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Parasailing in uae-Parasailing Tour in Dubai

Parasailing is an interesting and exciting activity where people fly through the air in an open parachute while being drawn by a speed boat. This is one of the most popular beach activity and you probably have seen people parasailing on their vacation. Parasailing is a popular beach activity in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. And other coastal destinations like Sharjah, Fujairah. Unlike other adrenaline-pumping watersports in Dubai Parasailing does not require much effort or experience on the part of the participants. If you like water adventure sports, then Parasailing should be on your list.

Your Parasailing trip kicks off with a scenic sped ride that would motor out you into the open waters of Dubai. Head to the launch duck in the boat and our expert will help you to get kitted into the parasail harness. As the boat moves forward, the parasail will unfurl and launch into the air. Within a moment of your ride, you will reach the maximum height of 500 meters. Tranquilly float in the sky and soak up the lovely views over the Arabian Gulf. After a spectacular ride that lasts for almost 10 to 15 minutes, you’ll settle into the same boat.

Experience thrilling parasailing excursions at an affordable parasailing Dubai price, and soar high over Dubai’s coastline. Enjoy breath-taking views of the city and the sea by booking your parasailing experience today.

Go Kite Tours offers safe parasailing packages that allow for single, tandem and triple flights. Call us today to know more or to book this adventurous pursuit.

Tour Cost:

Cost Per Adult: 350/- AED per person

Cost Per Child (03-10 Years): 350/- AED per person


Trip Itinerary

  • Parasailing and Adventure Tours in Dubai

    Parasailing in Dubai offers you a unique experience. Enjoy the views of the mysterious coastlines of Dubai from high in the sky. Parasailing is a recreational kiting activity where a person is towed after a speed boat. Book Parasailing in Dubai with Go Kite Tours. There are six steps involved in Parasailing in Dubai.

    Step 1: Get on the boat

    You will be escorted to the beach and the first step is to learn more about this activity. Our expert instructors will assist you in each step and explain how the process works. We will also provide you and your partner with a life jacket and helmet.

    Step 2: Strap to Parasail

    Next step our experts will assist you in being strapped to the parasail. Make sure that a series of buckles and straps are buckled uptight and to ensure that nothing comes loose during the ride.

    Step 3: Takeoff

    The next step in parasailing is the take-off, Once you are set for the take our expert will speed up the boat and it will start pulling away as the parasail catches a draft and lifts into the air. You’ll raise higher the further the boat pulls away and reaches a maximum height of 500 meters above the waters.

    Step 4: Gliding

    Once the peak height is reached, you will glide around for a short period. Our parasailing rides last for 20 or 30 minutes of flying time. Enjoy the stunning views of Dubai’s cost line from above.

    Step 5: Landing

    After gliding around for a while, it is time to land. The boat will slow up down and the parasail will naturally begin to descend into the launch deck. Our experts will make sure that you will land perfectly on the launch deck.

    What does parasailing in Dubai feel like?

    Parasailing in Dubai comes with mixed emotions, overall the excitement and thrill make you feel overjoyed and excited. Book Parasailing Rides in Dubai with Go Kite and Enjoy the Best View of the coastline.


  • Hotel Pick up (If Private Transfer option selected)
  • 7 minutes parasailing in Air
  • Dry takeoffs and landing
  • State of the art Parasail and safety equipment provided
  • Hotel Drop off (If Private Transfer option selected)


  • Personal expenses
  • Refreshments
  • Hotel transfers (if booked activity without transfers)

Terms & Conditions

  • A passport and Emirates ID is mandatory during this trip.
  • The age limit for this activity is 17 years and above.
  • Carry your own clothes & towels.
  • Children under 10 years will not be allowed for this activity due to safety reasons.
  • No Previous Experience Required.
  • Participants should be able to swim or tread water.
  • Carry your own costumes & towels.
  • The minimum weight required for this tour activity is 50 KG & the Maximum weight required for this tour activity is 150 KG.
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