The top 10 fantastic cafes and coffee shops in Dubai

cafes and coffee shops in Dubai

Take a fascinating Half day traditional Dubai city tour through Dubai’s lovely streets, where the best 10 cafés and coffee shops perfectly represent the blend of modernity and history. From the modern vibes of Downtown Dubai to the ancient beauty of Al Fahidi area, each carefully chosen café offers not only a fine coffee experience but also a singular window into the rich cultural tapestry of this vibrant city. Come along on a Sip and Sightsee adventure where each coffee cup tells a story and each corner reveals the splendour of Dubai’s rich history. Welcome to a sensory journey in the centre of this fascinating city that blends the finest of culture and coffee

Here are The top 10 fantastic cafes and coffee shops in Dubai

1. Arabian Tea House

cafes and coffee shops in Dubai

First, pay a visit to the Arabian Tea House in Al Fahidi Historic District. Set amidst the traditional wind-tower architecture of Dubai, this is an authentically Emirati café. Traditional Karak tea or Arabic coffee to sip while drinking in the historic atmosphere.

2. Baker & Spice

cafes and coffee shops in Dubai

Have a stop along the way in Baker & Spice. Located in Souk Al Bahar, this warm spot is known for its hand-made coffee and home made goods. Sip a cuppa on the terrace with great views of Burj Khalifa.

3. Café Rider Custom Motorcycles

Cafe Rider Custom Motorcycles

Head to Café Rider Custom Motorcycles for a surprising combination of coffee and culture. This cafe in Al Quoz revels not only the taste of good coffee but also that motorcycling spirit. Sip your coffee, admire the custom bikes on show.

4. The Sum of Us

The Sum of Us

The Sum of Us, a cool industrial-chic café in bustling Dubai is next on our list. Enjoy specialty coffee and a mouthwatering brunch menu. This is the ideal place to relax before resuming your tour

5. Society Café & Lounge

Society Cafe Lounge

Jumeirah-based Society Café & Lounge provides a warm atmosphere and broad coffee selection. Stop by and treat yourself to their signature blends while you soak up the artistic atmosphere of the neighbourhood.

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6. One Life Kitchen and Café

One Life Kitchen and Cafe

One Life Kitchen and Café, located in the midst of Dubai Design District is a hidden gem. This café combines a dedication to providing fine coffee with an insight into the growing local design scene.

7. Friends’ Avenue Café

Friends Avenue Cafe

As you make your way further out, head to Friends’ Avenue Café in JLT. Known for its warm ambience and flavourful coffees, this is the spot to get a mid-day boost. Then take a break, and revel in local art on display.

8. Tom&Serg


Your coffee odyssey takes you to Tom&Serg in Al Quoz. This spacious warehouse-style café is a gathering place for the creative set and coffee lovers alike. Taste their artisanal coffee, and recharge your batteries for the rest of a city tour.

9. Roseleaf Café

Roseleaf Café

The Roseleaf Café is a warm little spot overlooking the Dubai Marina. The Marina’s inspiring architecture On the waterfront, take a cup of coffee.

10. Seven Fortunes Coffee Roasters

Seven Fortunes Coffee Roasters (1)

The half-day traditional city tour ends at Seven Fortunes Coffee Roasters in Al Quoz. Start with the process of roasting coffee, and end a day full o caffeine And culture with their handcrafted brews.


Our typical half-day city tour of Dubai’s cafés and coffee shops has been a fascinating fusion of exploration, culture, and cuisine. Every destination, from the modern allure of Downtown Dubai to the historic beauty of Al Fahidi, provided not just a coffee fix but also a different viewpoint on the changing character of the city. The thoughtfully chosen cafes evolved into more than just locations to savour great coffee—they served as entry points to explore the rich history and variety that characterise Dubai. May the last taste of each beer remind you of the distinct tales woven into the fabric of this amazing city as you come to the end of your the journey. The fragrance of its coffee and the cosiness of its cultural tapestry add to Dubai’s allure in addition to its tall skyscrapers. Here’s to the memories made over coffee cups in the centre of Dubai, until the next journey.

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