Oman Tourist Visa from Dubai

Oman visa for UAE residents- Dubai to Oman Tourist Visa

Planning to visit Oman? Go Kite Tours offer Oman visit visa services for residents of Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah or any other part of UAE. Apply for your Oman Tourist visa from Dubai today with us.

The Sultanate of Oman is a picturesque country, a destination that is known for its rugged natural beauty, scenic attraction and cultural heritage. Oman is one of the most popular destinations for the residents of UAE for weekend trips and short holidays. It is very easy to apply for an Oman visa from UAE. The Sultanate of Oman is a popular tourist destination for the residents of the UAE for weekend trips and holidays. Irrespective of nationality, All Dubai residents can apply for an Oman visit visa online with us. If you are also planning to visit the Sultanate of Oman from the UAE, We will assist you in the visa application process. Each step from the visa eligibility criteria and required documents to the online application process and more.

Type of Oman Visit Visa’s

To Visit Musandam Dibba

Any Dubai resident or resident of any other Emirates does not need any visa to visit Musandam Dibba. This applies even if you are planning for a day trip or Musandam Dibba overnight stay. You just need to pass through the border and no visa will be stamped on your passport.

To Visit Musandam Khasab or any other part of Oman

Residents of Dubai or any other part of UAE planning to visit Musandam Khasab or any other part of Oman should apply for an Oman visa online in advance. UAE residents holding Indian, Pakistan, Srilankan, Egypt or any other passport holders can avail of Oman visa online when applying with us.

Eligibility to get Oman visa

All UAE residency holders are eligible to get an Oman visa online provided that their residency should have at least three months validity, home county passport with six months validity and belong to any occupation approved by Oman.

Allowed Occupation List for Oman e-Visa: Accountant, Actor, Advisor, Agriculture, Engineer, Agriculture, supervisor, Archaeologist, Architect Artist, Assistant, Mechanic , Athlete, Athletic Organizer, Author, Banker Broadcaster/Anchor, Broker ,Budget, Specialist, Business woman, Businessman, Cameraman, Captain, Chemist, Commercial Delegate Company / Institute Representative, Computer Engineer, Computer manager, Coordinator, Co-pilot, Counsellor, Dental, surgeon, Dental, technician, Deputy, Director, Designer, Dietician, Director / Deputy, Doctor, Electrician, Electronic, technician, Electronics Engineer, Employee Engineer, Expert Film cameraman, First Counsellor, Flight Engineer ,Flight Navigator, General Manager / Deputy Generator, Operator, Geologist, Geologist, Engineer, Head of Section Health, Observer, Hospital Technician, Host, Interior, Designer, Investor, Jeweller, Journalist, Laboratory, technician, Land Surveyor, Lawyer, Lecturer, Marketing Agent, Marketing Specialist, Mechanic, Mechanical Engineer, Media Specialist, Military Officer, Musician, Navigator, Network Engineer, Nurse, Nurse, Assistant, Officer, Painter, Pharmacist, Physicist, Pilot, Poet, Preacher, Printing ,Operator, Production Assistant, Production Executive, Programmer, Project Auditor, Project Manager, Prosecutor Prospector, raised Referee Sales and Marketing Representative, Sales Executive, Sales Representative, School Guidance Officer, Scientist, Section Supervisor, Social Specialist, Software Analyst, Specialist, Specialist treatment, Sport coach, Store Inspector, Supervisor Teacher, Technical support, engineer, Technologist, Temperament, Tour Guide, Trading partner, Translator, University Director, University teacher, Vessel Supervisor, Vessel Technician, Wireless Operator, Writer, X-Ray technician.)

Terms and Conditions for Oman Visa:

  • The applicant must reside outside Oman.
  • The UAE residents should have a home country passport with 06 months passport.
  • The visitor should enter from any GCC country, not from any other countries
  • The immigration may reject or accept the online visa issued, in case of any rejection Go Kite Tours will not be held responsible as this is the sole decision of the Royal Oman Police officer stationed at the port of Entry.