Divorce Certificate

A divorce certificate is a legal document which is issued by the civil authority, generally, a court, attesting the dissolution of a marriage. It is indeed the official witness that shows that a marriage has dissolved legally. In this document are contained the main elements of which the parties’ names, the divorce date, the grounds of the divorce (if there are), the custody of the children, the spousal support and the division of the property, are not excluded.

Divorce certificate attestation

The divorce certificate is one of the certification documents, which goes through the procedure of its confirmation. It may even be critical when the divorcee must produce the certificate in a place away from the locality of divorce or when he/she requires it for official purposes such as immigration, remarriage of financial transactions. Attestation is a way that the document is acknowledged and certified by the authorities as an officially recognized legal bond.

Why it's important to attest a divorce certificate in Dubai, UAE

  • Changing your name on all official documents, from your passport to your driver’s license or in any other legal documents.
  • To get a bachelorhood certificate.
  • To get re-marriage in UAE or any other part of the world.
  • Get visas from other countries (such immigration laws may apply).
  • To remove nominee or beneficiaries names from insurance and bank accounts.
  • For any other legal purposes in your home country or in UAE.

Documents required for attesting divorce certificates in UAE

  • Get a certified copy of the divorce decree from the court, where divorce was finalized.
  • Go to the notary public in the UAE, show them your certification, and make sure that they notarize it.
  • Get the document attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the UAE.
  • If needed, it should be legalized from an embassy or consulate of the country where it will be applied.
  • Certify that the translations are done by experienced translators and attested by relevant institutions.

Some countries indicate divorce certificate attestation as a part of the procedure for certain international purposes. For example, the marriage certificate attestation of a foreign country is often the only way to prove that the name was changed in a second marriage due to the divorce. A significant advantage of this divorce certificate attestation is that it is a means to validate the applicant’s single status. The candidate is required to receive the attestation from the relevant embassy or consulate. This is the case with every foreign embassy. That is, they have a system to verify things. The validity of the Attestation may be debatable depending on the issuing country.

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