrolment of your children into the school and also for the residency of the family in the UAE.

Employment and work visas: In the UAE, employers may require an attested marriage certificate, as part of the work visa process for a foreign spouse, or for some services or benefits.

Document Required to complete the attest of a marriage certificate:

When applying for marriage certificate attestation, you must submit the following documents:

  • Original National identity cards for both husband and wife.
  • Original marriage certificate.
  • Original passports of the both companions.
  • Letters of Authorization Plea or NOC for Acknowledgement of the Marriage Certificate.

First of all, copies of the above documents should be made once the documents are ready. Then the process of attestation can start. The attestation process should not be longer than this period at any case. We will send one of our agents to your location if you hire us and will be responsible for your documents and starting the Attestation process.

The process of marriage certificate attestation in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) typically involves the following steps:

  • Contact the issuing authority for an authentication of your marriage certificate if you have the certificate with you.
  • Then the marriage certificate is authenticated by a government official from the state level and MOFA receives this certificate. The local government in the authority verifies the genuineness of the certificate by contacting the members of the state-level authority who attested the certificate.
  • The certified and the authenticated marriage certificate is sent to the Embassy of the country which requested it.
  • The document is then sent to the MOFA, which requests the MOFA to have the marriage certificate certified, and the process is finalized.

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