10 Christmas Eve Events and Activities in Abu Dhabi

Christmas Eve Events

Abu Dhabi experiences a unique kind of magic as the holidays draw near, turning the city into a winter wonderland of joyful festivities, festive lights, and charming customs. Experience the captivating atmosphere of the holiday season this Christmas Night by taking an expertly planned Abu Dhabi city tour. We have produced a list of the top 10 Christmas Eve events and activities that you shouldn’t miss in the capital of the United Arab Emirates. From eye-catching light displays to unique experiences that combine tradition and contemporary, these events are sure to make your celebration really unforgettable. Come discover the lively festive pleasure that greets you in Abu Dhabi as we unravel the enchantment.

Here are the 10 Christmas Eve Events and Activities in Abu Dhabi

1. Christmas Lights Extravaganza at Corniche Road

Christmas Eve Events

Give yourself a jump start on your Christmas Eve adventure by driving along the beautiful Corniche Road. What becomes a magical display of Christmas lights is the whole extension. Holiday lights illuminate the city skyline in the twilight creating an enchanting environment for a great performance.

2. Winter Wonderland at Ferrari World

Christmas Eve Events

During winter season, Ferrari World metamorphoses into Winter Wonderland in Christmas celebrations. The park is decorated in a magical fashion, and there are additional carnival-style rides to enhance the thrill. Do not miss this opportunity to see Santa at one of Europe’s most fascinating spots.

3. Yuletide Shopping at Yas Mall

Yuletide Shopping at Yas Mall

On Christmas evening, Yas Mall turns into an activity center. Walk through different stores that will be having unique Christmas offers which are affordable due to the festive mood. Shopping in this mall will give you a chance of finding that last minute x-mas gift for your friends and family members.

4. Christmas Caroling at Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

Christmas Caroling at Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

Visit the mighty Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque for a brief period of self-appreciation and celebration. The magical mood of christmas carol adds a great deal to the airy beauty of the mosque. Take part in singing, relax and enjoy holiday in one of the most popular sites at Christmas.

5. Gingerbread House Workshop at Emirates Palace

Gingerbread House Workshop at Emirates Palace

Have an interesting and delicious learning process at Emirates Palace for gingerbread house workshop. Participate in the gala of self-candy coated houses, decorated with all manner of sugar goodies. Such family friendly activity promotes creativity, making your Christmas celebration more exciting.

6. Festive Feasting at Li Beirut

Festive Feasting at Li Beirut

Enjoy a culinary holiday at Li Beirut, where classic Lebanese tastes are blended with a fete flavor. Celebrate Christmas Eve with your loved ones having a great meal and enjoying the various culinary products within a cozy ambience.

7. Christmas Tree Lighting at The Galleria

Christmas Tree Lighting at The Galleria

A large Christmas tree lighting takes place in the Galleria during which commences the period of celebrations for the festivity of the year. Merge with others as the tree starts shining with bright lights amidst sweet playing music along with lively performance. This creates an exciting surrounding with lively colors and decorations that gives an awesome environment for friends and families.

8. Christmas Eve Cruise along the Corniche

Cruise along the Corniche

Embark in a Christmas cruise up through beautiful Abu Dhabi corniche. Cruise on the calm waters of the Arabian Gulf, marveling at the glimmering skyscrapers. Have a fun-filled dinner on the cruise that will create a fairytale like ambiance during the night.

9. Outdoor Ice Skating at Zayed Sports City

Outdoor Ice Skating at Zayed Sports City

Enjoy outdoor ice-skating experience at Zayed Sports City, Abu Dhabi. Visit Santa Claus and play in your skates during the Christmas holiday. It is one of the family friendly activities that provide a memorable experience in the middle of the town.

10. Fireworks Spectacular at Yas Marina

Fireworks Spectacular at Yas Marina

Finish off your christmas eve celebration with an amazing fireworks show at yas marina. The sky is filled with colors as it marks the end of a magical day in Abu Dhabi during the night. Get down at the marina with the rest of the crowd to see out the Christmas Eve in a big manner.


This holiday Eve offers an evening of yearly delights right in the heart of Abu Dhabi. Our carefully planned city trip offers an array of experiences combining history and modernity, from the sparkling lights along Corniche Road to the winter wonderland at Ferrari World and the festive atmosphere at Yas Mall.

Every moment added to the distinct appeal of Abu Dhabi’s holiday festivities, whether you were crafting gingerbread houses at Emirates Palace, participating in Christmas carolling at Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, or indulging in the flavors of Li Beirut. Your beautiful evening culminates in a grand display of fireworks at Yas Marina, a cruise along the Corniche, and the grand lighting of the Christmas tree at The Galleria. We hope that this Christmas Eve in Abu Dhabi becomes a cherished chapter in your holiday tale, full of the comfort and joy of the season, as you think back on the memories made.

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