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La Perle tickets: The Number one show in Dubai

Created by FRANCO DRAGONE, La Perle is Dubai’s number one show with Stunning arrangement, death-defying stunts, spectacular Effects. Make your evening memorable with the greatest show in Dubai, a perfect combination of vivid aesthetic exhibitions, symbolism, and innovation makes La Perle worth time and money. The rich culture, energetic present, and optimistic future of Dubai is influenced by the creation of this mega show. The perfect combination of immersive artistic performances, technology, and imagery makes la Perle Dubai a one of a kind show in Dubai that has to be seen to be believed. The story of La Perle is as mesmerizing as the show itself, a girl who falls into a dreamlike state and travels through the UAE to find a lost pearl. The show runs for two hours and features a cast of 65 world-class artists from 23 different cultures.

Experience the mesmerizing La Perle Dragone show with unbeatable la perle tickets price. Immerse yourself in a captivating performance featuring breathtaking acrobatics and awe-inspiring aerial stunts . Don’t miss out on this extraordinary spectacle – secure your La Perle tickets, la perle dragone tickets now and be part of an unforgettable entertainment experience!

Tour Cost:

Cost Per Adult: 205/- AED per person

Cost Per Child (03-10 Years): 205/- AED per person

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  • La Perle tickets- The greatest show in Dubai

    Located at Al Habtoor City, the La Perle dragon show is a breathtaking fusion of immersive artistic performances, imagery and technology. One of a kind live show in Dubai designed to capture the imagination of kids and adults alike. La Perle by Dragone show features first of its kind aqua theatre where the stage transforms from a dry to a wet setting instantly. The storyline of the show revolves around a young travels the UAE in search of a lost pearl. La Perle dragone show is extravagant from acrobats to motorcyclists that defy gravity each section of the show is entertaining and stunning. The two hours show has 65 artists from 23 different backgrounds. La Perle tickets are divided according to their proximity to the stage and additional amenities. There are bronze, silver, gold, platinum and VIP tickets available and you can choose your preferred one.


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