10 excellent spots to celebrate Boxing Day in Dubai

Boxing Day in Dubai

One of the best ways to spread the Christmas spirit as the festive season comes upon Dubai is to join in the lavish festivities of Boxing Day. Dubai is a city that perfectly blends tradition and contemporary, providing both residents and visitors with an array of activities outside its famous skyline and opulent facades. We encourage you to take a carefully chosen Dubai Modern city tour glittering streets with our easy-to-use guide, where we’ll show you 10 amazing locations that are sure to make your Boxing Day genuinely unforgettable. Let’s explore the wonders of Dubai this Boxing Day, from towering views to peaceful beaches, cultural attractions to trendy areas in the city.

Here are the 10 excellent spots to celebrate Boxing Day in Dubai

1. Burj Khalifa: Sky-High Festivities

Boxing Day in Dubai

Begin your boxing day experience by climbing on burj khalifa. This is the world’s tallest building that is more than just offering you panoramic scenes but the excitement of seeing the city being woken up by you. If you want to make some nice pictures, choose a morning visit to the town covered with delicate sun rays.

2. Dubai Mall: Shopper’s Paradise

Boxing Day in Dubai

Go for some retail therapy at the Dubai mall, a shopping mecca that exceeds your wildest dreams. Be it luxurious products or unique finds, take advantage of Boxing Day sales and give a treat to yourself.

3. Jumeirah Beach: Serenity by the Shore

Jumeirah Beach: Serenity by the Shore

Flee to the serenity of Jumeirah beach with its sparkling clear waters and powdery white sand. This beach offers the right mix of relaxation and adventure for those who want to chill out on the sands and those who love thrilling watersports respectively.

4. Dubai Marina: Luxury Cruise Experience

Dubai Marina Luxury Cruise Experience

Enjoy a cruise with high luxury levels in the Dubai Marina. This Boxing Day cruise will give you not just beautiful views of the city’s sparkling skyscrapers in all directions along the waterfront, but also offer delicious brunch.

5. The Dubai Fountain: Water and Light Symphony

The Dubai Fountain: Water and Light Symphony

In your way home as the day turns into night, make sure you head over towards the Dubai Fountain for a mesmerising water and lights performance against the background of the Burj Khalifa. The synchronized performance is a truly mesmerizing show that brings a sparkle in your Eye on Boxing Day.

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6. Global Village: A Journey Around the World

Global Village Christmas Around the World

Global Village is the best place to sample a dose of global culture. This multicultural destination features pavilions from different countries that provide distinct experiences including traditional products and delicious international dishes.

7. Old Dubai: Classic Style

Old Dubai Classic Style

Take a deep dive into Old Dubai’s past. Connect with the rich history of the city by taking a traditional abra ride along the Dubai Creek, exploring the vibrant marketplaces of Deira, and visiting the Dubai Museum, which is housed in the Al Fahidi Fort.

8. Dubai Opera: A dazzling cultural event


Dubai Opera: A dazzling cultural event

Enjoy a sophisticated cultural evening at the Dubai Opera. This venue, with its stunning architecture, hosts a range of events, from modern plays to classical concerts, making it the ideal place to spend a lovely Boxing Day evening.

9. City Walk: A City Sanctuary

City Walk: A City Sanctuary

Explore the fashionable vibes of City Walk, a hip neighbourhood with fashionable shops, murals, and colourful street art. Explore the distinctive fusion of modern design and cultural expression during the afternoon.

10. Al Fahidi Historic District: enchanting charm of the old world

Al Fahidi Historic District

Finish off your Boxing Day exploration in the historic district of Al Fahidi. Explore the neighborhood’s winding lanes, take in the historic buildings, and relax at one of the welcoming cafes scattered around this lovely area.


A well planned city tour highlighted the wonder of this dynamic city as the brilliant sun sets over Dubai’s Boxing Day show. Every location, from the top of the Burj Khalifa to the opulence of Dubai Mall, from the calm beaches of Jumeirah Beach to the historical landmarks of Old Dubai, has weaved a tapestry of life-changing events. The Dubai Fountain’s stunning water and light symphony, the global showcase at Global Village, and Dubai Marina’s contemporary charm all contributed to a day full of happiness and exploration.

Al Fahidi District’s historic appeal offered an insight into Dubai’s past, while Dubai Opera’s cultural refinement and City Walk’s modern chic vibes made for the ideal combination.As we say goodbye to these ten fantastic locations, Dubai continues to be a testament to a city that combines luxury and simplicity, innovation and tradition with ease, guaranteeing lasting memories long after Boxing Day. Dubai is ready and waiting for you on your next amazing trip, until the next adventure.

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