Enjoy a memorable night under the stars at Ninive this Ramadan

night under the stars at Ninive this Ramadan

At Ninive, spend a thrilling night under the stars and discover the magic of Ramadan like never before. Enjoy the atmosphere of celebration and the spirit of the holy month as you get together with loved ones to break your fast and feast on delicious food. Let the sparkling stars above increase the enchantment of the moment beneath the cover of the night sky and in the calm wind, making memories that will last a lifetime. This Ramadan at Ninive is sure to be a once-in-a-lifetime experience filled with delicious treats and heavenly wonders, where every second is infused with the spirit of happiness and community.

Take a Dubai traditional city tour and set out on a thrilling journey throughout time. Discover the rich weave of the city’s history as you travel through the narrow paths of Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood, where cute wind-towered houses and busy souks resonate with the lively spirit of old Dubai. Take in the sights and sounds of the past at the Dubai Museum, housed within the historic Al Fahidi Fort, and learn about the transformation of the emirate from a sleepy fishing village to a filled global city. From the aromatic streets of the Spice Souk to the glittering waters of Dubai Creek, each stop on this fully engaged tour provides an insight into the customs and cultures that continue to shape the city’s identity today.

Here is a memorable night under the stars at Ninive this Ramadan:

1.Culinary Adventure Nights

night under the stars at Ninive this Ramadan

Take part in a delicious adventure where a different cuisine theme is celebrated every night, collecting inspiration from the rich cultures of the Mediterranean and Middle East. An extensive variety of flavours and cuisines carefully created by skilled chefs are available for customers to enjoy, from traditional Arabic fare to modern versions. Anticipate meals with themes like “Mediterranean Feast,” “Desert Delights,” “Arabian Nights,” and more, guaranteeing a delicious evening every night.

2.Entertainment Galore

night under the stars at Ninive this Ramadan

Take in the unique cultural weave of the Middle East every night with live performances that include interesting storytelling, traditional music, and dance acts. Expert performers and artists take the audience to a magical world while maintaining a lively, melodious, and culturally diverse environment. Beautiful oud music or engaging belly dance performances, the variety of entertainment is sure to keep participants entertained all night long.

3.Stargazing Soirees

Stargazing Soirees

With professionally guided starlight programmes that provide interesting insights into astronomy and the universe, explore the heavenly glories of the desert sky. Ninive’s secluded location, far from the lights of the city, makes it an ideal place to see stars, planets, and other natural activities. Through excellent telescopes, visitors may observe constellations, galaxies, and the myths and legends that surround them. This creates a once-in-a-lifetime sky experience.

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4.Wellness under the Stars

Wellness under the Stars

In the peaceful surroundings of the desert, refresh your body, mind, and soul with special wellness activities created to encourage inner balance and relaxation. Amidst the vast night sky, visitors can relax and renew their connection with themselves through guided yoga sessions and calming meditation techniques. Natural services like reflexology sessions and aromatic massages are also offered to further improve the wellness experience and guarantee a peaceful and relaxing sleep.

5.Private Oasis Experience

Private Oasis Experience

Enjoy your evening with an individualised private dining experience that is designed to fit your tastes. This personal and customised environment is ideal for romantic occasions or special celebrations. Located in the middle of the desert, visitors may take advantage of VIP treatment that includes attentive service, specially prepared menus with standout dishes, and beautiful décor details that create an air of exclusivity and beauty. The private oasis experience promises to go above and beyond expectations and create a memorable memory, whether it’s a luxurious get-together with friends and family or a romantic meal for two.


The memories made under the starry sky at Ninive remain, weaved into the thread of cherished experiences, as the night comes to an end. Every moment spent here during Ramadan is filled with a sense of warmth and connection, from the delicious fragrances of traditional dishes to the peaceful atmosphere that covers every guest. As you say goodbye to this wonderful evening, carry with you the unity, thankfulness, and reflection that characterise Ramadan. The experience at Ninight under the stars at Ninive this Ramadannive is proof of the beauty of gathering to celebrate this holy time, whether it’s through laughter with loved ones or peaceful moments of reflection under the sky.

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