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Georgia for Tourism- A Travel guide to Georgia, Plan you trip to Georgia from Dubai 

Georgia Tourism! Georgia is one of the most popular destination from Dubai. Let us take you through the most essential things about Georgia Tourism that will help you plan a better holiday to Georgia from Dubai. GEORGIA: Why it’s a must-visit place in Europe (Georgia is not part of the European Union- Country is located in the Caucasus) Georgia is small but a mighty nation, a country located in the Caucasus (intersection of Europe and Western Asia). Georgia is a democracy governed as a unitary parliamentary republic. Tbilisi is its capital and one of its largest cities and home to the third largest Georgian population. The official language of the country is Georgian and the currency is Georgian Iari. Georgia is a perfect adventure destination.

Top places to visit in Georgia

Ushguli: Ushguli is a community of five villages located at the head of the Enguri gorge in Svaneti in Georgia. Dozens of ancient watchtowers guard the entrance to this surreal UNESCO World Heritage Site, which is protected by spikey and imposing mountains. Ushguli is one of the most incredible places to visit not just in Georgia but in all of Europe. Without visiting Ushguli, your Georgia itinerary will be incomplete. Tbilisi: Tbilisi is its capital and one of its largest cities in Georgia and it’s one of the best tourist destination with beautiful and entertaining locations like cathedrals Sameba and Sioni, Freedom Square, Rustaveli Avenue and Agmashenebeli Avenue, medieval Narikala Fortress, the pseudo-Moorish Opera Theater, and the Georgian National Museum. Food and drinks are cheap (if you’re from a wealthy country), public transport costs are negligible, the city is most definitely walkable, and there are cheap staying options to be found. Mestia: Mestia is located in the Svaneti region of Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti province. The town is full of defensive towers also known as Svan towers. Mestia has many popular attractions, including Svaneti Museum of History and Ethnography, St. Nicholas Church. It is a popular base for Tekkers due to the stunning and isolated mountain region. With the government of Georgia heavily promoting tourism to Svaneti, the small town of Mestia is quickly taking off as one of the top tourist destinations. Batumi: The capital of the Georgian republic of Adjara is the Black Sea resort and port city of Batumi. A waterfront promenade featuring a park and beach is located along Batumi Boulevard. The top attractions in Batumi are the following
  • Batumi Botanical gardens
  • Batumi Boulevard
  • Monument Ali and Nino
  • Batumi Dolphinarium
  • Argo cable car
  • Europe square
  • Miracle park
Kutaisi: Kutaisi is one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world and the third most populous city in Georgia. Kutaisi is a great place for day trips to nearby wonders like Martvili Canyon. It consists mostly of monasteries, churches, and restaurants. Other top attractions include
  • Kutaisi market
  • Bagrati Cathedral
  • David Agmashenebeli square
  • Aerial tramway
  • prometheus cave natural monument
  • Sport Museum
  • Kutaisi Botanical gardens
Tusheti: Tusheti is located in the North East part of Georgia and is hidden between mountains and the valley of Caucasus. It is very difficult to get to Tusheti because there is no public transportation. To get there we need to hire a taxi with 4 wheel drive. The places to explore in Tusheti are
  • Omalo
  • Dartlo
  • Shenako
  • Diklo
Regional Culinary Travelling is not all about experiencing and exploring new places and culture, traveling is also about finding new dishes and experiencing many flavors. The regional culinary of Georgia are the following which you should try
  • Khachapuri Adjaruli
  • Churchkhela
  • Khinkali (Georgian dumplings)
  • Ajapsandali
  • Lobio
  • Mtsvadi
  • Tklapi
  • Kharcho
  • Pkhali
  • Lobiani
Therefore, Georgia is one of the best adventure countries because of its diverse mountain ranges and lush green woods. Georgia is one of the safest countries in the world, and it is ranked as Seventh safest country in the world. Georgia is incredibly cheap destination, with rent as low as $150 and food budget is also less compared to other European countries.    

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