Birth Certificate Attestation

Birth certificate attestation is the whole process of legally confirming the authenticity or the original birth certificate which is used to facilitate the foreign countries. The process, which is necessary for various purposes, may be a need for attaining a visa, joining a foreign school, or applying for residence in another country.

Birth certificate attestation in Dubai, UAE is required for various purposes, including:

To apply for Residency: In order to be granted a UAE residential permit for family members, one should first authenticate the birth certificate of all dependents.

Education: An attestation of birth certificate is one of the basic documents required for applying for the school admission and enrolling a child in school in the UAE.

To register Marriage: In the UAE, the applicants for the marriage registration are required to present an attested copy of their birth certificates.

Other Legal Requirements: In certain circumstances, the attested copies of the birth certificates might be required while in the legal proceedings, for example during the inheritance process or when filing the immigration documents or in the property related matters.

The verification of the birth certificate by authorities in the UAE through attestation process helps to establish the authenticity of the document, which is an important aspect for the record-keeping of personal and official records. The affidavit also guarantees the validity of the birth certificates and enable the recognition of it in other countries that is necessary in case of those traveling or residing outside of the country in the future.

Steps to follow to complete birth certificate attestation in UAE

The birth certificate attestation process in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) typically involves the following steps:

  • Make sure you get a certified birth certificate from the original issuing authority of your home country. This certificate should be a genuine one bearing the signature and stamp or seal of the issuing authorities.
  • Your birth certificate must be attested by the foreign affairs ministry at the issuing country.
  • The certificate should be authenticated by the UAE embassy in the issuing country or home country.
  • Get the certified birth certificate authenticated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the UAE.
  • Finally, get the document attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the UAE.

It is worth emphasizing that the specific requirements and steps involved in birth certificate attestation process differ according to the country of origin and the specific. Besides, some organizations or institutions in the UAE may demand the additional attestations or certifications, so, it is always wise to ask the organization or institution in question about their specific requirements.

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