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Qasr Al Watan Tickets Overview

Explore the rich culture, history, and traditions of the UAE by visiting Qasr Al Watan, which is the Presidential Palace in Abu Dhabi. The new palace in Abu Dhabi is an incredible and unique landmark in the UAE. Book Qasr Al Watan tickets with Go Kite Travel and get access to its regal halls, exhibitions, and gardens. Experience the Arab heritage and the governing principles that shaped the country and UAE vision for the future.

Qasr Al Watan is an incredible landmark in Abu Dhabi that takes you on a journey in a modern setting that reveals and reflects on governance, knowledge, and craftsmanship. Learn more about regions rich in Arabic heritage and shed light on the UAE’s rulers and governing institutions that shaped this great nation. The stunning design of Qasr Al Watan celebrates Arabian art and adds beauty to Abu Dhabi’s skyline. When you visit, you’ll feel the grandeur and importance of the place. It’s not just a palace; it’s a way to learn about the culture and history of the nation.


  • Discover the  majestic hallways of the Qasr Al Watan palace and immerse yourself in  the rich heritage of the UAE.
  • Learn about the history of the United Arab Emirates and how it’s moving forward to a great future.
  • Explore different exhibits at the palace, like the Presidential Gift Gallery and the Presidential Ballroom.
  • Explore the library at Qasr Al Watan, known as the House of Knowledge, and learn about the customs of the country.
  • Discover ancient writings, books, and ancient folios dating back to the Arab Golden Age that represent the contribution of the Arabic world to the common knowledge of humanity.
  • Walk through various sections of the palace, including its beautiful gardens and fascinating exhibitions.
  • Watch the dazzling Palace in Motion light show  to discover the history of the monument.
  • Get your Qasr Al Watan tickets online  in advance and get easy entry without standing in a long queue.

Qasar Al Watan Ticket Price:

Cost per adult: 65/- AED per person

Cost Per Child (03–10 Years): 29/- AED per person

Trip Itinerary

  • Qasr Al Watan Palace Itinerary
    • Arrive at Qasr Al Watan Palace and Garden, then proceed to the ticket counter.
    • Show your ticket to get inside the palace area.
    • Start your journey through the palace’s beautiful insides, which have amazing designs and small, detailed decorations.
    • Visit the major halls, such as the Great Hall and the Spirit of Collaboration Hall. They have amazing designs and craftsmanship.
    • Take a moment to admire the fancy decorations, fancy furniture, and old things on display.
    • Explore the exhibition halls that teach about the UAE’s culture, history, and how it’s governed.
    • Explore historical manuscripts, documents, and artefacts showcasing significant moments in the history of the UAE.
    • Visit the Presidential Gifts Exhibition, which showcases an array of gifts given to the UAE’s leadership by global leaders and dignitaries, offering a fascinating experience.
    • If your ticket includes access to the library, don’t miss the chance to explore this academic haven.
    • Explore the wide range of books and resources covering various subjects.
    • Before you finish your tour, take some time to explore the palace’s gift shop.
    • Explore a variety of souvenirs, books, and other merchandise that showcase the essence of the palace and the culture of the UAE.


  • Entry to Qasr Al-Watan Palace
  • Explore the chance to improve your knowledge of Emirati royalty, culture, and heritage.
  • See its various sections, such as the Room of Gifts, House of Knowledge, and Presidential Banquet Room.
  • Entry to the  gardens of Qasr Al Watan
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