10 Must-Try Japanese Restaurants in Abu Dhabi

10 must try Japanese restaurants in Abu Dhabi

Take a cuisine trip through the flavours of Japan in the centre of Abu Dhabi, where an extensive number of delicious Japanese restaurants are waiting to be explored. Situated in city’s lively food scene, restaurants promise an attracting combination of modern innovation and Japanese traditions, making an exceptional dining experience. Each restaurant captures spirit of Japanese cuisine, effective tastes of teppanyaki to sensitive artistry of sushi and invites customers to take part in an unforgettable journey of taste and culture. Japanese restaurants in Abu Dhabi are sure to capture your senses and leave you wanting more, no matter whether you’re an experienced sushi expert or curious epicurean.

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Here are the 10 Must-Try Japanese Restaurants in Abu Dhabi

1.The Park Bar and Grill

10 Must Try Japanese Restaurants in Abu Dhabi

Dining at Park Bar and Grill is a completely unique experience, combining traditional Asian recipes with western food preparation methods. The Bar and Grill offers one of the greatest Japanese restaurants in Abu Dhabi, but its menu includes a number of Vietnamese selections. This place has a unique atmosphere because of the open kitchen.

2.Catch at St. Regis

10 Must Try Japanese Restaurants in Abu Dhabi

This beautiful café, housed inside the Nation Riviera Beach Club, brings eating at St. Regis to a new level of luxury. St. Regis, a well-known Japanese restaurant in Abu Dhabi, serves up some of the best seafood meals in the area, with a focus on sushi, calamari, and oysters.

3.Cho Gao Marina Walk

Cho Gao Marina Walk

The Cho Gao Marina walk serves you some of the best Far Eastern cuisine, promising a Pan Asian explosion. In addition to the normal dining hours, Cho Gao provides a variety of speciality experiences. The restaurant offers a Pan-Asian festival from Wednesday to Friday and presents a traditional Japanese buffet on Tuesdays.

4. 99 Sushi Bar & Restaurant Abu Dhabi

99 Sushi Bar & Restaurant Abu Dhabi

With locations around the world, 99 Sushi Bar’s new restaurant in Abu Dhabi is a must-try for any fan of Japanese cuisine. The menu at this restaurant, which is among the greatest and most extensive of its kind in Abu Dhabi, offers a wide variety of dishes, from classic recipes to advanced, modern cuisine.

5.Tori No Su

Tori No Su

The best Japanese food is available at Tori No Su, one of Conrad Dubai’s 12 eateries. Here, you can find everything from a traditional sushi bar to a specialty teppanyaki menu, all carefully cooked with the greatest regard to detail. Overseeing the Tori No Su kitchen is the numerous award-winning Chef Ando, who ensures that every dish is served to the best standard possible.

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6.Koi Restaurant & Lounge

Koi Restaurant & Lounge

The Koi restaurant, an institution of the Los Angeles dining scene, has recently expanded to Abu Dhabi. For those seeking Asian cuisine, the restaurant is a favourite since it has a live Japanese kitchen. The restaurant focuses themselves on its careful attention to detail and excellent preparation of traditional Japanese fare.

7. Zuma


Zuma, one of the most beautiful Japanese eateries in Abu Dhabi, is well-known for its musical flair. A transparent lift or a lengthy, twisting stairs are the two ways that visitors enter the restaurant. There’s a sushi bar on one side and a robata grill on the other, facing the small tables.

8.Wagamama Abu Dhabi mall

Wagamama Abu Dhabi mall

Wagamama’s basic tenet is family-friendly dining. Wagamama is one of the most genuine Japanese restaurants in Abu Dhabi. Diners must sit in groups and share hot bowls of food at the long community tables. When a group of six or more arrives, the restaurant also reserves entire tables. The restaurant offers views of the Arabian Gulf from its rooftop in addition to its inside seating.

9.Teatro Restaurant

Teatro Restaurant

Teatro delivers a dramatic eating experience, as the name would suggest. Here, the greatest cuisines from the east and the west are combined to provide an extensive eating experience. Teatro’s Chinese, Thai, Japanese, Indian, and Italian cuisine are widely famous. It also features a specialised sushi bar and a live cooking counter.

1o. Tokyo Grill

Tokyo Grill

Tokyo Grill, a traditional Japanese izayaki restaurant, is a must-visit for anyone interested in learning more about eastern cooking. The restaurant lets patrons experience the traditional Japanese grilling technique known as robatayaki. The Tokyo Grill offers amazing sunsets, which is why many visitors choose for getting there at sunset.


Abu Dhabi promises to satisfy taste buds of any picky food expert with its delicious selection of Japanese cuisine treats. Traditional sushi and sashimi as well as unique fusion dishes are served in the Japanese restaurants in the city, which highlight the cuisine’s rich weave of tastes, skill, and kindness. Restaurants are must-try for everyone looking for an incredible cuisine experience in Abu Dhabi because they offer rich cuisine adventure that transports guests to filled streets of Japan while paying close attention to detail and maintaining authenticity.

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