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It is a joyous moment for all adventure enthusiasts as the OMRAN Group, an Oman tourism development company, has announced the opening of their new project, Musandam Khasab Zipline, to the public in Musandam Dhow Tours Khasab in the Governorate. It is one of Oman’s prestigious projects to give tourists a unique adventurous experience. This project also deserves credit for being the first activity of the Oman development centre, which is designed as part of the entire development plan of the region. The Oman government plans to widen its tourism market by providing different services and products through this project. Khasab Zipline will undoubtedly bring out the country’s true potential and uplift its name in world tourism. But before opening up about the Zipline, let’s learn about the dream city of Musandam Khasab. It will be more helpful for those visiting the place for the first time.

Tour Cost:

Cost Per Adult: 290/- AED per person

Cost Per Child (03–10 Years): 290/- AED per person

Trip Itinerary

  • Oman Khasab Tour with Musandam Zipline from Dubai

    You can now reserve a Musandam Zipline Tour from Dubai. Either you can get a ticket only option and show up at the destination, or you can reserve a full-day trip to Musandam Khasab with Musandam Zipline.

    In the Musandam Governorate of Oman, a peninsula cut off from the rest of the country by the United Arab Emirates, is the city of Khasab. Khasab is renowned for its stunning natural landscape, which includes untamed mountains, immaculate beaches, and crystal-clear waterways. A glimpse into the region’s rich history and tradition can be had by visitors at historical and cultural sites found in the city, like the Khasab Castle and Khasab Fort.

    Oman’s wonder place- Musandam Khasab

    Musandam, also known as the Norway of Arabia, is a dream come true place for every traveller, affluent in mighty mountains and emerald-green oceans. It is also famous for historic forts, coastal villages, exotic marine life and unique culture. Only recently did the authorities build roads to connect Musandam to the outside world. Hence most of its places remain unexplored to date. Those tired of their busy lives in cities will be mesmerised by Musandam’s spectacular views and calm atmosphere. Khasab is the capital city of the Musandam province in Oman. Many tourists avoid this place, citing its inaccessibility as the main reason. But trust me, you won’t regret your decision once you are in this beautiful place. This place has everything that you are looking for in your vacation. Khasab’s economy sustains itself through trade, and ports are its main attraction. It is one of the few places in the world where you can still see glimpses of ancient Bedouin traditions and lifestyles.

    How to reach Khasab

    You can take a road from Dubai to reach Khasab. Throughout the journey, you can sight mosques, bays, harbours, beaches and forts. The distance from Dubai to Khasab is approximately 200 km. At the Oman border, you must take a visa, which costs around 50 AED. It will take some time for the visa stamping process. But if you have taken a Khasab tour package, your travel company will do all the processes in advance and give you a hassle-free journey, thereby saving you time. It is a perfect destination for a weekend away and unloads all your worries and tension. Plan a trip to Khasab to witness the art of nature in its raw form.

    Importance of Khasab Zipline

    The government of Oman has given us one more reason to visit Khasab by building Khasab Zipline. Of late, Ziplines are gaining popularity among travellers, especially those looking for fun activities during their journey. Zipline was initially invented as a mode of transportation. But over the years, its function has evolved amazingly, and now it is used for multiple purposes like a scientific research tool and eco-tourism icon.

    What is a Zipline?

    Zipline is a cable suspended above an incline with a pulley and harness attached for the rider. Its incline helps the rider to be pulled by gravity along the line. Nowadays, Ziplines are mainly used for recreational activities in eco-tours. In earlier days, Ziplines were used for multiple purposes, including transportation in the Himalayas and Alps. It is reported that the natives of these places used ziplines to travel to explore their dangerous places. It was also used to send and receive goods from one place to another. Ziplines were also used as an alternative for bridges as it was easy to construct and operate. It also holds a special place in mountain climbing as it is much stronger and more reliable than other mountaineering equipment.

    Most Zipline tours today come under eco-tourism as they cause less environmental damage. As a result, people can grab a complete view of the surrounding without disturbing the natural life. One thing that I can assure you of is that the view from the top will be completely different from what you see from the ground and the best part is you don’t have to climb a tree or a mountain to get a spectacular view. It also allows you to fly like a bird in the natural habitat.

    Khasab Zipline

    The Omran group began the work on the 1800-metre dual zipline project on December 2021. It starts from Jebel Fitt and spreads over the scenic landscapes of Khor Qadi and the Mokhi area of the Khasab coast. The ziplines landing point is connected to the Atana Khasab hotel, which also has a visitor centre curated to offer various facilities to tourists. It includes adventure and leisure activities that are primarily performed in that area.

    The Zipline is in a prime location with an exceptional sea view of the Strait of Hormuz. Here you will find constant movements of yachts, ships and significant cruise ships, attracting worldwide tourists. The place is rich in various natural components and holds a firm grip on its culture, making it a famous tourist spot in the future. According to the Government authorities, the Khasaba Zipline project stands as a living example of the cooperation between the Governor of Musandam, the Minister of State and the Omran group. The group has developed several developmental strategies that will be accomplished by 2040. With Khasaba Zipline, they have kickstarted their developmental projects. This project has various activities for tourists and allows entrepreneurs to create multiple assets and services to support the adventure tourism sector.

    The Oman adventure Centre has a wide range of facilities to give a memorable experience to every tourist who visits here. It includes a waiting area and other facilities, which will be a unique experience. The Zipline project is managed and run by LEOs, a special operator in charge of adventure and entertainment projects on national and international scales. This project will be the Oman government’s first attempt to utilise the tourism elements in the country properly. Currently, the project is opening up in the soft phase, but it will be a benchmark in the Oman tourism sector in the future.

    The Heritage and Tourism Ministry has already allocated the land and money necessary for the further development of the Khasab Zipline project, which will commence very soon by the Omran group. Along with the Zipline project, the government is also planning to make arrangements for hiking and mountain biking trails in the Musandam Governorate, where they will install additional signboards to ensure the extra safety of the tourists. The Ministry has sought help from all the partners to develop the project further. By analysing all the facts, including the natural and cultural aspects, this project will be a favourite tourist spot for adventure activities in the Sultanate of Oman. It is reported that the project was completed by maintaining the highest standards and qualifications. The authorities have conducted more than 2000 experiments and trial checks on it before giving a thumbs up. The Ministry also has double-checked the safety measures they incorporated and is exceptionally pleased with their steps. The project also proves beneficial to several local villages surrounding it as now they are more able to connect to the outside world than before.

    What you can expect in your Khasab Zipline travel

    The prestigious Khasab Zipline project of the Oman government has finally opened up to the public. But before you go, there are certain things you need to know to avoid last-minute havoc. The Oman adventure centre has opened the Zipline to the public from 9.00 am to 4.00 pm all days, including official holidays. For a single line, it costs around 165 AED per person, and for a double line, it will be about 230 AED per two persons. Travelling from base to top will take almost 30 minutes to one hour. The meeting point is at Khasab/Musandam Dhow Tours office.

    Whenever you feel like taking a break from your everyday busy life, Musandam Khasab should indeed be on your travel list. Its warm waters and cool breeze will give you an out-of-the-world experience. A few kilometres from Dubai, Khasab is the best place to rejuvenate yourself. The opening up of projects like Khasab Zipline has given you more reasons to visit this beautiful place. So pack your bags and get ready for an adventurous trip.

    FAQs- About Khasab Musandam Zipline

    1. What is the length of the Khasab Zipline?

    Ans: Khasab Zipline is 1.8 km long.

    1. How many people can travel at a time on this Zipline?

    Ans: At a time, two people can travel.

    1. How fast can it go?

    Ans: It has a speed of 120-130 kph.

    1. Does Khasab Zipline hold any records?

    Ans: It holds the Guinness Book of Records for the longest over-water Zipline.

    1. What makes Musandam Zipline unique?

    Ans: The Zipline comes with a world-class safety system with a special focus on primary and secondary breaking systems and has a speed control trolley. It will give you an eagle view in a superman/woman position of the mountains and seas of Musandam. It is the first in the world to offer its visitors both seated and superman/woman positions.

    1. How long will it take to fly up and down this Zipline?

    Ans: It will take about an hour to and fro, and the flight time will be 1-1 half a minute.

    1. What is the height of the Zipline above sea level?

    Ans: The Zipline is 220 m above sea level.


  • Zipline flight – 30 Min to 1 Hrs (Including transfer from base to top)


  • Oman Entry Permit- Dh. 85/-
  • Dubai to Khasab Oman Transfer- (Can be arranged upon request)
  • Any meals or drinks

Terms & Conditions

  • Address: Meeting point, Khasab, Oman.
  • UAE Residents / Tourist Visa holders are required to send a copy of passport three to four days before your trip to get the border pass.
  • Border pass will be processed by Go Kite Tours and it will remain at the checkpoint. The process may take three to four days and should carry your original passport when you travel.
  • Tourist visa holder must carry a valid passport during their trip.
  • It is also mandatory for all guests to carry the original Passport at the time of your Tour.
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