The 10 fantastic indoor playgrounds in Abu Dhabi for kids

playgrounds in Abu Dhabi

The attractive capital of the United Arab Emirates is Abu Dhabi. It is well known for its luxury, culture, and beauty. There are ten great indoor playgrounds hidden in this bustling metropolis, waiting to be discovered by families. These playgrounds provide thrilling satisfaction, educational opportunities, and lots of entertainment.

They are more than just areas for entertainment. To ensure that your children have a wonderful experience in this magnificent city, remember to include these amazing spots in your schedule when you arrange your Abu Dhabi city trip. Some of the The 10 best indoor playgrounds for kids in Abu Dhabi are as follows:

Fun Works

For children of all ages, Fun Works in Yas Mall is a paradise. This indoor amusement park offers a variety of fun activities, such as thrilling rides, a sizable arcade, and a soft play area that is ideal for small kids. It’s the perfect location for family entertainment because kids can experience exhilarating thrills while parents can unwind in the mall.

HQ Adventure

An adventurer’s paradise may be found at Adventure HQ at Dalma Mall. This is the place to be if your kids enjoy a little adrenaline. In a secure setting, it provides thrilling activities like zip-lining, rope courses, and rock climbing. Children have a great chance to explore their physical limits.

Modhesh World

The Abu Dhabi Mall’s Modhesh World is a place of creativity and inspiration. This indoor amusement complex offers engaging displays, thrilling rides, and creative play areas. It offers a distinct and wonderful experience and is made to inspire your child’s imagination.

Sly Monkeys

Cheeky Monkeys, which has numerous locations throughout Abu Dhabi, is a well-liked option among parents. It provides children with a tidy and secure atmosphere in which to interact and play. With a variety of play areas, arts and crafts, and entertaining activities catered to various age groups, the facilities are well-organized.

Fun City

Family members love the Marina Mall attraction Fun City. Kids can lose themselves in a world of arcade games, rides, and a soft play area at this sizable entertainment complex. Kids of all ages will have fun thanks to the wide variety of activities.


The exhilarating indoor amusement park Fabyland is located in the Deerfields Mall. It’s ideal for kids who want for adventure and excitement. The park is a one-stop shop for family entertainment because it provides a variety of rides, games, and attractions ideal for all age groups.


KidZania is a fascinating and instructive attraction for kids that is located in Yas Mall. It gives kids the chance to act out different occupations while developing their feeling of responsibility and comprehension of the working world. Children may learn while having a great time here.

Little World – A Kid-Friendly Site

For smaller children, there is Little World in Marina Mall. It features a soft play area, creative outlet opportunities, and even a small kitchen where children may practice their culinary skills. Their social and creative abilities will flourish in this setting.

Al Ain Zoo

Even though Al Ain Zoo is outside of Abu Dhabi city, the trek there is nevertheless worthwhile. The zoo offers a special playground for kids, a petting zoo, and an exciting ropes course for young thrill seekers. Children may learn about animals and take part in enjoyable activities on this enjoyable family adventure.


Your kids will be jumping with enthusiasm at Bounce, an indoor trampoline park located in Marina Mall. It provides trampoline sections for a range of sports, including acrobatics, dodgeball, and freestyle jumping. It’s a playground with lots of energy that’s ideal for kids with lots of excitement.

The city of Abu Dhabi attracts everyone who visits, and it has something special in store for the young explorers as well. Abu Dhabi’s top ten indoor playgrounds, we’re informed of the joy, excitement, and priceless memories that families make there. Abu Dhabi’s indoor playgrounds offer everything your kids could possibly require, whether you’re seeking for joy, learning, or creative play.

Be sure to include these family-friendly locations on your schedule as you plan your Abu Dhabi city tour. These indoor playgrounds are not only a never-ending source of fun for your kids, but also a symbol of the city’s dedication to provide excellent family experiences. Your family’s excursion in Abu Dhabi is certain to be joyful, funny, and full of amazing memories.

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