Top 7 grocery delivery services in the UAE

grocery delivery services in the UAE

Various efficient and successful grocery delivery services are popping up in the ever-changing grocery shopping scene in the United Arab Emirates to meet a wide variety of customer needs. One well-known upon request app that is especially popular is Insta Shop, which connects users with an extensive variety of products from different supermarkets with quick delivery possibilities. The multinational retail powerhouse Carrefour UAE expands its reach with an extensive variety of food and household necessities on its website. Zomato, which is most known for food delivery, has added groceries to its list of services, giving customers a handy one-stop shop. A well-known e-commerce giant,, ships a wide variety of groceries to different parts of the United Arab Emirates. With an extensive variety of products, Talabat Mart, the retail location of the well-known food delivery service Talabat, meets customers’ grocer needs. The British supermarket operator Waitrose UAE has carefully combined home delivery services with online grocery purchasing. Last but not least, the online division of the hypermarket chain Geant, Geant Online, provides a large range of goods, including groceries, for delivery to several places in the United Arab Emirates. These services are becoming more and more important as they change the way people in the UAE get their necessities, giving them efficiency and convenience in the busy city.

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 Here are some popular grocery delivery services in the UAE

1. Insta Shop

grocery delivery services in the UAE

  • Features: Popular upon request grocery delivery service Insta Shop works with a number of UAE supermarkets and retailers. A large selection of goods, such as fresh vegetables and household necessities, are available for users to explore.
  • Delivery Locations: Several UAE cities are covered.
  • Delivery Time: Provides options for speedy delivery, generally in an hour.

2. Carrefour UAE

grocery delivery services in the UAE

  • Features: The international retail chain Carrefour offers an online food purchasing platform. A wide range of goods, including electronics and fresh fruit, are available to users.
  • Delivery Areas: Carrefour offers delivery services to a number of UAE locations.
  • Delivery Time: Depending on the location and time of day, delivery timings may change.

3. Zomato


  • Features: Initially famous for its meal delivery services, Zomato has grown to provide grocery delivery options as well. With the Zomato app, users can place orders for household goods, fresh fruit, and groceries.
  • Delivery Areas: A few UAE cities are included.
  • Delivery Time: Variable based on demand and location.

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  • Features: Offering a wide range of groceries and home items via, Amazon, the multinational e-commerce behemoth, operates in the United Arab Emirates.
  • Delivery Areas: serves a number of UAE areas.
  • Delivery Time: For allowing purchases, Amazon offers same-day delivery among its various delivery choices.

5. Talabat Mart

Talabat Mart

  • Features: Initially famous for its food delivery services, Talabat is currently expanding to include grocery delivery via Talabat Mart. Customers can purchase a variety of essentials and consumables.
  • Delivery Areas: A few cities offer this service.
  • Delivery Time: Provides a variety of delivery period times.

6. Waitrose UAE

 Waitrose UAE

  • Features: Waitrose is a British grocery store chain that operates in the United Arab Emirates. Customers can place online orders for groceries to be delivered to their homes.
  • Delivery Areas: Includes a number of UAE locations.
  • Delivery Time: There are often possibilities for next-day delivery, and delivery timeframes may differ.

7. Geant Online

Geant Online

  • Features: Grocery, home goods, and electronics are just a few of the things available on Geant Online, the online shopping site for the hypermarket chain.
  • Delivery Areas: Geant Online provides services in a number of UAE locations.
  • Delivery Time: Standard and fast shipping are available.


The UAE’s wide range of excellent grocery delivery services has completely changed how its citizens obtain and use necessities. These services, which range from the quick and on-demand options of Insta Shop to the extensive assortment offered by the multinational retail powerhouse Carrefour UAE, have skilfully combined technology and traditional retail to satisfy the changing demands of customers. Users gain comfort and choice, whether from Zomato’s entry into grocery delivery or from Amazon. Ae’s worldwide e-commerce leadership. Waitrose UAE, Talabat Mart, and Geant Online complete out the choice and provide customers looking for dependability and quality with more choices. These services are redefining the grocery shopping experience as they adjust to new trends and customer requests. They make grocery shopping simpler and more effective and customised to the different tastes of the UAE’s people.

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