The top 10 best places to celebrate New Years Eve in Abu Dhabi

New Years Eve in Abu Dhabi

Expectation for a magnificent night of celebration builds as the sun sets over the glittering skyline of Abu Dhabi, a city that beautifully combines heritage and modernity. Abu Dhabi’s New Year’s Eve celebrations are more than simply a fleeting event, they guarantee to be truly memorable. On your Abu Dhabi City Tour, discover the top 10 locations to ring in the New Year with us as we take you on an enchanted tour around the center of this vibrant city. Every place on this list offers a unique and attractive way to say goodbye to the past and welcome the prospect of a fresh start, from lavish palaces to energetic courses and peaceful oasis. Prepare to be transported in the majesty and thrill that make Abu Dhabi the ideal place to celebrate the start of a new year.

Here are the top 10 best places to celebrate New Year’s Eve in Abu Dhabi

1. Emirates Palace: Extravagance Redefined

New Years Eve in Abu Dhabi

Emirate palace provides an opulent setting for a lavish New Year’s Eve. This palace is a significant landmark in the city of Abu Dhabi during the occasion of a spectacular display of firework together with live entertainment and luxury setting. The Emirates Palace would round up your Abu Dhabi City Tour for the elegance and opulence thereof.

2. Yas Marina Circuit: Racing into the New Year

New Years Eve in Abu Dhabi

Yas Marina Circuit is famous for hosting the Formula 1 GrandPrix and this transforms Yas Marina Circuit into an epicenter of excitement on the last day of year. Live performers provide entertainment for race lovers and revelers who want to have fun. There are a lot of people around having good times; it’s all about partying. This is a thrilling start towards the New Year.

3. Corniche Promenade: A Serene Celebration

Corniche Promenade: A Serene Celebration

For more laid back scenery, there is the Corniche Promenade. In your trip to Abu Dhabi city there are beautiful sea frontages as well as a vibrant ambience where there are food stalls and fun for kids. For those seeking peaceful party in the urban sky, it is the ideal place.

4. Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque: Spiritual Elegance

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Spiritual Elegance

Let this Sheik Zayed grand mosque illuminate your spiritual elegance with itself as you celebrate the New Year. Attend prayers, enjoy the nature surrounding environment, and then marvel at how the fireworks make the sacred celebration magical. It’s a wonderful and amazing way to celebrate New Year.

5. Al Maryah Island: Island Extravaganza

Al Maryah Island: Island Extravaganza

Glamour and excitement will be in every corner as Al Maryah Island plays venue for New Year’s Eve extravaganza. It is not possible to miss this one in the city tour of Abu Dhabi city, which offers live performances, exotic local dishes and beautiful firework displays at night. The island becomes an area of indulgence and revelry, where one can savor luxury and fun.

6. Saadiyat Island: Beachside Bliss

Saadiyat Island Beachside Bliss

Saadiyat for a laid back festival feel suitable for a beach front celebration. The beach parties, mouthwatering meals and dazzling reflections of fireworks on calm waters will end your Abu Dhabi City Tour. It is a perfect place for those wishing to enjoy beaches and celebrate New Year in style.

7. Le Royal Meridien: Rooftop Revelry

Le Royal Meridien Rooftop Revelry

Raise your New Years Eve party to new heights at La Royal Meridien with its terraces presenting unveiled scenes from above the city. Have a dance amidst the shimmering lights of your stars while in Abu Dhabi. This elevated clubbing experience is made all the more magical by an upmarket atmosphere and live entertainment.

8. Al Ain Oasis: Oasis of Tranquility

Al Ain Oasis Oasis of Tranquility

For an uncommon New Years’ experience, leave the city and visit Al Ain Oasis. Lying in beautiful greeneries, cultural acts and a quaint environment, Al Ain Oasis makes an idyllic escape for people seeking a more tranquil place to go on a festive day out. The place is Abu Dhabi’s best-kept secret on a city tour.

9. The Galleria: Exquisite Retail and Festivity

The Galleria Exquisite Retail and Festivity

At The Galleria on Al Maryah Island, combine retail therapy with the festivities of the New Year. Enjoy upscale eating, opulent shopping, and a magnificent party under the twinkling city lights as part of your Abu Dhabi City Tour. The Galleria provides an elegant way to ring in the New Year with a special fusion of entertainment and luxury.

10. Zaya Nurai Island: A Remote Eden

Zaya Nurai Island A Remote Eden

To enjoy a private and exclusive event, travel to Zaya Nurai Island by short boat. In addition to fine cuisine, live entertainment, and a front-row seat to an amazing fireworks display, this exclusive paradise offers. It’s the ideal location for anyone looking for a classy and private New Year’s Eve celebration, making it the high point of your Abu Dhabi trip.


A weaving of New Year’s Eve celebrations is revealed by our city tour as the sun sets over Abu Dhabi’s skyline. Every location offers a different aspect of celebration, from the royal splendor of Emirates Palace to the exhilarating thrill of Yas Marina Circuit, the serene serenity of the Corniche, and the spiritual elegance of the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque. Beachside pleasure and island grandeur are alluringly offered by Al Maryah and Saadiyat Islands, while rooftop celebrations at Le Royal Meridien heighten the evening. The city’s attractions are completed by the tranquil Al Ain Oasis, the opulence of The Galleria, and the remote haven of Zaya Nurai Island. Abu Dhabi welcomes a new chapter as the clock strikes midnight. The cityscape is mesmerizing, a canvas filled with memories that remain and remain a cheerful Happy New Year.

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